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Hiatus for a bit

13 04 16 - 02:02

Due to unforeseen circumstances, EarthQuake will not be updated or monitored for at least the next week, possibly two.

I assure you this is no joke, and my love for the Quake/Doom community hasn't diminished, there are just some things that I need to deal with at the present moment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Doom Reborn Progress

07 04 16 - 11:56

GameHacker posts pictures of his Doom + Doom 2 remake, Doom Reborn, for Doom 3. For your viewing pleasure, here's a ton of screenshots showing map work in progress!

E1M8b Development  E1M8b Development   E1M8b Development E2M4 Development E2M4 Development E2M4 Development E2M4 Development E2M4 Development E2M4 Development

Mars Security Post Release Summary

07 04 16 - 11:51

Oneofthe8devils wants to let everybody know how thankful him and the team is for the reception of Mars Security.

He's also posted some videos of the mod, one an hour long of footage!

You can download Mars Security here. It's a coop/TDM multiplayer addon for Doom 3 that improves the network code so gameplay is much smoother over the original game.

Mars City Security: Coop-Mania-Session #1 - Mod DB

Phantasm Beyond Patch

07 04 16 - 11:43

Right off the heals of the mod release comes a patch to fix some issues that were in the initial release. The patch fixes:

  • Reloading for the shotgun

  • Recoil for the machinegun

  • Overspawning too many enimies at once, except the very very last level where you are meant to get MOBBED by mass dwarves. Run like hell!

  • dark exterior levels now have more light.

  • Hud overlay cleared up. 

He says no more patches until it's standalone release, then it will be fixed in the standalone release.



Great News and Announcement!

01 04 16 - 11:16

2016 April Fools Post

You most likely noticed that I haven't been posting news lately. I've been working on something important in “real life.”

Well, time to say. I've been offered a new job that will require me to shut the site down due to conflict of interest. In fact, my other site, id Tech Forums will have to go down too.

I've been hired as the full time PR person over at id software! It's been in the works for a couple months now. My family and I will be moving to the Dallas, TX area, which is actually pretty good as my wife and I honey mooned at QuakeCon in '08 and she liked it. Plus they have more lenient gun laws so I can buy scarier looking projectile based tools. :)

Anyway, the sites will be around until the domain name expires then I won't renew them (April 2017). They just won't be updated.

Thank you for the the following over the years and I look forward to keeping you updated on all things id straight from the source!

I'll be in Doom tonight

01 04 16 - 00:55

My beta's all set, just need to wait another hour.  I'll be "The Happy Friar" so if you see me say hi!  :D

Phantasm Beyond 2: The Neverdead Released

31 03 16 - 14:25


Modder Bladeghost (you can also view his Youtube page) released his latest work, Phantasm Beyond 2: The Neverdead. This combines his mods Phantasm D3, Phantasm Beyond & Phantasm Beyond 2 in to a single mod. Currently a mod for Doom 3, there are plans for a stand alone release in the near future. 

The mod is based on the movie series of the same name. 

You can download the mod over at

qshotflash ironquad Mausoleum

[LvL Updates] Easter Eggs at ..::LvL

29 03 16 - 03:26

A little something for your Easter at ..::LvL - Two maps (well, technically 4 maps) are from the same author and are full of brush work, just a little lacking in game play. One of the maps is even for EntityPlus.

* FortTown by Martinus


* Shipyard 17 and Shypyard 17 Boss Battle edition by Martinus


* 2myhouse by Hot[DOG]


Videos and panoramas for all.
Hope everyone had a great Easter break.



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