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» ModWiki Reboot with Doom3World Archive

Modwiki, for those who don't know, what the wiki of Doom 3 tech modding content. It had information on entities and the like. It's slowly being rebuilt on a new site. Also, there is an archive of many Doom3World threads, if you're interested in reading those!

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» QuakeCon 2015 Dates Announced!

Wow, talk about an early warning, we've already got the 2015 dates set! If you were planning on going, make sure to set aside July 23rd to 26th of 2015 aside for your fragging pleasure! It's still at the Hilton Anatole and you can reserve room now for $164 a night.

For more info check out the QuakeCon site, Twitter or Facebook. If you want to be a sponsor, e-mail the sponsor contact. There's even a promo video up, click “Read More” to see it!

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» Doom 3 World BNA Tutorial Pack

I took the Doom 3 World tutorials BNA wrote and made them in to PDF's. These include:

Getting Started: your first box map
Connecting two rooms, doors, and visportals
Pipes and Patches

You can download them at or from idtechforums. More tutorials are on the way, slowly but surely. If you're one wanted to get in to Doom 3 mapping but not sure how, these tutorials are a great start.

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» Blade Yautja Patch

Blade Yautja already has a patch!  This Patch will enable the HUD in 3rd person view and keep the camera from clipping through the walls. This was meant to be included but was overlooked. the two .pk4 files just get added to the BY mod folder.  Download it from

Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a different Universe with creatures with advanced technology and superior hunting skills this mod will be that adventure. The mod will include new weapons new locations new models, new textures ,sounds and enemies to battle through.  

If you haven't tried it yet, click "Read More" to see some more screens from the mod. You can download the whole version here.

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» Blade Yautja 1.1 Released!

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally out! I'm downloading as I type this. It's not finished downloading yet so I have no readme to post, but if you click “Read More” there's some screen.

So, if you have Doom 3, go download it RIGHT NOW! :)

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» Can it run DOOM? Yes it can!

My brother sent me an e-mail yesterday with a BBC News article about a DOOM port. On a CANON printer! Yes, you can run DOOM a CANON Pixma printer! Who knew? Anyway, he also linked me to a site called “It Runs Doom!”, 100% about running our favorite classic demon shooter, DOOM on nearly anything. It's pretty neat to read and see what people are doing with the “old” game.

Is DOOM the most ported game ever? Not sure, I'm wondering if PacMan or Super Mario Bros could take that crown, but it very well could be!

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» R U B I C O N R U M B L E P A C K for Quake

The Rubicon Rumble Pack for Quake has been released. It's a four map pack based off Rubicon 2 by Metslime/CZG. The mappack is getting rave reviews over at Func_Msgboard. I downloaded it and like it. It requires the QuakeSpasm engine R980, which you can get here.

It's available to download at Quaddicted and Dropbox. I took a couple screens of when I started playing, click “Read More” to play them. Be sure to read the readme, you need to set specific commandlines to run the mod. Enjoy!

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» Doom and Doom 2 as... shaders?

I guess I now know what a procedural shader is, and it is impressive (when it's Doom related). Found this in my Twitter feed this morning, retweeted by John Carmack. It's the start of Doom's E1M1 in an interactive shader. Don't worry if it looks like it froze your browser, it takes some time to load up.

Anyway check out the interactive Doom one here and look at the Doom 2 one here.

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Mars Security Gameplay Video

19 10 14 - 00:39

The WIP mod by Sacred Pixel Studios, Mars Security, released some gameplay footage. It's a coop mod (Sacred Pixel has a nack for MP mods!) for Doom 3. Not much has been said about it except it's aiming for great visuals and coop gameplay, plus has an alternative gameplay mode called “DemonWars”. I'll let the video speak for itself, click “Read More” to watch.

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Blade Yautja Screens PLUS Art

19 10 14 - 00:14

I didn't know Bladeghost was a classical artist, but he surprises us yet again with Predator fan art! First we've got a couple screens from the Doom3 mod Blade Yautja (download here). Then we've got a CG touched up screenshot and colored pencil Predator. Click “Read More” to see!

Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a different Universe with creatures with advanced technology and superior hunting skills, this mod is an adventure.

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Top 5 Melee Weapons

14 10 14 - 10:46

Zoomin TV does it again, and this time Doom's Chainsaw is #5 in their Top 5 Melee weapons. I don't know if I like the Quake axe better, but the Doom chainsaw IS classic. Click “Read More” to watch the video.

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[LvL Updates] 4 maps and a developer pack

13 10 14 - 09:10

Big mix of stuff today at ..::LvL If you are short for time, make sure you grab McSarge's from cityy. This is one enjoyable and detailed release.

* McSarge's by cityy
* Day At The Villa by Kaustic
* Q3 Stargate pack source by Camel-XP
* The Longest Fall by r3x.theCat
* Faces of Quake by r3x.theCat

"Q3 Stargate pack source" is a developer pack that demos how to replicate the Stargate from the TV series.

Videos for the first 3 releases and panoramas for most.

In other news, Quake 3 is nearing 15 years of age and MapCore has announced a mapping contest to celebrate the event. Lots more info here.

MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest

13 10 14 - 09:05

On December 2nd Quake 3 will celebrate its 15th anniversary. Many people have a soft spot for this classic so instead of neglecting this anniversary we want to pay tribute to this amazing game. For that reason, we partnered up with Pixologic (Zbrush), Id Software, Hammerwatch and CGTextures to bring you MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest which will run from October 8th to December 3rd deadline. Check out all the details here, including the core rules that it's about making a Q3A 4-8 person FFA map.

Also win some awesome prizes:

1st Place: Zbrush License and T-shirt/key-chain, 12-month Pro Quake Live membership, CGTextures membership (1yr), 1 Hammerwatch 4Pack, MapCore T-shirt and 150 dollars.

2nd Place: Zbrush License and T-shirt/key-chain, 6-month Pro Quake Live membership, 1 Hammerwatch 4Pack and 100 dollars.

3rd Place: Zbrush License and T-shirt/key-chain, 3-month Pro Quake Live membership, 1 Hammerwatch 4Pack and 50 dollars.

4th to 13th Place: 1-month Pro Quake Live membership.

Zombie's Rocking Doom 3

06 10 14 - 10:52

Zombie released a custom rock pack for modders all over! Not just Doom 3 (bust tested in Doom 3). The only catch is no for-profit work. If you're interested in selling something, just contact him.

You can download the rocks on Click “Read More” for preview images!

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Lego Doom

30 09 14 - 18:02

What could be cooler then Doom made of Lego's? If you don't think much is, click “Read More” to see!

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Doom Reborn WIP Screens

30 09 14 - 01:32

Four new screens of Map04 for Doom Reborn were posted on The basic goal of Doom Reborn is to recreate the original Doom and Doom 2 in the idTech4 engine with all the engine eye candy ID Software has provided us with so we can recreate the game for a classic Doom player to remember and enjoy the memories of the classics in a modernized way, but keeping the old Doom spirit well in the game.

Click “Read More” to view the pictures!

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