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Now you can Tweet News and be a Twit!

01 08 15 - 15:43

Now a huge announcement, but now there's a button to allow you to be a Twit to post Tweets about the news here directly from the news itself!  Just click the little "Tweet" button up above earth news item.

New Release of the Hallowed Mod for Doom 3

01 08 15 - 15:26

It's a “Beta” release. It's a simple player campaign with different gameplay then stock Doom 3. I liked the first release so I'll download and give this one a shot. When you're playing, e-mail me your screenshots and I'll put them in the rotator on the right.

You can download the latest release from the Hallowed Mod website. There's also a site but it's not updated yet.

Thanks to id tech forums for the info.


Mars City Security July Update

30 07 15 - 10:30

Hello fellow space marines,
last night was group screenshot time on the SPS servers with different MCS "Delta Squad" personnel shots taken at different locations throughout the MCS facilities. The point was to showcase MCS's versatility in terms of player models and locations choice.


Additionally to the screenshots here follows some background information about the MCS "Delta Squad":


Also in order to be able to announce and communicate live streams of the latest MCS development builds more efficiently to you, a Twitter Account has been created that you can follow. That way shortly before a stream goes live, every follower will be notified on time.
Simply visit and follow my Twitter Account to never miss a live MCS broadcast again.

You can view more information about Mars City Security on their page.

D3 MCS: Mars City Security is a Doom3 Modification that puts heavy emphasis on cooperative and adversarial multiplayer, merging the fast and addictive gameplay of the predecessors (Doom1 & Doom2) with the enhanced Doom3 technology (optimized netcode, improved idtech4 unified rendering).  The first estimated release date is the end of October 2015.

RetroJam3 DLC Released

27 07 15 - 10:36

At last, the long awaited RetroJam3DLC is finally here! The pack contains three devilish Runic/Vertical maps by Ionous, negke and skacky, as a continuation of RetroJam3's theme.
retrojam3dlc_ionous requires Quakespasm or other BSP2 supporting engine.

Download over at Quaketastic.

Thanks Func_Msgboard for posting about this!


Jackhammer 1.1.700 Public Beta

24 07 15 - 02:18

Jackhammer is an id Tech 2/3 engine map editor. It currently supports Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Half Life, and Gunman Chronicles. The latest version includes several near features including: loading models and sprites from pak/pk3 files and reloading a model from disk without reloading the editor. Click Read More to see the whole changelog.

It comes in Windows and Linux flavors, 32/64bit. You can download it from the Jackhammer website.

Thank's Func_Msgboard for the heads up.


Read More

Get all your Quakecon info HERE

23 07 15 - 21:41

Ha, I bet you thought I'd say THIS site. You're wrong. I'm to busy to keep track of everything and I'm not there, so be sure to check out the Quakecon website & Bethesda's Blog. Lots of good info there, such as QuakeCon Steam sales and info for those who pre-ordered Wolfenstien: The New Order & the Doom Beta.


“Official” Release of Tryutils-ericw V0.15.1

15 07 15 - 10:53

Tryutils is command line utilities for compiling Quake maps. Tryutils-ericw is a branch by ericw aimed at adding lighting features. It adds ambient occlusion, sunlight, sunlight prenumbra, fake area lights (splts point lights in to multiple lights for soft shadows), surface lights (like Quake 2), raytracing lights through fences, .lux output, and gamma adjustment of the final lightmap.

You can download it for Windows, OSX, Linux or go to github for the code.

Thanks to Func_Msgboard for posting about it.


Doom 3 BFG Hi Def Mod

09 07 15 - 10:48

It includes RBDoom3BFG, the Perfected Doom 3 Texture Pack, the Wolfen Texture Pack, the Monoxead Texture Pack, the AAA Doom High Poly Models, Phrozo Effects and various tweaks.  It also has it's own installer. No gameplay changes, just graphics fidelity enhancements!

You can read about it on and download it here.

Doom 3 BFG Hi Def 1.4



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