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» Modcast! (Better late then never, eh?)

On Sunday the Modcast featured some id tech mods! Blade Yautja and Doom Reborn for Doom 3 were both featured! Several other mods & updates on the Modcast, so if you want some updates for even those “other engines”, it's worth listening to! Click “Read More” to watch.

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» Mars Security Gameplay Video

The WIP mod by Sacred Pixel Studios, Mars Security, released some gameplay footage. It's a coop mod (Sacred Pixel has a nack for MP mods!) for Doom 3. Not much has been said about it except it's aiming for great visuals and coop gameplay, plus has an alternative gameplay mode called “DemonWars”. I'll let the video speak for itself, click “Read More” to watch.

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» Blade Yautja Screens PLUS Art

I didn't know Bladeghost was a classical artist, but he surprises us yet again with Predator fan art! First we've got a couple screens from the Doom3 mod Blade Yautja (download here). Then we've got a CG touched up screenshot and colored pencil Predator. Click “Read More” to see!

Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a different Universe with creatures with advanced technology and superior hunting skills, this mod is an adventure.

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» Top 5 Melee Weapons

Zoomin TV does it again, and this time Doom's Chainsaw is #5 in their Top 5 Melee weapons. I don't know if I like the Quake axe better, but the Doom chainsaw IS classic. Click “Read More” to watch the video.

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» [LvL Updates] 4 maps and a developer pack

Big mix of stuff today at ..::LvL If you are short for time, make sure you grab McSarge's from cityy. This is one enjoyable and detailed release.

* McSarge's by cityy
* Day At The Villa by Kaustic
* Q3 Stargate pack source by Camel-XP
* The Longest Fall by r3x.theCat
* Faces of Quake by r3x.theCat

"Q3 Stargate pack source" is a developer pack that demos how to replicate the Stargate from the TV series.

Videos for the first 3 releases and panoramas for most.

In other news, Quake 3 is nearing 15 years of age and MapCore has announced a mapping contest to celebrate the event. Lots more info here.

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» MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest

On December 2nd Quake 3 will celebrate its 15th anniversary. Many people have a soft spot for this classic so instead of neglecting this anniversary we want to pay tribute to this amazing game. For that reason, we partnered up with Pixologic (Zbrush), Id Software, Hammerwatch and CGTextures to bring you MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest which will run from October 8th to December 3rd deadline. Check out all the details here, including the core rules that it's about making a Q3A 4-8 person FFA map.

Also win some awesome prizes:

1st Place: Zbrush License and T-shirt/key-chain, 12-month Pro Quake Live membership, CGTextures membership (1yr), 1 Hammerwatch 4Pack, MapCore T-shirt and 150 dollars.

2nd Place: Zbrush License and T-shirt/key-chain, 6-month Pro Quake Live membership, 1 Hammerwatch 4Pack and 100 dollars.

3rd Place: Zbrush License and T-shirt/key-chain, 3-month Pro Quake Live membership, 1 Hammerwatch 4Pack and 50 dollars.

4th to 13th Place: 1-month Pro Quake Live membership.

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» Zombie's Rocking Doom 3

Zombie released a custom rock pack for modders all over! Not just Doom 3 (bust tested in Doom 3). The only catch is no for-profit work. If you're interested in selling something, just contact him.

You can download the rocks on Click “Read More” for preview images!

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» Lego Doom

What could be cooler then Doom made of Lego's? If you don't think much is, click “Read More” to see!

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Doom 2 Speedrun Record Broken

20 11 14 - 02:44

Up until several days ago the fastest anyone ever beat Doom 2 was in 23:25, by a gamer named Looper in 2010. Now it's a long time. Zero Master has beaten the game in 23:03. 20 seconds doesn't seem like much but every fraction of a second counts when you're playing through 30 levels on ULTRA VIOLENCE! 

Thanks to chimueloeldragon2011 for pointing this out on idtechforums. You can read the article about it on IGN or you can watch the gameplay video by clicking “Read More”.

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Q3 Knockout 1.5.0 Beta Released

17 11 14 - 11:21

Hey, a mod where killing doesn't help your score (yeah! I might win!) In Q3knockout you push the other guy in to the viod! :) This is an older mod that has recently been tweaked so all us Quakers can enjoy some new features (and hear about it as I never heard about it). Some new features worth mentioning: Dynamic Bot skill, sticky grenades (vs super bouncy ones) and Quad pickup is announced globally.  Click "Read More" to see the 1.5.0 changelog.

It's a server side mod so you don't need it if you just want to play. You can download it on or from it's own site.

You can play this new version of Q3knockOut online 24/7 on this server:
"Q3knockOut @4Netplayers"

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Quake 3 Arena Mapcore Contest Update!

17 11 14 - 10:59

Back in October I posted about a contest by Q3A mapping contest by Mapcore to celebrate Quake 3's 15th anniversary. We got an update on how the contest is going over at the Mapcore website. They also have a sever up now so the maps in alpha/beta can be playtested. Check them out!

D3 Chaos 99 release 3

14 11 14 - 12:04

According to the readme, this is the last release before version 1.0. D3 Chaos is a “scary-trashy-remixed tributary version” of the original Doom episode “Knee-Deep in the Dead”. Some screenshots have been released with this download, click “Read More” to view them. You can download the mod from

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The Dark Mod Halloween Missions

30 10 14 - 14:29

A contest for The Dark Mod has resulted in a new mission for fans to play. Named “Briarwood Cathedral.” The story behind the map is as follows: “I met a pal of mine at a local watering hole. Ole' Freedo has news about the Briarwood Cathedral out on Waterford Island. Seems a lot has been going on that is on the Supernatural side?
I find that hard to believe, but it might give me an edge to loot the place. There is also a rumor of old Spanish, Pirate treasure. Since tonight is All Hallows Eve, It's as good of a night that I could ask for.
Let's see what Briarwood has to offer.”

Click “Read More” to check out some pics. Download the map at Read more about the Halloween contest on The Dark Mod forums. Enjoy! :)

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Play Ultimate Doom the Scottish way!

30 10 14 - 14:23

Scottish Geeks play Ultimate Doom! It's always fun to watch someome play Doom. It's one of those few games where you can say “BOOM!” and nobody cares!

Click “Read More” to watch the video and subscribe to Scottish Geeks, they've got some neat playthroughs.

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Doom 3 Chaos Pics and Release

30 10 14 - 14:15

Doom 3 Chaos is a remake of Doom's Episode 1: “Knee Deep in the Dead”. Made from scratch and using only doom 3 assets. There's a bunch of pictures on their site (which you can view by clicking "Read More") and you can download a test release. No monsters, just the level is being worked on. You can get that here.

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Mars Security Update

30 10 14 - 14:06 was updated with some Mars Security goodness! A coop gameplay footage video was released (click “Read More” to watch it). A netcode rewrite is in progress and a majority of the milestones have been reached. We're a few months from a bets release, so hold on to your butts!

 You can read all their updates over at

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