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» Jackhammer 1.1: new cross-platform level editor continues to evolve!

Jackhammer is a new level editor for Quake BSP based games (namely, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena and Half Life). It's got a new version out that supports 64-bit and the Q3A engine. The Linux version also work with the Half Life on Linux.

You can download the Windows, Linux 64-bit and Linux 32-bit over at For the full press release check out and for all the fun details head over to the Jackhammer website.

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» D3 Chaos 1.1 Release

The 1.1 version of D3 Chaos is out. The author calls it a “'tainted' 13 level episode of 'knee-deep in the dead' and further ...”

D3 Chaos is a remake of Episode 1 of Doom. You can download it at and be sure to check out it's website.

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» BladeYautja v1.2 Update

Version 1.2 of the AvP inspired mod BladeYautja has been released. Bladeghost rebalanced some weapons and added a new targeting reticle, also adjusted some enemy variables as well along with ammo pickups as backpacks in most levels. DLC content will be uploaded at another time to where some previews are available, they can just be replaced later on.

You can download this latest version over at

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» Venture December 2014 Update

This update consists of gameplay videos showcasing the Venture Prototype Story COOP Campaign. The game's stealth mechanics are still in a very early state and therefore have not been applied during those recordings, so it basically is just coop monster bashing (arching) testing performance and coop functionality of the newly implemented maps. 

Venture is a Doom3 fantasy-medieval-steampunk COOP Total Conversion. Click “Read More” to view the latest demo videos.

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» Steel Storm 2 features announced on indieDB

Motorsep put up a profile for the Doom 3 BFG based engine for his next game.  It's got a nice list of features for people to get acquainted to and a video showing off the features.  The engine is GPL and isn't released yet.  You can read all the features on the indieDB site and click “Read More” to watch the showcase video.

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» 2014 Cacowards & never-before-seen Doom art

Every year DoomWorld hosts the Cacowards, their list of top content for the year. You can check out the Best Gameplay of 2014 or the Top 10 for the year. Or perhaps the Lifetime Achievement Award. Eigther way, check out the awards over at DoomWorld!

Thanks ESReality for the heads up!  ESReality also has some links to unused artwork for Doom released by John Romero.

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» Doom Reborn Pre-Beta 1.1

A new version of Doom Reborn is out. It features some new textures, tweaks to various maps, more Easter Eggs, and two new maps!

Doom Reborn is a remake of Doom and Doom 2 for Doom 3. It features (and will feature) all the maps, new textures, remade monsters & weapons and remade music.

You can download it over at and click “Read More” to view screens!

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» Chaos for Doom 3 version 1

Chaos for Doom 3, version 1 has been released. It's only a demo, not the final version, so the author wants you to remember that. It's 13 remade levels from Doom's “Knee Deep in the Dead”. You can download it at and click “Read more” to view images from the mod.

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Phaeton Self Driving Vehicle

26 01 15 - 02:20

Eat your heart out google!  Motorsep from Kot-in-Action Creative Artel is showing off the self driving vehicle for his latest game, Phaeton.  Click "Read More" to see the video.

Phaeton is the sequel to the top/down shooter Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.  It's a FPS instead of a top/down shooter and is currently in development with the Doom 3 BFG GPL engine as a base.

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Top Secret Project, Shhh... Don't Tell Anyone

25 01 15 - 04:29

Those test posts I've been making are starting to pay off.  Take a look:


On a related note, if someone knows PHP/CSS/whatever and would like to add some features to my site software, I'd appreciate the help.  :)  Contact me at if you're willing.

On another note, for the past five months we've averaged about 1,000 hits per month.  big change from the ~100 when the site started!

Q2Cafe 2015 Mapping Contest!

25 01 15 - 02:58

Got this in my e-mail not long ago so I'm passing it along to you awesome mappers out there!

Q2 Cafe is proud to announce the annual Quake 2 Mapping Contest for 2015! There's no pressure and we're pretty flexible with the dates. This contest is about touching base with our past mappers and expanding on the fun experience and group activity we all miss :)

Couple old school mappers are already psyched to have this contest in order to showcase their latest work and mapping skills in a competitive venue like the good old days.

All creative entries are welcome, big or small, and will help make this Mapping Contest a success. We didn't have a contest since 2011, so this one should be extra special, and we would hate for you to miss out on it. We're always looking for talented mappers to help bring exciting content to the people within the Community. I hope you are willing to join this great event this time around and make something fun and exciting with us. So please come by, leave a comment and cast a vote here:

Null (aka Level Lord)

Brutal Doom Goodies

25 01 15 - 02:29

The Doom mod that keeps on giving is giving a little more. Sergeant Mark IV is showing off some features of the new version 20, including FreeDoom support.  (It did work in FreeDoom before but would switch to the BrutalDoom animations/graphics when the data wasn't in FreeDoom)

Click “Read More” to watch the video and download version 19 from today!

BrutalDoom is the Doom/Doom2 mod (requires a more modern client) that ups the gore, gibs, brutality, adds new weapons and total awesomeness of the origional clasics!

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[LvL Updates] Start the year with 3

22 01 15 - 19:20

Back from a short break at ..::LvL. This update contains 6 maps in three release. To be honest, these are not the best maps that have ever been on ..::LvL, but they are also far from the worst too :]

* The Edge (2) by V1979
* The Double Camping Grounds by V1979
* Mech by r3x.theCat

Videos for the first two and panoramas for all.

In other news, there is now a ..::LvL Android App. The App is in a beta stage and features may be added in the future. For now, the only real advantage over the web site are notification (which can be disable).

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Keep an eye on Doom HD

19 01 15 - 02:33

This was posted in the id Tech Forums site and it looks pretty neat. Doom HD isn't a remake, it's a continuation 20 years after Doom 64. It's using the Doom 3 engine as a base and will attempt to keep the fast gameplay of the first two games.

You can see screens over at the Doom HD site and comment on the id Tech Forums.

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Doom ReBorn WIP Screens

15 01 15 - 03:39

GameHacKer released some new screens showing working being done in the Doom+Doom2 remake for Doom 3. Click “Read More” to see the pictures. You can download the latest release on

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Focalor's Pak v10 Out

14 01 15 - 14:48

This happened a several days ago but a dead DSL model & some Windows issues prevented me from posting about it.

This Quake 2 content pak includes some new models, all new menu's and icons, some reskined models and some old models. He says he's getting to learn Photoshop better so his graphics skills are improving!

Give feedback over at the Tastyspleen forum and download it here.  It's designed for R1Q2 & R1GL and he says if you don't use those it won't look good.

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