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» HESK: Hyugaren Changes

Hyugaren is a Zdoom mod that has some big changes underway. Most notability is that they're not using Zdoom any more, they're switching over to GZDoom! Advantages of this changeover include full color visuals vs the limited palate of the original, smoother FPS, and possible shader effects. You can read the full details over at

HESK: Hyugaren is a single player T.C. for GZDoom, which includes a lot of new features, such as totally reworked gameplay mechanics, new graphics, new sprites, new sounds, new music, new gore system, new skybox (Hyperskybox), new liquids (Hyperwater), among many others.

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» Possible Site Downtime for Maintance

My host is doing maintance on Sunday, November 30th between 2 and 6am do the site might not work at that time.  So, no reason to e-mail and let me know it's not working!

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» If Quake 2 was 2D Code

AntonioR is working on a project called “If Quake 2 was 2D” and released the old code for his custom game. It's not the latest & greatest code, but he wanted others to have access to it.

He's also got a video showing the latest progress in the game. Awesome! Click “Read More” to watch it!

For more information on the fan game check out his website. You can download the code at Github.

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» Secret Map Jam 4 : Retro Jam 1 Pack Released!

That stealthy sock organized a Twitter-exclusive map jam this weekend. Whether it was to restrict the number of participants or clamp down on excessive JAM HYPE, who knows...


What we do know is that the theme implies some sort of old skool Quake homage, and it's been released right here.

And the mappers are rumored to be:
Go play it!

Thanks to Func_Msgboard for the heads up!

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» Q3KnockOut Gameplay Footage

If you're like me and like to see gameplay of something before you give it a shot (except back when I was a kid!) then you'll enjoy this: gameplay footage of Q3KnockOut. One of Instagib (best thing to come out of Epic!) and three of FFA. Click “Read More” to watch the videos. Head to to give it a download. For more information head to the Q3KnockOut website.

Q3knockOut changes your Quake experience in a very unique way: Scoring is not done by directly hit and kill your enemy, but by pushing him out of the area into the void or other deadly spots in a map like lava and such. Q3knockOut comes with new weapon and item behaviors, a very fast gameplay, new ways for cool jumps and moves. As maps you should only use very open ones like the space maps. All standard gametypes are supported: Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch, Tournament and Capture The Flag. Q3knockOut is a server side only modification.

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» Doom 2 Speedrun Record Broken

Up until several days ago the fastest anyone ever beat Doom 2 was in 23:25, by a gamer named Looper in 2010. Now it's a long time. Zero Master has beaten the game in 23:03. 20 seconds doesn't seem like much but every fraction of a second counts when you're playing through 30 levels on ULTRA VIOLENCE! 

Thanks to chimueloeldragon2011 for pointing this out on idtechforums. You can read the article about it on IGN or you can watch the gameplay video by clicking “Read More”.

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» Q3 Knockout 1.5.0 Beta Released

Hey, a mod where killing doesn't help your score (yeah! I might win!) In Q3knockout you push the other guy in to the viod! :) This is an older mod that has recently been tweaked so all us Quakers can enjoy some new features (and hear about it as I never heard about it). Some new features worth mentioning: Dynamic Bot skill, sticky grenades (vs super bouncy ones) and Quad pickup is announced globally.  Click "Read More" to see the 1.5.0 changelog.

It's a server side mod so you don't need it if you just want to play. You can download it on or from it's own site.

You can play this new version of Q3knockOut online 24/7 on this server:
"Q3knockOut @4Netplayers"

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» Quake 3 Arena Mapcore Contest Update!

Back in October I posted about a contest by Q3A mapping contest by Mapcore to celebrate Quake 3's 15th anniversary. We got an update on how the contest is going over at the Mapcore website. They also have a sever up now so the maps in alpha/beta can be playtested. Check them out!

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Venture December 2014 Update

15 12 14 - 12:02

This update consists of gameplay videos showcasing the Venture Prototype Story COOP Campaign. The game's stealth mechanics are still in a very early state and therefore have not been applied during those recordings, so it basically is just coop monster bashing (arching) testing performance and coop functionality of the newly implemented maps. 

Venture is a Doom3 fantasy-medieval-steampunk COOP Total Conversion. Click “Read More” to view the latest demo videos.

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Steel Storm 2 features announced on indieDB

15 12 14 - 11:59

Motorsep put up a profile for the Doom 3 BFG based engine for his next game.  It's got a nice list of features for people to get acquainted to and a video showing off the features.  The engine is GPL and isn't released yet.  You can read all the features on the indieDB site and click “Read More” to watch the showcase video.

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2014 Cacowards & never-before-seen Doom art

13 12 14 - 12:10

Every year DoomWorld hosts the Cacowards, their list of top content for the year. You can check out the Best Gameplay of 2014 or the Top 10 for the year. Or perhaps the Lifetime Achievement Award. Eigther way, check out the awards over at DoomWorld!

Thanks ESReality for the heads up!  ESReality also has some links to unused artwork for Doom released by John Romero.

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta 1.1

12 12 14 - 11:54

A new version of Doom Reborn is out. It features some new textures, tweaks to various maps, more Easter Eggs, and two new maps!

Doom Reborn is a remake of Doom and Doom 2 for Doom 3. It features (and will feature) all the maps, new textures, remade monsters & weapons and remade music.

You can download it over at and click “Read More” to view screens!

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Chaos for Doom 3 version 1

10 12 14 - 11:41

Chaos for Doom 3, version 1 has been released. It's only a demo, not the final version, so the author wants you to remember that. It's 13 remade levels from Doom's “Knee Deep in the Dead”. You can download it at and click “Read more” to view images from the mod.

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Mapcore Q3A Anniversary Contest Submissions

04 12 14 - 11:17

The Macore deadline has passed and the submissions are in! Sixteen total submissions there are, so let's link them for you so you can give them a try. Just a quick recap, the contest was to celebrate Quake 3 Arena's 15th anniversary (which ..::LVL had a cool site loading screen to let you all know). So click “Read More” to see the links.

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Happy Anniversary Quake 3 Arena

02 12 14 - 11:52

On this day in 1999 Q3A was released!  My girlfiend (who became my wife) got it for me for Christmas from Amazon.  She paid by check (you could back then) and got me the Tin Box editition.  It played crappy on my Intel 200 MMX with a VooDoo 2.  Ahh, good times!  Post your Q3A memories in the comments!

[LvL Updates] 15 years of Quake 3

02 12 14 - 11:47

15 years on maps are still coming in to ..::LvL - -
This update has some winners and some that are easy to skip. Don't miss

* Rustgrad by Hipshot
* Sector 9 - The Cytherean Outpost by Kaustic
* Arena Gates by V1979
* No Man's Land (2) by tekros

Videos and panoramas for all.

Hard to believe it has been 15 years since Q3A was released. At the end
of the month it will also be 15 years for ..::LvL. Shows you how
important it is to allow people to edit your games. Thanks to id
Software and thanks to everyone that has built the tools and documented
how to do stuff. 




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