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QuakeCon 2015 Pre-Registeration starts March 4th

25 02 15 - 11:33

QuakeCon Press Release:

We’re pleased to announce the online pre-registration details for QuakeCon 2015, which will take place in Dallas, TX on Thursday, July 23rd – Sunday, July 26th. We will be offering a number of premium packages for purchase through the show’s online pre-registration site,

Online pre-registration will open in a series of five stages. The ‘BYOC Select-a-Seat with UAC Command Center VIP Seating Package’ will make its QuakeCon debut and will become available on Wednesday, March 4th. Full descriptions for each of the limited packages, and the dates they will become available are below.

Click "Read More" to read the whole press release.

QuakeCon, the ultimate video game festival, will take place on-site at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX on Thursday, July 23rd – Sunday, July 26th. Doors to QuakeCon will open on Thursday, July 23rd at 10:00am CT and will remain open through July 26th. For more information visit:

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More Vehicle Progress in Phaeton

24 02 15 - 19:13

Motorsep is showing off some more vehicle progress via Youtube. Phaeton is the sequel to the Quake 1 powered Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.

In these video we get to see Lite Transport Vehicle.

For more info on the game check out Phaeton's website. Click “Read More” to watch the videos.

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Small Fix for Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher

21 02 15 - 12:17

Motorsep, author of the Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher and head developer/owner at KOT In Action posted on Twitter that an update for his Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher is on his forums. You can download it here

Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher is a tool developed by Motorsep so you can launch specific Doom 3 mods with the BFG game.

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Doom 3 Venture February 2015 Update

18 02 15 - 12:09

Before adding/developing more game assets (like new custom weapons, maps and game mechanics) Sacred Pixel Studios is first completely reworking the rudimentary idtech4 game engine parts such as the netcode, to ensure the best possible and stable coop multiplayer experience... 

This was an extended coop network code test-session with well over 100 enemy AIs spawning and syncing across the internet network. Two clients (about 15 Kilometers apart) connecting to a dedicated server machine (about 2000 kilometers away from the clients). 

In this video SlateFrame and I were testing Venture's netcode with the Doom3 "INSOMNIA" Mappack available at "" and "".

Thanks to id Tech Forums for the post.


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Selfies are now officially COOL

16 02 15 - 12:50

Modder Linguica brings us the ultimate Doom mod: INSTADOOM.  


 Complete with Instagram filters. I'm not kidding, this is to weird/awesome to make up. Just click out the screenshots:




You can download this here. Thanks to GameInformer for the tweet/article.

D.R.A.P. Making Progress

14 02 15 - 12:54

D.RA.P. stands for Doom(3) Rewrite Assets Project. In essence, to make an “Open” Doom 3 similar to FreeDoom or Open Arena. Modder Wintch has been working on it for several months now and has made some progress. For Valentines Day today he's showing some Doom community love by posting updates of his work and has everything on GitHub (assets download here)! He's got most of the assets remade so give it a download!

You can ready more about the project on or the id tech forums thread.  Click "Read More" to check out some pictures and a video from the latest release.

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New Way to View Doom and Quake News!

09 02 15 - 19:23


The Earth Quake News App! Currently only for Windows 8.1 (Windows Phone soon), you can read your news without a webbrowser now.

There's still stuff to do but, hey, why wait until “perfection” so I'm releasing it now!

You can get it from the Windows store.

The Dark Mod 2.03 is Out!

09 02 15 - 19:14

The team at Broken Glass Studios is very pleased to announce the latest update to TDM!

The update to 2.03 adds nearly nine months of new assets, features, and bugfixes. Some changes will be noticeable right away, while others will take a while to appear in new maps.

To apply the update, simply run the tdm_update.exe file in your darkmod folder. (Note that saved games from earlier versions will not be compatible with 2.03, so finish any missions you are playing first).

Some of the improvements are listed below. To see the full changelog click here.

AI changes: AI have a few new animations, including a new pickpocket reaction. Many AI, including the citywatch and builder models, should look more detailed, as most AI are now using LOD (Level of Detail) stages, allowing greater detail up close and less detail (and less of a performance hit) when further away. In terms of behaviour, AI will now coordinate their searches more intelligently when in groups, sending some AI to guard doors and choke-points rather than stepping all over each other. AI will now react when getting hit by an opening door. An issue that allowed AI to see behind them if their head was turned a certain way has been fixed.

Graphics: Particle effects have been greatly improved, so that they no longer create hard lines when intersecting geometry. Water no longer distorts things that are in front of it, and the skybox will no longer flash grey when the player is mantling. The spyglass will now appear round regardless of the screen dimensions used. A number of entities are now using LOD (Level of Detail) stages. You may wish to adjust this option in the Graphics Menu if you see noticeable ‘popping’ of models.

Revelator, a veteran in the Doom 3 mod scene, stepped in to help our new engine coder SteveL with some of the code needed to gain access to the depth buffer. We hope to continue our partnership with this crafty fellow.

Assets: More than a hundred new high-quality textures and models have been added to the game, and should start appearing in new maps. A number of existing models have been improved by adding more polys and better textures. A new female townsfolk model and vocal set has also been added to the game and should start appearing in new maps soon.

A video preview of some of the new features can be viewed by clicking “Read More”

Overall, you should notice a distinct improvement to the graphics and AI behaviour in maps. And we have some exciting renderer developments in the pipeline, though that will have to wait for the next update.

Since v2.02 several stellar missions have been released including:

Melan's "Penny Dreadful 2: All the way up"

Sotha's "Ulysses: Genesis"

Goldwell's "Lord Edgar's Bathhouse"

Airship Ballet's "La Banque Bienveillante" and "Chase Mercantile"  

To get the latest version you can download the install from The Dark Mod website or from  It's standalone so no need for Doom 3!

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