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New Episode for Quake

24 06 16 - 21:42

Machinegames, the guys behind Wolfenstien: The New Order, have relased a new episode for Quake for it's 20th anniversary.  You can download it here.


Hope you enjoy it!

John Romero releases Pre-Quake Quake Stuff

22 06 16 - 12:20


You read that correctly, Mr. Romero released some screenshots & a text file describing them that was inititaly released in 1995, to show off Quake.  I remember seeing this decades ago when I was looking in to Quake.  

Hey, that brings up a neat idea!  A retro Quake review!  :)  Expect that later today! :D  Happy Quake Day! :D

Thanks to GameHacker for the heads up.

Quake Expo 2016 Booth Previews

18 06 16 - 22:19


Today is Quake Expo's Booth Preview Day!  :D  Head on over to Quake Expo 2016 to preview several of the booths that will be showing next month!

What is Quake Expo?  It's an online showing of all things Quake, and like an Expo in real life it runs only for a limited time!  Gamers/Quakers with Quake content to show can read the FAQ on how to share their creations/ideas with the Quake community.  Use #qexpo to spread on unsocial media!  :)

Codename: Doom WIP Shots

17 06 16 - 11:41


The Doom 3 mod, Codename: DOOM, is a a project that aims to re-create the original DOOM under an improved id Tech 4 engine. It's not a simple direct conversion, it's redoing everything from scratch based on the original designs but with a modern look. Similar to the Resident Evil remake for Gamecube years ago.

There's lots of nice screenshots over at, with a few below. It's still a work in progress but the art is looking nice!

Waste Reservoirs - E2M7  Bestiary - Cacodemon  Spawning Vats - E2M7

An Honest Doom (2016) Trailer

16 06 16 - 11:25

Yeah, that's pretty much the truth!

Arx - End of Sun Patch 1.4

16 06 16 - 11:22


A patch has been released for Arx – End of Sun. Arx – End of Sun is based on Arx Fatalis by Arkane Studios.

The download page gives instructions on how to install the patch. Make sure you have the 1.3 release!  You can download the patch on

You can stay updated on their website or their

Hallowed Mod Beta 2.4 MP Patch

16 06 16 - 11:16

A patch for the Doom 3 mod “Hallowed Mod” is out. This focuses on multiplayer, as the 2.3 patch focused on single player. You can download the patch here.

Also released are some gameplay videos and the evolution of one of the game maps over the years. View bellow!

You can follow Hallowed Mod over a, their website, or Twitter.

Hallowed Mod Highlight Reel - Mod DB
LVL2 for Deathmatch Progress Update - Mod DB
Hallowed Mod Lvl 2 Evolution - Mod DB

IQE Browser 2.15 Release

16 06 16 - 11:08

IQE Browser is a 3D model program that views IQE/IQM & a variety of other 3D models formats, and can export them as IQE/IQM for various id GPL games.

You can download it at, and a tutorial for using IQE Browser with some 3D sculpting applications is also available at




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