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Come get your Chaos on Saturday!

29 03 13 - 18:22

Hello Quakers!
Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP #
We have a Chaos game scheduled for Sat. Mar. 30th @ 6:00pm PST and you're invited!

Hope to see you there!

Your February UFO: Alien Invasion Update

28 03 13 - 18:56

The February update is over on and they're gearing up for the 2.5 release. Check out for the complete list.

Quake Map SP Review: Clean Cut by Mfx

27 03 13 - 19:13

Today I bring you a review of the map "Clean Cut" by MFX.  Click "more" to continue reading, head on over to Func_Msgboard to see what others think or download striaght away from Quaketastic!

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Quake Mod: For My Babies - Bin Dunne Gorne 2

23 03 13 - 04:08

A newly released Quake mod is here. There's not any description for it but the comments over at Func_Msgboard seem fairly positive (I'm downloading now). It's been tested in Fitzquake. So give this one a whirl and leave him some feedback over at Func_Msgboard!

Download mirrior 1

Download mirror 2

What if Zombie made a D3 map...

21 03 13 - 11:29

No, not a D3 zombie, but the D3 mapper, and professional level designer, Zombie13 (did some work on Quake Wars and currently works for a major game studio). He likes to play with D3 tech (aka id Tech 4) and his latest creation is called “Bioscort” (not related to the short+skirt combo that I'm aware of).


He's got the gameplay down pretty good and doesn't have any of the details, but you can watch a video of the map gameplay. Click “more” for the videos!

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Quake 2 Chaos Match Wednesday

19 03 13 - 20:48

Hello Quakers!
Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP #

We have a Chaos game scheduled for Wed. Mar. 20th @ 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific. and you're invited!
Hope to see you there!


Oculus Rift released Dev Kit doesn't support D3

19 03 13 - 19:17

The VR headset that used Doom 3 BFG as a kind of poser child in showing what it could do, isn't actually supporting Doom 3 BFG in the released development kits and thus won't included the promised D3 BFG from the Kickstarter campaign. It appears that the issue is that D3 BFG was made for older tech then they're releasing now. They support Valve's Team Fortress 2 instead.


To make up for this you can get $20 added to your Steam wallet, $25 in Oculus store credit or a full refund of your pledge.


Thanks to PeeWee for the news and you can read the full detains on the Oculus Rift blog.

UFO Alien Invasion: Hive Mind Fanfiction

15 03 13 - 19:18

Looks like there's been some fan fiction work for the Quake 2 GPL powered game UFO:Alien Invasion.  Called "Hive Mind", we've got 24 chapters to read through. It's in web (html) format, no e-book. If you in to reading fan fiction be sure to check it out.

Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates

15 03 13 - 19:12

Time for some more Prometheus Doom 3 shots. Click “more” to see them or head on over to for higher quality ones.

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QuakeBlast: Map and Mod Reviews

15 03 13 - 19:09

A new Quake (1) map/mod review site is up called “Quakeblast.”


He's looking for maps to review (currently there's no reviews on the site), so if you've got a Quake map you finished, or are wanting reviewed, send it on over!

Rock and Roll, new indy Doom clone game: Doomstalker

13 03 13 - 10:37

A new indy Doom-clone game has been brought to my attention: Doomstalker. Doomstalker is a pseudo-isomatric indy game for the Apple iOS systems (iPad/Pod) with the possibility of coming to Windows and OSX. It's started a Kickstarter campaign and is also on Steam Greenlight. You can check out their developlemt blog, their facebook site and indieDB site.


While not an exact Doom clone, it strives to have a Doom feel with similar characteristics as the original two games without ripping everything off. If you're interested in supporting it then head on over to their Kickstarter page. Click “more” to see the trailer!

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Get your official Doom and Quake T-Shirts now!

13 03 13 - 10:13

Bethesda now has official Doom and Quake (their other brands too, but I care about the D&Q's!) T-Shirts for sale. You can get them for $18 in small to extra-extra large (for those extra-extra fans). The Doom shirts have the classic Doom logo on the front and the Quake shirts have the original Quake symbol on the front.


They're available at the Bethesda Store right now.

Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates

11 03 13 - 19:56

We've got a nice looking red space suit to show off.  No word if it's playable in game, but it sure does look good!  Click "more" for the picture.

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Doom 64 Review by Happy Video Game Nerd

07 03 13 - 20:07

It's a review of Doom 64 for the Nintendo 64.  I never actually owned this game but the reviews makes me want to.  He talks about the gameplay, the art, the music, sound effects, it's shortcomings and it's atmosphere.

It's a fun watch, head over to GameTrailers to watch or click “more” to see the embedded version.

Thanks to BadBoy for sending this one in!

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Release Date for Grimm Announced!

06 03 13 - 04:55

We've got a date (aww, do I get flowers?)!  July 1st, 2013 will be the official release date of the final FREE version of Grimm: Quest for the Gather's Key.  After that, the next thing we'll be getting is the stand alone. 

This completed version includes 6 campaigns, combo attacks and multiple ways through the maps for replayability.

Keep an eye out for this one.  You can read the full press release over at

Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates

06 03 13 - 04:50

Time for more media updates from the Prometheus mod.  This time we've got the player entering an alien ship , the control panel to move around the chair (Space Jokey chair) inside the ship and a handy dandy control layout so we know.

And I thought XBox 360 or PS3 controlers were complex!  Enjoy the shots over at!

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4 more at ..::LvL

05 03 13 - 05:00

A smaller update this round at ..::LvL  Only 4 maps, but 3 are worth checking out and I can see many people keeping at least 1 or 2 or the releases.

* The Lost Yard by sst13
* Dual Cores by dONKEY
* Opposing Teams by CZghost
* The Sewers of Fate by Rust7

"The Lost Yard" is a Quake style re-make of Q3DM17, but please do not
let that put you off. This is one re-make well worth checking out.

Videos and a panorama for all.

Thanks Tigger !

Trenchboom Level Editor Released

02 03 13 - 04:34

It's a Quake (not Q2 or 3) level editor with a twist: you creat everything in 3D, no 2D views, period.  It looks very easy to use, there's full documentation on how to use it and a nifty video showing it off!  You can read all about the update on func_msgboard or can had straight to the Trenchboom website to download.  Be sure to watch the trailer to see what it's capible of, then wish it was for other games as well!




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