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Left 4 Quake Media Goodies

30 04 13 - 21:16

Sorry for the lateness, but we've got some media updates on L4Q's page.  There's a video of environmental "candies" and two images of new “pick-er-up-ables”: a gas can and a propain tank.

Click "more" to see the video and images!

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UFO: Alien Invasion March Update

26 04 13 - 19:25

The skinny on what was fixed/updated in March has been posted on Click “more” to see all the latest fixes to the Quake 2 GPL powered strategy game.

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New Quake Maps Available

23 04 13 - 19:09

Thanks to Func_Msgboard for some Quake map posting! We've got seven speedmaps (maps done in a small timelimit) and another Quake Qoth map by Mfx named “Pain in the Arch”. Click “more” to see some images from “Pain in the Arch.”

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Overdose closes it's website but not it's doors.

22 04 13 - 06:42

Due to tech issues (and some financial “why” questions), Overdose shut down it's website. You can still get everything about the game over at and They're also looking for some more help with just a couple of people working on it. Read the full news update over at

Left 4 Quake's got that bug that's going around....

22 04 13 - 06:39

The one that causes excretions on the in and out's of happy living people. For proof, they've got screen shots of the vomit sliding down the player's POV. Yuk! Click “more” to see the screens.

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Brutal Doom's Sticky Gibs

22 04 13 - 06:31

A new feature of the upcoming version of Brutal Doom is “sticky” gibs. Imagine throwing a wet noodle on the ceiling, sitting there for a second and then splatting on the floor. You get the idea of what the sticky gibs are then. :) Click “more” to see the demo video!

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ZizZ's Doom 3 Bad Dream

20 04 13 - 13:42

A new map by (famed) Doom 3 mapper ZizZ. We only have two images but they're good looking. He normally takes a decent amount of time to put together a map and puts a lot of quality work in to them, so check out and bookmark the thread on Doom 3 World to see what's up with it.

Dark Mod April Update

19 04 13 - 04:50

The Dark Mod team has been hard at work on the standalone release. They've been replacing assets with higher quality ones. It's been a team and community effort with community members chipping in where they can to get this to run without Doom 3 assets.

On the non-asset side bugs are being squashed and more missions are certified by the team for you to run without Doom 3 assets. If you're interested in helping out with the assets they want you to chime in on their forum.

Head over to to read the full update.

Prometheus Beta Available!

19 04 13 - 04:43

It's here, a beta of the long-awaited Prometheus mod by modder Bladeghost (also author of the Evernt Horizon and Phantism mods). I'm downloading it now so I can't comment on the quality (screens and videos look good), but it says it has 22 single player maps and 5 multiplayer maps. When I get this I'll get the maps on a Doom 3 MP server for fans to frag!

Download it over at now!  Click "more" for some more screenshots.

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[LvL Update] Mixed 4

17 04 13 - 20:52

A mixed bag at ..::LvL - - Four more maps of mixed
quality have been added. All have something interesting going for them
but they also have either technical game play issues too.

* Vinyl Room by KRAFTWERK2K1
* Opposing Forces by Gooball
* OrangeTown by Rust7
* Under Water by T-kölök

Videos and a panorama for all.

Prometheus: Behind the Scenes

15 04 13 - 21:12

We've got a behind the scenes video on Youtube! It shows editor shots, WIP's, raw assets and the like. It's just under two minutes long, you can check it out here. Also, click more for the latest screenshots.

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Survival Horror on a Cruise Ship

12 04 13 - 20:14

A new Doom 3 mod/standalone is in the works. Based on the work of author Yahtzee Croshaw, “Survival Horror on a Cruise Ship”, the mod places the player on a cruise ship, surviving a bunch of evil monsters (kind of implied by the title).


Current there's a tech demo in progress, you can see that on Youtube. It's very good, currently the player moves around and the view is from security cameras on the ship (very Resident Evil-esque). Click “more” to see the video or check out the thread on!

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QuakeCon 2013 Pre-Registeration Starts April 15th!

10 04 13 - 11:24

Straight from the horses mouth (Bethesda) comes word that The big QC lets you preregister starting next week on Monday!  Once again it's free to all and this year, like the past several, they're doing special pay registerations.

 Head on over to the QuakeCon site and bookmark it, click “more” for the full press release!

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Two Times the Quake Map Goodness:

10 04 13 - 04:48

Func_Msgboard has two new Quake maps for your enjoyment. The first is called “Quarantine”. It needs the Qoth mod to be played. The second map is a remake of the Unreal Tournament map Deck 16. It's a multiplayer only map.


Click “more” to view the images. Download Quarantine here & Deck 16 here.

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Prometheus DOOM 3 Media Explosion!

09 04 13 - 08:28

It's been a month since the last posting about new media and it's exploded since then!  Click "more" to see all the new images!

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The Dark Mod Crucible of Omens: Progress Report

09 04 13 - 08:27

Yesterday we got an update on Crucible of Omens for The Dark Mod. Crucible of Omens is a mission pack for The Dark Mod. According to the update, the team is considering releasing the missions one at a time vs all at once. You can read more and see a bunch of sweet looking images over at

New Hexen: Edge of Chaos Teaser!

05 04 13 - 20:09

They posted this yesterday but it wasn't finished processing so I didn't post it. They've got a new teaser for their next release, the Cleric's levels.


Click “more” to view!

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Star Wars: Jedi Outcast/Academy source GPL'ed.

04 04 13 - 18:06

Not quite id, but it IS based on Q3A/id tech 3 (even though Outcast was a downright horrible single player game!).

So, if you're interested in another Q3A GPL engine, grab this one done up by Raven!

Jedi Outcast

Jedi Academy

Thanks from Doom3World.

Comments temporarily disabled...

03 04 13 - 20:41

Maybe.  Since I started the site I've gotten ten legit comments and dozens (100+?) spam ones.  I disabled comments on all new news posts.  Until I figure out a way to reduce the spam comments I'm not reactivating them.  Sorry.  :(

Doom 4 Update(?)

03 04 13 - 20:40

Kotaku has a Doom 4 status “update” that doesn't sound very pretty. It's got lots of unnamed sources saying what's wrong with the game's development. I'd be happier with names but you take what you get. It's just slightly better then rumors (I wouldn't post about that). So, if you're interested in some Doom 4 “news”, give it a read.

Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates

03 04 13 - 04:12

Images galore, and a video! You can check them out by clicking “more”.

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