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Doom 3 Mars City Security Update

29 05 13 - 18:54

Oneofthe8Devils posted an update to his Doom 3 mod, Mars Security, on The MCS project currently has iron sights for weapons. They're also working on improving the netcode using the released BFG GPL code. They need some help in hiring a programmer to get that BFG code in to D3 1.3.1, so if you're interested in donating some money to help pay a programer, you can do that right on their site.


Be sure to click “Read More” to see the youtube video of their progress!

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[LvL Update] Just three, or 5?

29 05 13 - 06:09

A small update at ..::LvL - - Only three downloads
in this update, but one them contains 3 maps. All are worth checking out
but if you are pushed for a single download only, grab "Europa Station"
by Kaustic.

* Europa Station by Kaustic
* Solar - AEon's Edit by AEon
* q3Q1pak1 - q3Death, q3Adler, q3Damned by Insane Kid

Videos and a panorama for all.

There are currently 21 maps on the map queue -
- If you have the skills to write a review, please do. It helps a lot!

UFO: Alien Invasion Monthly Update

27 05 13 - 05:54

It's that time of the month again (hehehe) for the Alien Invasion Update! For April they had a total of 189 commits. Click “read more” for the full update list.

On a semi-related note, they're looking for financial donates for their servers. The servers host their projects, websites, tools, downloads, etc. They host the UFO: Alien Invasion site and OpenXCom. Head over to the UFO site for more details or click this fancy button to donate in US Dollars or for Europeans.

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Left 4 Quake Screeny Updates

27 05 13 - 05:45

More screenshots from the PSP/PC Quake GPL based shooter, Left 4 Quake. Click “read more” to see them in their zombie goodness!

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Doom 3 BFG Code Review

24 05 13 - 19:55

Fabien Sanglard has been busy with id source codes over the past several years. He's broken down and reviews all their GPL releases and now he's done a D3:BFG review. I haven't read it yet but did read several of his previous ones, so give it a go and post some feedback!

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution turns 2 and we get a Present!

24 05 13 - 18:51

For the second anniversary of SS:BR we get an Android version! I don't own an Android device (I'm “stone age”, still have a desktop!) but I thoroughly enjoyed the PC version (also Mac & Linux). This just expands where you can play and who can play! You can buy it at the Google Play store. For the full press release click “Read More”. You can also visit the Steel Storm website, buy the PC/Mac/Linux versions via Steam, Desura and direct from the developers.

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Two new Quake speed maps

21 05 13 - 20:16

One by Digs and one by Scampie. Digs put you in an open space teleporting maze and Scampie put you against a shambler with some small coverage for defense. Give them bother a try and click “Read More” for screenshots! Download here and thanks to Func_Msgboard for the update.

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Doom 3 Realism Pack v2 Update

20 05 13 - 19:10

The Doom 3 Realism Pack released an update, full of realistic goodness! A couple of notable features are limb based damage, ammo pickups represent realistic ammo amounts and the plasma rifle leaves burns on bodies. You can download the mod over at GameBanana, read the thread and comment at Doom3World or click “Read More” to see the youtube video.

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More Left 4 Quake Screenshot Updates

20 05 13 - 19:08

They're still hard at work remaking the game to a more efficient state and there's screenshots to prove it. Click “read more” to see them!

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Entity Plus for Q3A 1.1.4 Release

14 05 13 - 20:56

Entity Plus is a SP mod for Q3A. It's got lots of single player entities all setup for you to use and works off the base Q3A bot AI. For the entire changelog of 1.1.4, click “Read More”. You can download it directly from the Google Project site (along with two finished maps) and you can download his beta map too.


Thanks Func_Msgboard.

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Brutal Doom Fan art

13 05 13 - 09:02

Here's a Brutal Doom Fan Art posted on  I'm slowly working on bringing in a Pic of the Day/Week/Whatever feature, but until then you'll just have to click "more" to see it.

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The Left 4 Quake updates keep coming!

13 05 13 - 09:00

I couldn't post this yesterday because of internet issues, but the Left for Quake team is showing how fast they're re-implementing older features. Click “more” for screens and a video!

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New Q1SP: Midnight Stalker

11 05 13 - 19:11

Time for a new Quake map. Inspired by E3M6 and including some new models, it's Quake gameplay for all!

Download here and if you want there's a special GL version here.

Thanks Func_Msgboard.

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Left 4 Quake's hitting the Reset Button

11 05 13 - 18:56

That's right, L4Q is starting over from scratch... in the code department! The team says that they've learned so much that the most efficient thing to do is rewrite the QuakeC game code from scratch. Their previous code wouldn't even load on a PSP any more (the aimed system for release). It will also give the artists time to catch up.

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Time to get your Q2 Chaos on!

03 05 13 - 20:39

Hello Quakers!

Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP #

We're planning on a 2-day Chaotic event starting this Sat. May 4th & Sun. May 5th @ 6:00pm PST.

Come join the weekend fun!
Hope to see YOU there!




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