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Doom 3 BFG Tech Notes

31 08 13 - 11:28

Jan Paul Van Waveren (id Software) shares his technical notes about Doom III BFG over at Fabien Sanglard's website. At the bottom of the page is a list of D3 technical publications.

Thanks to Tr3B over at Doom3World for the heads up!

Quake 3 Trickjump Movie: Final Torture

27 08 13 - 08:31

Movie maker xajA shows a Trickjump run of Shio. This was preceded by a 27 hour marathon. More info and filedownload via ESR.

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Quaketastic/Shub-Hub Looking for a new home

21 08 13 - 20:07

Willem, the one behind those Quake sites, has decided it's time for him to call it quits. He doesn't have the time any more to deal with the spam and what not. So, if you're a dedicated Quake fan and have the time, contact him and let him know you'd be willing to take it off his hands and give it a good home.

UFO: Alien Invasion Need You

21 08 13 - 14:18

The team wants some Linux assistance. They're working on having their game an official Debian release and a member of the Debian Games Team wants users to test some install packages for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint. Head over to this thread on the UFO:AI forums for more details.


They also have some map shots of reworked village maps. Click “read more” to see them.

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Steel Storm DLC Progress Report

20 08 13 - 20:30

You can tell school is fast approaching when “progress” and “report” are in the same sentence. This isn't school though, so it's a good thing. Steel Storm, the top/down Darkplaces based shooter, has some DLC in the works. Motorosep, the main developer behind the game and DLC, has a video showing off some new features. You can watch the video by clicking “Read More” and comment on it over at

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Left 4 Quake Video Update

18 08 13 - 12:43

Finally, some more news on this awesome looking PSP/PC zombie shooter!


A video has been posted showing off some features of the new engine+build. Achievements, several weapons, rotating doors, blood wall splatter are all for show. Click “Read More” to watch the video. You can see many more screens over on their site and you can peruse their forums too.

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Quakelive Fragmovie: Memorial 3

17 08 13 - 04:26

Movie maker dksl shows Pro Duel. Featured are the last years of dueling events, Online and LAN. The movie contains real life scenes of players, audiences and shoutcasters. (ESReality)

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Doom One Update

16 08 13 - 04:13

First off, what is Doom One (I asked myself the same thing)? It's a remake of the original Doom episode, all in one single action packed continuous map! Sweet! So this update shows that 4 levels are linked together like a single level. Bugs are popping up, being squashed and episode 2 is in beta!


You can see progress videos by clicking “Read More”, read the whole news over at and give the demo and update a try.

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DirectorGoss showing off new short Q3A film: Frozen

15 08 13 - 20:05

DirectorGoss, the man behind several popular Quake/Doom short films (including the Arena's series) has a new short called “Frozen”. It's a fly though of a Q3A match, frozen in time. Not to long, but very neat to look at. Click “Read More” to watch the video. You can view all the videos on the Youtube site, keep up to day on the Facebook page or get more video info on the Tritin Films website.

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New Prometheus Doom 3 Mod Shots

09 08 13 - 19:27

Hey, this came out of left field, new screenshots from new work on Prometheus Doom 3! When asked if the other release was final, bladeghost said that it was “released as a 'playable state'”. So that means more work from this veteran Doom 3 modder. Awesome! Click “Read More” to see the new screenshots!

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Brutal Doom is... not out yet

09 08 13 - 19:24

Due to some big bugs the release has been delayed from today to (hopefully) another day this month. The creator is expecting this to be the last release for a while so he wants it in as good as shape as possible. So keep those peepers pealed for the release of Brutal Doom!

SCOURGE looking for help

07 08 13 - 19:54

SCOURGE is a commercial, independent, Quake 2 powered psychological thriller, and these guys are asking for help. They're looking for mappers and some coordinators (managers?) to help get the game moving along faster. So, if you're in to Quake 2 mapping and like the “classic” look of games like Quake, Quake 2, Sin, etc. these guys really want YOU! Check out their webpage and/or Facebook page for more info and to contact them.

John Carmack done at id?

07 08 13 - 19:10

It seems questionable, but Bethesda confirmed that John spending time with the Oculus VR folks. How much time, not sure, different articles seem to say different things. His twitter account said he's spending more time with Oculus vs id, Eurogamer is reporting he's left id, Bethesda said his job at id is unaffected.

Either way, he's still doing game related work and this could be a great thing. He's been with id since the start and perhaps he's getting ready to move on. Who knows, he's still young!

Thanks to the thread on Doom3World for talking about this.

UFO: Alien Invasion Monthly Update

07 08 13 - 19:09

The Quake 2 GPL powered game has their monthly update, this one covering July. You can read it over at their website, The “big” stand out for me is an updated Blender MD2 importer!

Quake News Overload

05 08 13 - 13:52

QuakeCon's over and there's a bunch of classic Quake news now! Hey, go figure!


*Func_Msgboard has info on a fixed-up map called “Beyond Belief”. Started in 2008 but stopped soon after the initial beta release, it's been finished by negke. It can be run in stock Quake or with the original Beyond Belief mod by Matthias Worch.


*Remember how the Quake mod “In the Shadows” was done? Well, it's not done. It was decided to keep development going on the side, so now we're getting updates! Over at we've got some explaining about how the new monsters are improved, new map designs and talk about the stealth system. Head over to to read the whole thing!


* also has a great article written by numbersix about the advancement of Quake since it's initial release. Give it a read!

QuakeCon is Upon Us!

01 08 13 - 18:47

I'm not there and there are dozens of sites (and QuakeCon's site) that are posting pictures, news info, updates, etc. I don't really want to duplicate stuff that, odds are, you've already seen. I DO have some neat stuff to tell you though, in case you missed it.


First off, there's a special Steam sale. 25% off of Bethesda and id's game catalog. Not bad.


Second, I receive this neat PDF file full of stats of QuakeCon. For example, did you know that at QC 2012 there were about 10,000 attendees and 2,800 BYOC'ers? Read the PDF for all the neat info!


If you're at QuakeCon, be sure to enjoy it!



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