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Happy Brutal Day!

31 10 13 - 05:43

It's the Thirty First and we have a new release of Brutal Doom! If you don't know what Brutal Doom is, it's an over-the-top weapon/gore/sound enhancement for Doom 1/2/Final/Ultimate. Check out the trailers for some awesome video of it in action.  You need GZ or Zdoom (or something based of them) to run it. For more info on how to install, check out the FAQ.

If you want to watch some awesome trailers, click “Read More”. You can download it from while you're watching too. Want the soundtrack too? That's for download. A pack of mutators? He's got that covered too! It's like a modern game's DLC & bonus features, all at once, for FREE!


UPDATE: Can't belive it, in the time I went to post this there's some more stuff for you do download and enjoy!  You can also get Brutal Doom Lite, the mod but compatible with some other mods (you do loose some features though), and you can get the DoomNukem BrutalDoom Pack that reaplces some of the weapons.  Awesome!

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Q3 Duel VOD: Polosatiy vs Lakerman - commentary by Polo

30 10 13 - 13:00

The known russian player Polo shows an old match in this VOD, with him and his new commentary. The duelmatch is from CPL Cologne tournament in 2000. His opponent was the swede Lakerman. The video has been great for many reasons. In it Polo explains the background and the time very well, tactical descisions, and last but not least he does a funny commentary (esreality).

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Quake 2 SP Unit/mini-mod: Slight Mechanical Destruction

29 10 13 - 19:04

A new Quake 2 Unit (a set of levels) is out! I haven't seen one of these in a long while. It's six levels, a custom dll (windows only it looks like). Takes place before Quake 2 takes place. For all the pretty pictures click “Read More” and download here! Thanks to Func_Msgboard for the headsup.

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Patch for Doom 3 Prometheus Mod

29 10 13 - 05:27

A patch for this famous Doom 3 mod has been released. It's a single player only patch that fixes some bugs that were discovered in the missions. For details on how to install the patch be sure to read the description on  Download here.

We've also been provided with some new screenshots. Click “Read More” to view them.

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Quake Source Tutorial: .touch()

29 10 13 - 05:22

numbersix on has posted a totorial on how to use the new .touch() function he wrote for Quake. If the name sounds familiar it's because he's done other Quake code tutorials in the past. To read the tutorial head over to and be sure to check out his other tutorials.

Steel Storm: Forgotten Prison DLC Review

26 10 13 - 07:00

I've got my review of Steel Storm: Forgotten Prison DLC right here!  Click "Read More"!

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New Q1 SP Quoth Map: “Mainframe Mayhem”

23 10 13 - 05:29

Func_Msgboard reports there's a new Quake SP map based on the free Quoth expansion. To check it out you can download it at Quaketastic, leave comments over at Func_Msgboard and see screens by clicking “Read More”!

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[LvL Update] More maps!

16 10 13 - 18:48

Another update for ..::LvL - - These four maps
span almost the full spectrum of map quality.

* cu3dm1a by cuirass
* The Courtyard (V2) by Martinus
* Railgun Arena by Arcan
* Cloister of Unnamed Colony by Rust7

Videos and a panorama for all.

Huge thanks to Vihar and CZghost for taking the time to write the

Exciting view of Quadrilateral Cowboy development!

15 10 13 - 06:14

Blendo Games has been doing some live(?) feed of Quadrilateral Cowboy development! If you've always wanted to see the excitement that goes in to making a game, here's your chance! Get to see:

  • typing
  • testing
  • mapping
  • modeling

I'm being sarcastic here, that stuff really isn't exciting, but it if worth seeing how much tediousness, hard work and persistance goes in to games. Most gamers think it's a glorious job filled with amazinness. Now, just imagine a huge studio with hundreds of people doing this on a daily basis!

Click “Read More” to watch the youtube videos. You can find a little more info about Quadrilateral Cowboy on it's website (or twitter or facebook) and in the interview a couple weeks ago right here on EarthQuake.

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Quadrilateral Cowboy Indiecade 2013 Trailer

08 10 13 - 19:20

The Doom 3 GPL powered game Quadrilateral Cowboy by Blendo Games (whom I interviewed last week) posted a new trailer from Indiecade. According to the trailer, the game is about CPUs, acoustic couplers, power saws, multilinear subspace coprocessors, worka holism, instant Ramen (never ate the stuff myself), cute robots, hacking, syntax, and a lot of typing. Looks pretty cool! Check out the trailer by clicking “Read More”.

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The Dark Mod is no longer a Mod!

08 10 13 - 18:40

That's right kiddies, the famed “The Dark Mod” is now 100% standalone from Doom 3! What does this mean? You don't need Doom 3 any more to play it. How do you get this awesome standalone indie Doom 3 GPL based stealth game? It looks like you use their updater to download the latest version. I'm not 100% sure if you can just update your Doom 3 install so you don't have to redownload everything again, keep an eye on the Doom3World thread about it.


If you don't know, The Dark Mod is a Thief-like mod/game based on the Doom 3 engine. If you're a fan of Thief you'll like this. Click “Read More” to see the whole press release.

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Blendo Games Interview: Brendon Chung

03 10 13 - 20:00

Hey, I got a chance to interview Brendon Chung of Blendo Games.  He's the one behind the Quake 2 GPL powered Gravity Bone, it's sequel Thirty Flights of Loving, a new Doom 3 GPL powered game Quadrilateral Cowboy and several other games.  You can listen to the interview over at, Youtubedownload a mp3 to put right on your iToy/whatever AND, as an added bonus by my beautiful wife, a transcript of the interview so you can read instead of listen! Click "Read More" for the transcript.

r Games Interview - Mod DB

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Brutal Doom on October 31st

03 10 13 - 18:41

Yes, it was delayed from last month, but the awesome trailer he made makes up for that.

Brutal Doom is the Doom 1/2 mod that takes the gore, cranks it up to 10, then ties it to a rocket heading in to deep space. It's something you've got to see if you're a Doom1/2 player. Click “Read More” to watch the trailer.

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Quake 1 SP: The Ivory Tower

01 10 13 - 04:15

Sorry for the lateness, but a new Quake map called “The Ivory Tower” was released. The author says it's a mashed up brush experiments. I haven't tried it yet but is getting good reviews over at Func_Msgboard. Click “Read More” for a screenshot/readme and you can download it here.

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