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Q U A K E C O N 2 0 1 4 !!!!!!!!!

30 01 14 - 08:20

Ok, I didn't NEED to do all those pretty caps-with-spaced stuff, but I just got the QuakeCon 2014 dates in my e-mail! Woohoo!

You can click “Read More” for my entire PR e-mail, but here's the quick & dirty for all you RSS users:

  • Thursday, July 17 – Sunday, July 20, 2014
  • The Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas
  • Special room rate of $159.00 per night when you reference QuakeCon 2014
  • 19th year!
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The Dark Mod 2.01!

29 01 14 - 08:39

Hey, it's time for a patch for.. The Dark Mod! It's just a bug fix patch but that's still welcome. You can read the full update on along with some map updates they're talking about.

The Dark Mod was a mod for Doom 3 but, thanks to the GPL code release, is now a standalone game. It brings the atmosphere and tactics of the Thief franchise to a free, GPL game for everyone. Custom missions are separate so if you're interested check those out too.

Hexen: Edge of Chaos Update

28 01 14 - 21:46

The D3 Hexen mod wanted to let everybody know that even though 2013 wasn't a very great year for the mod, 2014 promises to be better! Maps are coming along well and they've got a new programmer who's jumped in feet first to get things done!

You can read the whole update on

Hexen: Edge of Chaos for Doom 3 is an officially sanctioned mod by id and Raven. It's not a remake, but a new mod for Doom 3 based around the characters and content of the original game. Check out their website for all the details.

Top 5 Reasons for more [Quake 3] Arena Shooters!

25 01 14 - 04:53

We all know we need more GOOD non-CoD style shooters (I do like that kind of shooter along with Quake style), but when someone else says it, it's just more gratifying. Check out ZoomIn Games Top 5 reasons why we need more Arena style shooters!

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Yet Another 3D Adventure Game Release, 1.50

21 01 14 - 07:26

Ya3dag (for short) has another release, 1.50. This is a 3D game for you players and toolkit for you game makers and wanna be game makers out there, based around Quake 2. Click “Read More” for the full changelog. You can download the source code, a Windows and Linux installer too.

More Doom:One Screens

21 01 14 - 07:20

Spiral staircases and crate mazes, yeah! Click “Read More” to see the image and head to to download this awesome mod!

Don't know what Doom:One is? Each episode of the original game is a single map for your anti-demon pleasure. So go give it a try!

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Alien Arena Gen 3 Cyborg

21 01 14 - 07:17

COR is showing off the new and improved Generation 3 Cyborg. Looks pretty sweet! I can't wait to get my hands on these Gen 3 baddies! Click “Read More” to see the pic!

Alien Arena is a free FPS originally built on the Quake 2 engine. It's got deathmatch, capture the flag, vehicles and so much more! Check out their website for all the skinny and downloads!

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Meet The Happy Friar, Live!

14 01 14 - 09:38

Vs dead of course! I'll be at MassiveLan in Hamburg, NY this weekend. I forgot the seat I'm in (A-10?). I'll be bringing my copies of Quake, Quake 2 (YEAH! QPONG LAN!), Q3A, Doom 3 (non-BFG), OpenRA, Rise of the Triad 2013, Battlefield 3 (no expansion packs), AvP 2010, BRINK, Duke Nukem Forever (AWESOME MP! BOTH EXPANSION!), Natural Selection 2, RAGE, Serious Sam 3: BFE, and Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.


Also, to promote the game Phaeton (formerly Steel Storm 2) I'm giving away 100 Steam serial numbers for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution and 100 Steam serial numbers for Steel Storm A.M.M.O.!


So keep your peepers pealed for me!

Doom Reborn Progress

14 01 14 - 07:05

This is an older Doom 3 mod that recreates Doom and Doom 2 in Doom 3. Before this month the last update was in 2006, but it's still making progress! There's some new screens and a new beta version (0.82) you can download. Click “Read More” to see the screenshots! For more information on Doom Reborn check out their website.

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Doom One Shots

14 01 14 - 07:03

Bambamalicious is showing some new shots from Doom One, the Doom mod that makes the episodes single levels. The new shots are of a new Zombie Scientists for the mod and a screen from the map Phobos Anomaly. Click “Read More” to see the images.

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More Alien Arena Graphical Updates

14 01 14 - 06:49

I've got some more Alien Arena graphical updates for you. They're showing off some updated pictures of the Human Commander, the Alien Overlord and the Slashbot.

Alien Arena is a free multiplayer shooter with various gameplay modes and a new game called Tactical Arena in the works that brings strategy to the mix! You can get it from their website.

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Predator Movie Minigun in Doom 3

08 01 14 - 08:01

bladeghost aparently liked the Predator movies so much (who doesn't?) that he remade 'ole Painless, the minigun from the movie, in Doom 3 to replace the stock minigun. Awesome! You can download it at Mediafire.

Mars City Security Update

08 01 14 - 07:52

It's a day or or older, but here it is! Oneofthe8devilz has posted a status update for the mod Mars City Security. MSC is a coop Doom 3 mod (the last in development?) that puts some emphasis on “Next Gen” visuals and, as the name suggests, coop! The big hurdle before the first public release is getting the Doom 3 BFG network code over to the original Doom 3 code, so if you can help, let them know!

Click “Read More” to watch the latest video and read the current list of new features.

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Please pardon my "dust"

07 01 14 - 11:20

I've upgraded to Windows 8 so I'm taking time to set everything up again, so I'll be late with news & the late occationatly.  Mostly because I don't have all the programs I used installed so I need to reinstall them.  Please be patient!

Weekend Update

06 01 14 - 06:17

I've been pretty busy the past couple days so instead of posting what happened over the weekend in several posts, here's your weekend roundup!

  • ..::LvL has some new map reviews for the new year:

  • Alien Arena is showing off a new look for their iconic characters: the aliens. This is “Generation 3”, as they call it. Click here to see a comparison from years ago to now.

  • A project I recently became aware of named “Doom 1 as 1 level, Doom 2 as 1 level” is showing off some progress. It ports Doom 1 to Doom 2's engine then makes the entire game of Doom 1 as level 1 and the entire game of Doom 2 as level 2. Version 2.0 has been released and it's suggested to use the Zandronum engine as Zdoom doesn't work properly.

  • Doom One, the Doom mod that makes entire episodes of Doom (the original) in to single maps (with tweaks & flow changes between “maps” is showing off some new work. Click “Read More” to view.

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