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Fuzzylogicinc has a new Page

30 06 14 - 11:04

Not game related, but up until the weekend if you went to the main site ( it had a page telling you it works.  But it didn't show anything.  :)  So now there's something at!  It's an easy way to get around the Fuzzylogic Solar System.  It makes more sense when you take a look, but that will be the new hub for sites added to the namesake!

There's Games, EarthQuake (this site), id Tech Forums and 48 Hour Films.  

Ok, shameless plug over.  :)

Q4 False Dawn Almost Done

30 06 14 - 10:58

Taking place years after Quake 4, you are called upon once again to kick some Strogg butt! Little Gears is pleased to show off a new section to the mod named “Service Complex”.

Another announcement is coming soon (release maybe?). That would be awesome, there's not much going on in the world of Quake 4!

You can find more about False Dawn on and more info on the team at Little Gears.

Blade Yautja Screenshots Galore

30 06 14 - 10:49

More screens from the D3 AvP inspired mod,  Blade Yautja! Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a different Universe with creatures with advanced technology and superior hunting skills
this mod will be that adventure. The mod will include new weapons new locations new models, new textures ,sounds and enemies to battle through.v

Click “Read More” to see the screens and check out Youtube/ for more info on the mod.

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How to install Doom Reborn

28 06 14 - 11:00

gamehacker wrote up a tutorial on how to install his mod Doom Reborn. It's a step-by-step guide (with pictures) of what to download and where to put it. You can read it over at!

Storm Engine 2 at first glance

18 06 14 - 10:08

Motorsep of KOT posted a video showing off the new functions in the Doom 3 BFG GPL based engine, Storm Engine 2. It's being used for the sequel to Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, now titled Phaeton: Aurora's Journey. It's an 18 minute video so sit back and enjoy watching!

You can find more about Steel Storm and it's sequel over at KOT's site.  As usual, click "Read More" to watch the video.

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Blade Yautja Screenshot Explosion

18 06 14 - 10:02

More screenshots from Bladeghost's Aliens vs Predator inspired lastest creation. Click “Read More” to see them!

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Quake-C Interface Explained

18 06 14 - 09:59

numbersix wrote up an article on how the user interfaces with Quake. He explains how the three UI methods of Quake work: mouse movement, mouse buttons and impulse commands. You can read the article over at and be sure to look up his other Quake tutorials if you're interested in Quake mod coding!

Warsow 1.51 Released

11 06 14 - 10:21

With improvements and bugfixes, the latest version of Warsow (the Quake GPL powered shooter) is out for release. This release features a revamped Padpork character, updated movement mechanics, localization support (with 11 new languages), visual enhancements like FXAA and other updates.

You can download it at or their website. The SDK is available on their website. You can find more screens and information on or

Warsow is set in a futuristic cartoonish world where rocketlauncher-wielding pigs and lasergun-carrying cyberpunks roam the streets. It is a completely free, fast-paced first-person shooter for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, build on the Qfusion engine, based upon the Quake GPL code.

Doom 4 Teaser shown at E3

10 06 14 - 18:15

Thanks to motorsep for letting me know D4 will have something at E3.  A teaser has been released showing (my guess) the Cyber Demon.  With a classic Doom door sound.  Sweet.  That's it though.  I'm hoping it's more like Doom 2 then Doom 3.

Click "Read More" to watch the teaser.  At the end of the teaser it says that QuakeCon will show more, so let's hope it's correct.

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..::LvL Updates: Two Map Packs and a CS Port

09 06 14 - 10:54

Another map pack focused update for ..::LvL

The UMP releases contain a number of maps for Quake 3 CTF, Team Arena and Threewave. The other map in this update is a conversion of cs_italy from Counter-Strike.

* Unofficial Map Pack 1 by Various
* Unofficial Map Pack 2 by Various
* cs_italy for Quake 3 by OXOTHuK

Screenshots for all the maps in the packs, but on a video and panorama for the conversion.

New Doom3 XP SP Map: The Nightmare Burrows

09 06 14 - 10:33

A team effort between Zombie and his wife, it's a map that was an experiment in level design. Him and his wife would have ten seconds to add rooms to a whiteboard. Monsters and weapons were chosen from a random set. A limited texture set was chosen and the map was completed within about 56 hours.

It requires the Doom 3 Expansion to play. You can download it from his site and click “Read More” for screenshots.

Not a bad way for a happy married couple to spend time together, eh? :)

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Update about Steel Storm 2 (now Phaeton)

09 06 14 - 10:26

It's mostly been work on the tech up until now. You can click “Read More” to see the changelog but the really cool one (I think) is that tools are now in the engine (based on Doom3 BFG, not the origional).

You can read more about the game over at the KOT website.

Phaeton is a Doom 3 BFG GPL engine based game, a first person sequel to the original Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.

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Stealth in Brutal Doom v20

07 06 14 - 10:20

For the next version of Brutal Doom Sergeant_Mark_IV is adding a stealth mechanic that lets the AI loose track of you if you're not seen in so many seconds. There's different tracking for different types of monsters and the spider's NEVER loose track of you (following you with their minds!), and the Masterminds even tell other monsters where you are! 

It's optional, you don't need it to play the game, but it does look and sound cool. Click “Read More” to watch the video. Downloaded the latest version of Brutal Doom from (you need GZDoom or Zandronum to run it) and enjoy!

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Blade Yautja Screens Galore!

05 06 14 - 10:56

More screens from the D3 AVP based mod, Blade Yautja, are out. Sweet looking as usual, click “Read More” to view them!

Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a different Universe with creatures with advanced technology and superior hunting skills this mod will be that adventure.

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Another Quoth SP Map

03 06 14 - 18:24

FifthElephant posted on Func_Msgboard about a new map he made based on the Quake Quoth pack named Squad 768. It's a Quake 2 themes map with puzzles in abundance. It's not perfect, it's a speedmap, but it looks pretty fun.

Click “Read More” to see the screen shots. Download it from Quaketastic.

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Thief Contest over and the winner is...

02 06 14 - 15:24

Well, there are two winners. The first category was “Look, I Created a Mod”. That winner is Gelo Fleisher for his The Dark Mod custom mission, “Requim”. The second category was “If I Could Mod, I Would Create...” where you made a video showing what you WANTED. The winners were Joachim Eko Sjoberg and Kevin Stuart Elliott for “The Light House”. Congratulations you guys! Click “Read More” to see screenshots of the mission and watch the video.

Thanks to The Dark Mod team for providing this great platform for gamers to make their own custom missions for!  Also thanks to Eidos Montreal for hosting the contest.

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