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Blender MD5 Import/Export Script for Blender 2.66+

20 06 15 - 11:48

Solarplace (the man behind the Doom 3 mod Arx End of Sun) posted on id Tech Forums about a new MD5 importer/exporter release. This one now supports the import/export of meshes and animations and MD5MESH shader names are now associated with Blender material names so you don't need to manually enter them in the MD5MESH file.

You can download it from Sourceforge.


Perfected Doom 3 Update

17 06 15 - 15:56

VGames posted on an update on his mod, Perfected Doom 3. PD3 attempts to completely overhaul the entire game with new monsters, rebalanced weapons, rebalanced monster stats, better graphics, new gameplay features and much more.

In this update we've got a host of tweaks/ new features like weapon damage, monster exploding upon death, and others. You can view some screens below and read the whole update on No new download yet, but it's on it's way!

Spider Mastermind

Pumpshotgun Melee

BFG Particle Beam

BFG Particle Beam

[LvL Updates] June already?

17 06 15 - 12:23

For me, this year is moving too fast! Another 4 at ..::LvL  If nothing else, grab Endurance by flipout and set aside some time to enjoy it. This is a great release.

* Endurance by flipout


* The Heinous Place by AndehX


* Deck 2k7 by r3x.theCat


* Block by r3x.theCat


Videos for the first 3 and panoramas for all.

Mars City Security Gameplay Footage

17 06 15 - 02:18

We've got Demonwars gameplay and Deathmatch gameplay footage. The Sacred Pixel Studios team has been busy reworking the netcode on Doom 3 to make it handle much better in long distances. These videos are recorded between clients that are ~2000km apart! You can watch them below! Mars City Security is a Doom 3 coop/team/deathmatch addon that adds new visuals to the game. It's not yet released but it's hinted at sometime this year, so keep your eyes peeled!

(MCS) DemonWars Internet Clientside Gameplay - Mod DB
(MCS) Internet DeathMatch GamePlay Trailer - Mod DB


Doom 3 Content Packs: Star Wars and classic Doom

17 06 15 - 02:09

Two Doom 3 content packs are in the works. One is based around the game Star Wars Battlefront and the other is based on the classic, Doom. Both content packs will contain models and maps. Neither are released yet but you can see some work in progress screens over at


Doom (4) Screens 4 U

15 06 15 - 12:17

Enjoy!  Some high res screens & a piece of art for you!  To view in high res right click & open in a new tab/window.








Doom (4) E3 Goodies

15 06 15 - 11:55

Thanks to oneofthe8devils on the id Tech Forums for posting videos from E3. We've got some single player footage, multiplayer footage, a new trailer, and a new map editor that works on any platform (I'm guessing they mean Windows, Xbox & Playstation). You can view the trailer right below & click “Read More” to see the other videos.   

Read More

Brutal Doom v20 is out

06 06 15 - 02:53

It's only the mod, not the promised maps for the Starter Pack, but it's still Brutal doom!

What is Brutal Doom? It's Doom, but the gore and action ramped up! It's one you must see to believe, so watch the trailer and download it!  You can read the changelog by clicking "Read More".

Brutal Doom v20 Official Trailer - Mod DB

Read More


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