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Doom 3 BFG Ultimate

28 08 15 - 02:29

Doom 3 BFG Ultimate is a modification for the Doom 3 BFG Edition with better visuals, high resolution textures, high poly models, new effects and lightning, challanging enemies (they move faster, are more agile and dodge a lot) and modified weapons with more credible ammocount, recoil, firerates, bullet velocity and muzzleflash lightning.


It features:

  • better texture resolutions, higher polycount for models - merged some texture/model packs, see credits
  • better effects by phrozo (improved weapon effect lightning, decals, smoke) - fixed some bugs, added improvements and made them work with BFG
  • improved AI by strelok (monsters move faster, dodge more, react and attack more effective) - made them work with BFG
  • Weapon improvements (semi fire for pistol and shotguns, weaponchange now interrupts reload animation, rebalanced damage, firerates and clipsize for some weapons, dry-fire for kickass minigun when out of ammo - try it ;)
  • workaround to simulate muzzleflash lightning (bullet lightning)
  • reduced the player walking and crouch speed a bit and adjusted the head bob
  • fixed some missing sound bugs from the main game

You can download version 1.0 over a

The id Classics (FINALLY) on!

26 08 15 - 19:27

About time! I've been refusing to buy the older id games on Steam since they were release and now they're finally on Grand Old Games!

Grand Old Games ( sells indie and “old” games from when “we were kids”. From DOS to Win 98 games, most guarantied to work on modern Windows OS's. They even have older Mac and Linux games.

Now on is Doom, Doom 2 + Final, and Quake. Right now there is a bundle of all three.


Doom 3 BFG HiDef 2.2

21 08 15 - 11:07

Patches 2.0 to 2.2. Added particles and decals that come up missing in mods. 2.1 included. More model work increasing polys on the Imps head and a bunch of level characters like Helldoll. Did a bunch of ROE models also. Increase weapon textures to 1024x1024 and double ROE monster textures and detail on ones that needed it. Includes a Autoexe.cfg with Resource priority set to 0, should speed up load times a bit. Unzip into your Doom 3 BFG directory. patches are accumulative, so 2.1 is included.

If you don't have version 2.0, you can download it here. You can get the 2.2 patch here (no longer avaialble) or also download a larger file with the generated folder so you don't need to generate the binary assets yourself.

Doom 3 BFG HiDef adds custom hi quality Doom 3 assets to the BFG edition to improve the look of the game.

EDIT: 2.2 patch has been supersceded by a full download of 2.2 here.  The 2.2 patch with the generated folder is still availble.


IqeBrowser Bugfix

21 08 15 - 10:59

Several days ago IqeBrowser 2.11 was released. Apparently a memory access violation crept in there so a new version was release. If you got the previous one, download 2.12 & replace the old one. 

IqeBrowser is a program to open and modify various 3D model formats for export to the Inter Quake Model format (IQM or IQE). You can see a video if it in action below. 

IqeBrowser V2.12 Teaser - Mod DB

IqeBrowser V2.11   Retarget dialog

Map Jam 6: Fire and Brimstone Released

20 08 15 - 10:48

Map Jam, the Quake mapping get together when anyone and everyone maps out the theme, released their Map Jam 6 map pack. The theme this mapping session was (as the title suggests) Fire and Brimstone. Thirteen mappers participated and released a variety of maps. All single player so you gaming loners (like me) can have a blast!


It's recommended (highly) that you use the Quakespasm engine for this bunch of maps as it's the only engine tested that had no issues running every single one of them.

You can download the map over at Quaketastic and can get the Quakespasm engine over at Sourceforge (note: Sourceforge has been re-working some installers you download from it's site to add extra downloads, if you download the engine and it tries to install something else it has nothing to do with the Quakespasm engine developers).

Leave your comments over at the Func_Msgboard commentents and thanks to Func_Msgboard for providing the news!

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta v1.3

19 08 15 - 10:52

Pre-Beta Version 1.3 is finely released, all though we couldn't get saves sorted for this release like me and Brent hoped, Or add the missing "X" from the Doom font we are using, There is still alot of changes i've been able to get done for this release.

  • 1.3 Features 4 new levels, many fixes\changes to episode 1 and every other level

  • Many new easter eggs

  • Rebalanced Health\Damages of monsters

  • Corrections to monster placements in Episode 1 for "Hurt Me Plenty" difficulty

  • A new sky I created using the original doom sky texture and jdoom texture as a base

And many more, which I can't exactly remember at the moment I'll also add all known issues later when I have more time on my next day off, Also i'll be tiding up the tutorial on both the forum and moddb.

You can view all updates to the mod as soon as they happen thanks to Brent :) here

that way you'll be able to see what to expect in the following releases, This is also are new bug tracker so if you find any problems you can submit an issues that needs resolved.

You can download Pre-Beta v1.3 over at Doom Reborn is a remake of Doom and Doom 2 in to Doom 3. You can read more about the project over at the Doom Reborn website or

Pre-Beta Version 1.3 Load Screen Changes Pre-Beta Version 1.3 Load Screen Changes Unused E1M4 Pre-Beta 1.3 Loading Screen Images Unused E1M4 Pre-Beta 1.3 Loading Screen Images

IqeBrowser 2.11 Out

19 08 15 - 10:36

What is IqeBrowser? IqeBrowser is a program to browse IQE, IQM (Inter-Quake Model format) and many other 3D models. Any 3D model can be saved as IQM (a binary format) or IQE (a text format) file. Some model processing tools are integrated to resize, shift, rotate, reskin ... the model and also to create/ modify skeletons or animations.

IQM/IQE is a format supported in the Darkplace engine (Quake) and Yet Another 3D Adventure Game (Quake 2).

The latest feature is animation re-targeting, so you can take (for example) a walk animation from one character and apply it to another character. You can download the latest version from and be sure to check out the authors project YA3DAG!

IqeBrowser V2.11   Retarget dialog

[LvL Updates] Overdue

08 08 15 - 11:14

Just three releases in this overdue update at ..::LvL - - Be sure to check out Phantazm11's Geotechnic. This map won MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest map competition.

Videos and panoramas for all.






Mars City August 2015 Update

08 08 15 - 11:10

Seems like yesterday we had the July update! This update shows off a remake of Doom's Hanger level, the first level of the map. Watch the video below to see modern shooting in old school locations!

MCS DHC Hangar E1M1

MCS DHC Hangar E1M1

MCS DHC Hangar E1M1

MCS DHC Hangar E1M1

Doom 3 BFG Hi Def v 2.0 and Tutorials

08 08 15 - 10:55

Another version of Doom 3 BFG Hi Def has been released. D3BFG-HD takes many of the non-BFG Doom 3 high quality add ons and makes them D3BFG compatible in a single mod. I don't own D3BFG so I can't check it out but it seems to deliver!

You can get the latest over at You'll need the 2.0 version and then the patch.  Some mods for it have also been added to

The author also wrote some tutorials about RBDoom3bfg, the GPL tweaked D3 BFG engine. There's a “Troubleshooting” and “Modding, What to Know”.

Doom 3 BFG Hi Def version 2.0 Doom 3 BFG Hi Def version 2.0 Doom 3 BFG Hi Def version 2.0
Doom 3 BFG Hidef 2.0 running the TrentPhrozo mod - Mod DB

Now you can Tweet News and be a Twit!

01 08 15 - 15:43

Now a huge announcement, but now there's a button to allow you to be a Twit to post Tweets about the news here directly from the news itself!  Just click the little "Tweet" button up above earth news item.

New Release of the Hallowed Mod for Doom 3

01 08 15 - 15:26

It's a “Beta” release. It's a simple player campaign with different gameplay then stock Doom 3. I liked the first release so I'll download and give this one a shot. When you're playing, e-mail me your screenshots and I'll put them in the rotator on the right.

You can download the latest release from the Hallowed Mod website. There's also a site but it's not updated yet.

Thanks to id tech forums for the info.




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