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HiDef Doom 3 BFG Future Updates

26 09 15 - 11:07

Version 2.4 of High Def Doom 3 BFG will features higher resolution terrain. Terrain isn't used much in Doom 3 except for some outside visuals, but with a “high-def” mod you'd expect to see more detail everywhere, right?

Higher poly terrains coming in Doom 3 BFG Hi Def 2.4

Higher poly terrains coming in Doom 3 BFG Hi Def 2.4

You can currently download version 2.3 patch over at

Pretty Pretty Lights in Perfected Doom 3

26 09 15 - 11:00

Some new media has been added to show off lighting and texture effects for Perfected Doom 3. Light have been added to some monsters for an extra creepy “they're looking for you” effect. You can view them below.

Revenant Shoulder Cannon Lights Sabaoth Shoulder Lamp Cyberdemon Head Light Boney in Hell Cyberdemon with added skin FX

Mars City Security Released!

24 09 15 - 16:30

Mars City Security Version Build Public Release Download

MCS Windows Installer (793 MB)

MCS Windows Installerless (790 MB)



Quick Description:

Taking Doom³ PVE (Coop) and PVP (Deathmatch) multiplayer combat to the next level and beyond...

D3 MCS: Mars City Security is a Doom3 Modification that puts heavy emphasis on cooperative and adversarial multiplayer, merging the fast and addictive gameplay of the predecessors (Doom1 & Doom2) with the enhanced Doom3 technology (optimized netcode, improved idtech4 unified rendering).

The "Campaign" PVE (Coop) gametype lets players play through default & custom created campaign missions with up to 4 players cooperatively. Experience community made custom maps with your friends that tell stories never before experienced in the Doom³ universe...

The "DemonWars" PVE (Coop) gametype throws players right into the epic battle that broke out throughout the entire solar system after Hell has been unleashed. Fight as a human with up to 4 players cooperatively against the hordes of hell trying to make a last stand for mankind.

The PVP (Deathmatch) gametypes let up to 8 players fight it out on a variety of arenas for the ultimate player versus player domination in "team" and "free for all" adversarial multiplayer.

Perfected Doom 3 Pictures

16 09 15 - 10:53

Some images of monster reskins from Perfected Doom 3 for your viewing pleasure.

Maggot in Hell Cherub in Hell Mancubus in Hell Bloody Icon of Sin

Cacodemon in Hell Pinky in Hell

Bloody Revenant

[LvL Updates] Five!

13 09 15 - 00:34

Some good and some experimental maps at ..::LvL - If nothing else grab Hydra by Pat Howard. DustBowl is an interesting release too. 

* Hydra by Pat Howard 


* DustBowl by Johann Slee 


* The Killing Machine by the Shib 


* MiniCtfArena by Diman8369 


* Catch Up by r3x.theCat 


Videos for 3 of the maps and panoramas for all. Amazing how quick the year is moving by now - too quick for me!

Sterlok's Mod Revamp

07 09 15 - 13:38

Making Doom 3 prettier and a little more aimed towards realism. AI has been tweaked, more avoiding in the apparent “intelligent” monsters, HUD modified. You can view an older gameplay video below to get an idea.

Download the mod over at Gamebanana!



Phrozo Mod 2.0

07 09 15 - 13:27

Phrozo Mod 2 is a graphical enhancement mod, and more specifically, a particle enhancement mod that is the successor to Phrozo's GFX mod and has vastly improved new particle effects for Doom 3. All of the weapons, monsters, projectiles, and many more things have entirely new particle effects that are much more detailed and polished than in previous work seen in Phrozo Mod. There are new features and systems like surface type based particle effects ( shooting sand produces a sandy particle effect, shooting metal produces sparks etc. ) inspired by Denton mod, weapon flash lights for all the firing weapons inspired by various other Doom 3 mods, and a moveable FX system inspired by Half-Life 2. Phrozo Mod 2 also includes gameplay changes to make Doom 3 less sluggish and much more fast paced. This mod includes all new assets such as new particle, decal, and skin textures, sound and GUI assets, script, and code.

You can download version 2 at

Build It Yourself With DOOM SnapMap

05 09 15 - 01:32

Bethesda gets in to some more depth on the new Doom SnapMap editor. This is for the new Doom coming out in 2016. The editor will work on all platforms. I'm personally hoping the platforms can also play together!

QuakeCon 2016 Dates

04 09 15 - 01:45

Well that's some planning!  The dates for QuakeCon 2016 are already available and (aparently) you can already reserve your room for ~$170/night.

So start planning on taking your vacation days between Thursday, August 4th to Sunday the 7th in 2016.  Get your room reservations here:


Mars City Security Release Date!

03 09 15 - 11:02

September 27th, put that day on your calendar so you can download Mars City Security! In development for at least a couple years, it features coop, “Demonwars”, which puts players in a “last stand” scenario against demons, Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch.

You can check out the “beta test” thread over at

MCS Release Date Announcement Trailer - Mod DB



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