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Doom Reborn Progress Shots

20 01 16 - 14:25

Game HacKeR's been posting some WIP map shots of his Doom 3 mod Doom Reborn over on No blurbs, just map shots. If you're curious about how some mappers work, here's a chance to check it out.

E2M3 Development E2M3 Development E2M3 Development E2M3 Development E2M3 Development

Doom Reborn's basic goal is to recreate the original Doom and Doom 2 in the idTech4 engine with all the engine eye candy ID Software has provided us with so we can recreate the game for a classic Doom player to remember and enjoy the memories of the classics in a modernized way, but keeping the old Doom spirit well in the game. We hope that you enjoy playing Doom Reborn as much as we have enjoyed making it for you, Have Fun!

Should do a Doom Map Jam?

20 01 16 - 11:51

Simple as that.  They're looking for your opinion.  I'm of the opinion “YES” but there's more then just me out there.  So head over to and let your opinion be known!

E1M8 Release by John Romero

17 01 16 - 21:27

You heard that right. Game HacKeR sent me an e-mail saying John Romero released a new Doom maps to replace E1M8. I haven't gotten to play through yet (because I want to play through the whole campaign vs the single map) but I got a couple screenshots for you. 

You can download it from the DoomReborn site.



If you have a map release you'd like to see posted here, use the "send in news" link on the right.

Codename: DOOM Promo shot

14 01 16 - 11:54

Got in my e-mail last night a shot from the yet un-announced Doom 3 mod “Codename: Doom”. It's showing the Doom 3 Cacodemon vs the mod's Cacodemon. Pretty slick! That's all the info I got so enjoy the picture!


The Level Design of Doom (4)

12 01 16 - 01:55


Saw on twitter today a Game Informer video interview about the level design behind Doom. It's rather short (~3 minutes) but if you're like me and not seeing much so you can go “wow” when the game comes out, it doesn't spoil anything. So, head over to Game Informer and enjoy!

Overdose New Year Updates

04 01 16 - 11:56

It's been a while but Overdose has some news about tools and engine upgrades. I don't want to post all the info here (as it's a lot) but, to sum it up: they've got a new custom Radiant, game code as been added to let the player fire & reload, UI's been updated, completely updated sound system (remember, Q2 came out almost two decades ago!), and a fully scriptable particle & FX system.

You can read all the details over at their page. By the way, they're not going to keep their own domain & webpage any more, they found that almost noone used it so they feel it's not worth the money.

OverDose is a class, team& objective based multiplayer game set on a post apocalyptic Earth, were the Confederate Marine Corps and Marauders battle it out for supremacy over the destroyed cities of a war torn world. Using idTech2 as a base, we are writing our engine from the ground up to take advantage of modern day graphical options and details levels to bring you eye popping class based multiplayer mayhem. This isn’t just war... Its an all out apocalypse!

ODRad Shot 1 OverDose Tiny Update 3 OverDose Tiny Update 2 OverDose Tiny Update 1 OverDose Limbo Menu WIP

OverDose Health/Ammo HUD

Brutal Doom v20b Released

01 01 16 - 15:06


We've got two flavors of Brutal: Vanilla (Mediafire Mirror) and Doom 2 (Mediafire Mirror). The basic package (vanilla) contains just the Brutal Doom content, no engine, extra files, etc. The Doom 2 package is everything you want (including the starter pack!) to play EXCEPT your Doom 2 wad (or FreeDoom Phase 2). 

So, if you're a mod savy Doomer you could get away with just the basic package. Me, I wanted the extra's, so I'm getting the Doom 2 edition. Enjoy! Be sure to mail some pic's in of your Brutal Doom'n action to!



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