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Bethesda wants your Doom crash logs

28 05 16 - 11:36

With the bugs that are happening with Doom, a recent update setup the game so it should create crash logs in the “%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base” folder. They want you to post them at the Bethesda forums here. I already posted one. Maybe they'll get the Dev Mod Bug squashed with this one too!

Quake for OSX

24 05 16 - 11:51

Izhido has spent several months working on a port of Quake for Apple's OSX. He has three targets for his project: OSX 10.11, tvOS 9.1, and iOS 9.3 for iPhone. The iPhone one is specially made for doing 3D VR, with something like Google Cardboard.

There's no execuatables but you can obtain and compile the code yourself. The code is on his github page.

Thanks to Func_Msgboard for the post.

New Q1SP "The Faults Within" For Arcane Dimensions

24 05 16 - 11:46

This map is a remake of Quakes e3m2 "The Vaults of Sin" which doesn't meet the quality standards of the man himself, Sock.

Sock wrote: "'s subpar, definitly not your best work, you should release it standalone, im not going to include it in the next release.."

He is mostly right, as always ;)

You can download it here.  You'll need Arcane Dimensions v1.4 & patch2.

Thank's to Func_Msgboard for the post.

The Arx End of Sun (Beta) is released!

24 05 16 - 11:43

A completely free and standalone game that is now available to download and play. Based on the game Arx Fatalis created by Arkane Studios. Note you do not need to have played the original game to enjoy Arx EOS although we recommend you do as it's a fantastic game!

Arx - End Of Sun - Beta Release

Arx EOS has an original storyline which loosely precedes the events of the original game. including RPG elements, problem solving puzzles, with faster paced melee and projectile weapons and a more forgiving magic casting system.

Arx - End Of Sun - Skeletons

Over 5 years in the making from initial idea to release, a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears have gone into the making of this Doom3 total conversion. Created by a very small team of hardworking volunteers, everyone has worked for free in their limited amounts of spare time, often sacrificing other activities or taking time off real work to work on this game.

Arx - End Of Sun - Abandoned Mine Camp

Present Contributors:

  • Russell (Solarsplace) Taylor: Project founder, management, design, programming, scripting, mapping
  • Ron Goode (Mr.Rocket): Vocal artist, sound effects, music composer, texture artist (2d and 3d), mapping
  • Garth (Zombie) Hendy: Mapping, models static & animated, textures, particles, design, project management
  • DoomTrinity: Programming, scripting, animated models.
  • Nemyax: Models static & animated

Past Contributors:

  • Raider: Textures, animated models
  • Neurological: Music artist, GUI design, texture artist, models static & animated
  • Tox: Mapping, models static & animated, textures
  • Adam Spade: Music composer, sound effects artist
  • Andrew Garasiyka: Some in game readable items

Over 5 years later we have...

  • 1000’s of lines of new C++ and DoomScript code.
  • Nearly 2.5 thousand new textures.
  • About 1000 new models, static and animated.
  • All commercial assets removed and recreated / replaced.
  • A fully standalone game that bears almost no resemblance to its Doom 3 past life.
  • A long main quest spanning all 16 of the released levels.
  • A treasure hunt side quest.
  • Over 10 new monster types to fight against including: Goblins, Zombies, Poisonous Spiders, Rats, Demons, Snakes, Trolls, Cave Piranha, Reanimated Skeletons, Ylside Predecessors… There might even be a boss?

A unique feature to the Arx EOS id Tech 4 code enables the player to revisit the levels as many times as needed to complete the game. Items collected / dropped, quests completed and monsters dispatched retain their state across the levels each visit.

There are often several ways to complete sections of the game and you do not have to complete much of it in any particular order. You are quite free to explore the game world as you see fit.

Arx - End Of Sun - Spider Caves

The public beta has undergone several rounds of play testing and critical bug fixes before being released to the public and we have tested the game to be beatable from start to finish, however it is still possible that other issues remain, so please report game breaking issues to us so we can address them. We are currently not looking to address minor or superficial issues at this time.

Arx End of Sun - Beta Release

The release is currently available for Windows in English language.

We hope you enjoy playing the game!

Hallowed Mod 2.3 Beta is Out

24 05 16 - 11:35

Now 5 levels of combat fun! A perfect thing to play while the new Doom is frustrating you with corrupted saves (and Doom 3 is guarantied to not put you in Developer Mode w/o you wanting it to!)

ruins2 ruins

I haven't tried the new release yet, but the previous one was action packed and a lot of fun to play. Give this one a try! You can download it at  You can read constant develpoment updates over at the Hallowed Mod website.

Hallowed Mod 2.3 Beta Teaser - Mod DB

temple valley village

Interview with Prolific Dark Mod Mapper

18 05 16 - 11:34

Modder nbohr1more interviews the Dark Mod mapper Goldwell who's on his fourth The Dark Mod custom mission, Accountant 2: New In Town.

They also show some screens from two other new maps. You can read the interview at

For the Goldwell Article For the Goldwell Article

Scottish Geek your Doom

16 05 16 - 11:38

Youtube channel ScottishGeeks got Doom and is giving it a play through. They've done some other Doom stuff over the years and have some fun play through videos. So, if you're not sure if you should buy this game (I'd say yes, it really is a really good throwback to '93), give it a watch and decide for yourself.

Perfected Doom Updates

13 05 16 - 16:11

VGames posted a list of all the new features that will be in Perfected Doom 3 v7. In fact, the only holdup he says is the Spider Mastermind, which, is my fault because I'm working on that! :) 

You can view the whole (long) list over at, and just for good measure here's a neat screenshot showing off the new Hunter skin:

 Hunters PD3 version 7 reskin for ROE

Greatest Doom Mods of all Time

13 05 16 - 16:02

I can say I don't agree with the list (I'm not up on newer, aka post 2004, D/D2 mods), but TkaZa over at has put together the list of his favorite Doom, Doom 2 & Doom 3 mods of all time

I don't want to spoil the list for you, so go read it! 

Oh I do agree with the Doom 3 list. In fact, there's almost no bad Doom 3 mods out there. :D

Be Back Friday

11 05 16 - 12:37

I'll be back to reporting Doom and Quake news this Friday, Doom launch day.  I was origionally planning on doing a "going to buy/unbox/install" video for fun (never thought I'd even consider doing something that stupid!) but after reading that box preorders only get 9gb of data & have no preload, I'm considering not picking it up or waiting a day or two & seeing how the reviews are.  It's going to take me a day or two to download 45gb of data so I'm not to keen on that.  I even made a twitter post about it & I normally don't complain on Twitter.  :)

Oh, Steam preorders get Wolf: The Old Blood now too, us boxxers get nothing but stupid skins.  I've said this elseware, Duke Nukem Forever could very well still be my "go to" game for mindless explosions & action after Friday.  :/



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