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Qbism of QuakeExpo 2016 Interview

09 08 16 - 22:04

Qbism, the one that managed getting Quake Expo 2016 off the ground, gave me some time for an interview.  We cover his begignings in Quake, Quake Expo, and more! Click the "Read More" button down below for a gander.

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Bethesda wants your Doom crash logs

28 05 16 - 11:36

With the bugs that are happening with Doom, a recent update setup the game so it should create crash logs in the “%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base” folder. They want you to post them at the Bethesda forums here. I already posted one. Maybe they'll get the Dev Mod Bug squashed with this one too!


Look Back at Quake 2 for Xbox 360

05 03 15 - 19:24

John Linneman write an article for Eurogamer about the Quake 2 Bonus DVD included with Quake 4 for the Xbox 360. He talks about the technical advancements of it's time, like a constant 60 frames per second at 1920x1080 progressive resolution.

It's a really good read so head on over and read it! Thanks to Motorsep via Twitter for the link.

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Can it run DOOM? Yes it can!

17 09 14 - 13:40

My brother sent me an e-mail yesterday with a BBC News article about a DOOM port. On a CANON printer! Yes, you can run DOOM a CANON Pixma printer! Who knew? Anyway, he also linked me to a site called “It Runs Doom!”, 100% about running our favorite classic demon shooter, DOOM on nearly anything. It's pretty neat to read and see what people are doing with the “old” game.

Is DOOM the most ported game ever? Not sure, I'm wondering if PacMan or Super Mario Bros could take that crown, but it very well could be!

Top 10 Things you're doing while Doom3World is Down

05 03 14 - 12:15

Not sure about you, but I like Doom 3 modding.  More so then Quake 2 modding.  I find both enjoyable but Doom 3 made modding soooooooooo much more user friendly then the previous id games, I can't stop tinkering.

A couple weeks ago went down.  It still not back up.  So.... here's the Top 10 Things You're Doing While Doom3World is Down!  (Click Read More)

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Doom:One 0.4 Release

22 12 13 - 20:04

The 0.4 release brings us the new episode presented in the Doom retail release, Ultimate Doom. Now, you can play 'Thy Flesh Consumed' as a single map! Awesome!

Doom:One is a mod that combines every level in the Doom episodes in to a single level. So, instead of E1M2, M2, M3, etc. it's just Episode 1, and you play straight through.

You can get the latest version over at (regular and lite versions) and click “Read More” to check out some screens and watch some videos!

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Wired Interviews Carmack for Doom 20th Anniversary and IGN plays Doom with Romero

11 12 13 - 20:04

I didn't even realize it was the 20th anniversary. Thanks to TheUnbeholden on for pointing these out. There's a good interview over at Wired with Carmack. It's almost all about the original Doom and is a very good read.

The video from IGN is a recorded game of Doom with Romero and chats it up with some IGN staffers. Click “Read More” to watch the video. Happy 20th anniversary DooM!

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Blendo Games Interview: Brendon Chung

03 10 13 - 20:00

Hey, I got a chance to interview Brendon Chung of Blendo Games.  He's the one behind the Quake 2 GPL powered Gravity Bone, it's sequel Thirty Flights of Loving, a new Doom 3 GPL powered game Quadrilateral Cowboy and several other games.  You can listen to the interview over at, Youtubedownload a mp3 to put right on your iToy/whatever AND, as an added bonus by my beautiful wife, a transcript of the interview so you can read instead of listen! Click "Read More" for the transcript.

r Games Interview - Mod DB

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