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QuakeCon 2015 Dates Announced!

26 09 14 - 11:11

Wow, talk about an early warning, we've already got the 2015 dates set! If you were planning on going, make sure to set aside July 23rd to 26th of 2015 aside for your fragging pleasure! It's still at the Hilton Anatole and you can reserve room now for $164 a night.

For more info check out the QuakeCon site, Twitter or Facebook. If you want to be a sponsor, e-mail the sponsor contact. There's even a promo video up, click “Read More” to see it!

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Doom and Doom 2 as... shaders?

12 09 14 - 11:02

I guess I now know what a procedural shader is, and it is impressive (when it's Doom related). Found this in my Twitter feed this morning, retweeted by John Carmack. It's the start of Doom's E1M1 in an interactive shader. Don't worry if it looks like it froze your browser, it takes some time to load up.

Anyway check out the interactive Doom one here and look at the Doom 2 one here.

Brutal Doom's Drippy Blood

02 09 14 - 11:05

On v19 the dripping blood always looked the same and had an annoying sound. Now the blood will drip in different amounts depending of how much blood has hit the ceiling, and with much better new sounds.

Neat, no? Click “Read More” to watch the video.

What is Brutal Doom? It's ups everything in Doom/Doom 2 by a factor of 100 and leaves you screaming for more! Brütal Doom will make the good an old Doom have a new and fresh look. It will give you a reason to play all the Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom levels again. This mod also works with almost every megawad and map pack around. Take a breath, and prepare to RIP AND TEAR HUGE GUTS!!!!!

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How I Fell in love with QuakeCon

23 08 14 - 10:56

Tim Edwards over at PCGamesN wrote up an article of, well, how he fell in love with QuakeCon.

If you've ever wanted to know some of the things the visitors love about that event but never went, give it a read!

QuakeCon Steam Sale

18 07 14 - 10:32

This week is a Quakecon Steam sale! Dishonored, it's DLC's, Doom 3 BFG, Doom 2, Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics, Final Doom, Master Levels for Doom 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, it's DLC's, Ultimate Doom and Wolfenstein: The New Order are $100 together. You can also get them separately.

Today will also have a special of Dishonored & it's DLC for 50-75% off, Friday Wolf & Doom 50-75% off, Saturday all the Fallouts 50-75% off & Sunday all the Elder Scrolls for 50-75% off.

No Quake, sorry Quake fans.

Gamestop, Amazon and GameFly are also having sales for QuakeCon.

QuakeCon Media Updates

18 07 14 - 10:22

QakeCon's out and about so that means videos and images are starting to emerge! Quakecon's official Youtube page is adding videos daily now and their Flicker page has a ton of images from Day 1. Be sure to check those out!

Stealth in Brutal Doom v20

07 06 14 - 10:20

For the next version of Brutal Doom Sergeant_Mark_IV is adding a stealth mechanic that lets the AI loose track of you if you're not seen in so many seconds. There's different tracking for different types of monsters and the spider's NEVER loose track of you (following you with their minds!), and the Masterminds even tell other monsters where you are! 

It's optional, you don't need it to play the game, but it does look and sound cool. Click “Read More” to watch the video. Downloaded the latest version of Brutal Doom from (you need GZDoom or Zandronum to run it) and enjoy!

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The Space Pirate Neo version 0.1.2a Alpha

26 05 14 - 12:57

This is a new release for The Space Pirate that updates the Zandronum version to be near identical to the G/ZDoom version. You can download it over at 

The Space Pirate (Youtube site) is a new gameplay modification for (G)ZDoom that takes Doom to new heights! Featuring bladed boomerangs, ridiculously cool melee combat, crossbows, and much more! The Space Pirate Neo is the Zandronum version which features new weapons, characters, and exclusives catered to online deathmatch and cooperative play.



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