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The 24th Day of Christmas

24 12 13 - 14:59

The final day of Quaddicted's advent calender is brought to us by Spirit. He's showing off the Quake engine reQuim by jdhack. It's for Windows and Linux, tab-completion in the console, map/demo browser, demo playback controls (forward/back/fast-forward & back), video capture support and a whole bunch more. It's not a pretty-me-up engine but it is sounding pretty nice to me!

You can check it out here and please be aware, it is a beta, so there's even a place for you to file your issues.

Merry Christmas!

The 23rd Day of Christmas

24 12 13 - 05:12

Dr. Shadowborg talks about an old Quake mod named “Hellsmash”. It's got Frikbot included for some soloing DM, enhanced monsters, weapons new items and a new DM & start map. It's also apparently PSP compatible. Cool. Download it here!

The 21st and 22nd days of Christmas

22 12 13 - 19:55

On the 21st LordHavoc reminisces about the Quake mod The Seal of Nehahra (and provides links for you to get it). On the 22nd ericw gives a review of the map that most sticks out in his memory from yesteryear, The Middle Evil by Jean-Marc Gruninger.

The 20th Day of Quake

20 12 13 - 21:36

Is some pretty sweet looking fan art. Quakis intended to make a Quake comic but instead did a more detailed fan art image of the Quake guy taking on a charging Death Knight. Check it out at Quaddicted now!

The 19th Day of Quake

19 12 13 - 20:56

sock (Quake map developer) talks about one of the most original things Quake brought us: the third dimension. Players don't think about it today, but before Quake, first person shooters didn't do full 3D, they did a 2D with things having different heights, but still designed in 2D. Quake (Decent wasn't a FPS but was fully 3D & 6DOF) changed all that.

He's also pimping his new map which emphasizes the up/down directions that most modern games don't use that much, so give that a try too! All of this is available over at Quaddicted!

Speedmap Pack 173

19 12 13 - 05:18

The theme was “Quake the way id did it”. That means you use the style, enemy placement, etc. id would of for their maps. Head to Func_Msgboard to leave comments and download them here.

The 18th Day of Quake

19 12 13 - 05:15

Supa reminisces about an AvP style mod called LTH's Fiend Hunted. The idea is simple: some players marines, some fiends, and you kill each other. That's it. Back in Quake days, not only was that unique, it was original (the first AvP computer game was released in 1999). It doesn't work with modern Quake ports so you should use the included WinQuake engine. The instructions on getting and running this are over at Quaddicted.

The 17th Day of Quake

17 12 13 - 12:35

Today we have something for your cell phone: a Quake TV phone compatible viewer! Awesome! Gone are the days where you need to download a demo or be at someone's place to watch a match, now you can stream to your Android device! (Not sure about other phone OS's, I don't own any so I'm still in 1996 when it comes to this stuff. :p ).

Thanks Mushi for pointing this out today. It's a pretty neat idea, but I'd expect a lot of bosses/spouses to not be to pleased... So enjoy at your own risk!



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