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The 16th Day of Quake

16 12 13 - 19:24

Quaddicted & efess give us a Quake server stats tool. It's located at  It updates in real time (neat) and includes a lot of neat Quake stats. You can click on a server to get more specific information on the server. efess wrote it himself as part of a self teaching lesson in javascript.

So go there and enjoy all the stats and hop on a server to play!

The 15th Day of Quake

15 12 13 - 15:54

Is Quake DM. Plain, straight, fragging action. Quake is my second favorite DM games to Quake 2 (Doom is my third and DNF is my fourth). Scar3crow wrote about his love for Quake DM on Quaddicted's Advent Calender. The server he's suggesting for your Christmas fragging is Monster's server. It's not a PURE Quake DM server, it's gone some tweaks and it uses the Darkplaces server. So grab a copy of Darkplaces and in the console type connect Enjoy!

The 13th and 14th Days of Christmas

14 12 13 - 18:35

Sorry about that, I've been delivering mail the past couple days and it's more like ice cream on the roads then roads. Makes ya hungry for some Oreo Cookie ice cream though.

Ok, for the 13th day of Christmas, Quaddicted gives us bots. Coffee's bot to be exact. It's an old PlanetQuake site archived on Quaddicted, so you can still read the tutorials too! Coffee not only provided tutorials and a bot for Quake fans, in 2003 he also provided bots for the one and only Team Fortress (for Quake if you think Valve made it first).

On the 14th day of Christmas we have Lunkin's Journey by ajay. negke gives praise for this mod, and so do I (I reviewed it back in 2006 for PlanetQuake). It's a third person platformer/adventure game.  Give this one a whirl.

The 12th Day of Quake

12 12 13 - 12:27

Brings us appreciation for the sound effects you're hearing while playing Quake. Johnny Law wants to help everyone appreciate them by supplying a utility that you put your pak files in to and outputs finely tuned sounds for your I or Android toy. Enjoy!

The 11th Day of Quake

11 12 13 - 12:12

Today is Up day. The day you say “Hey, Quake maps were pretty cool and more original then modern map designs, especially maps that go up!” Over at Quaddicted, Tronyn talks about the uniqueness of Quake's vertical gameplay, something that is lacking in many games that aim towards realism (which many do). Go give the article a read and also enjoy some of the vertical unchallenged maps he linked to in the article.

The 10th Day of Quake

10 12 13 - 21:09

Is DOS day! Neozeed & [HCI]Mara'akate from Quaddicted's Quake Advent Calander has provided us with a new Quake client to look at called QDOS. It runs on DOS. That thing most of you don't remember, after BASIC and for IBM PC's, clones & compatibles (the term IBM Copmatible used to mean something!).

Man, talk about flashbacks. I liked DOS when it was out (liked OS/2 better!) but I'm glad the days of bootable floppies with special settings just to a play game, before mice and sound cards were common and a 200mb hard drive was HUGE (almost unheard of) are gone.

So go for a blast to the past, find yourself a DOS boot disc to install on a USB drive and get your 1996 Quake on!

The 9th Day of Quake

09 12 13 - 12:01

ijed gives us some Quake fan fiction over at Quaddicted. Here's a snippet:

The individuals that made up the group couldn't even be called as such. They were grown in vats, more than half their brains being composed of circuitry. They communicated by short wave radio, but not with anything as primitive as speech. Instead it seemed to be directly by thought. So far human technology was yet to properly crack open either telepathy or cloning. Interesting stuff indeed.

It's a short read so there's no reason to head over to Quaddicted and read the whole thing!

The 8th Day of Quake

08 12 13 - 14:40

Today Quaddicted talks about when men were real men, women were real men, and modders were real modders and spent their time not only modding but learning how Quake works not just to know, but to design their own tools, maps and mods! Preach talks about a time when you'd use a text editor to work on maps and when someone named Nezu wrote “papers” on how the game works based on the tech demo. He even has a special save file for you. Enjoy!



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