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[LvL Updates] Overdue

08 08 15 - 11:14

Just three releases in this overdue update at ..::LvL - - Be sure to check out Phantazm11's Geotechnic. This map won MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest map competition.

Videos and panoramas for all.


Jackhammer 1.1.700 Public Beta

24 07 15 - 02:18

Jackhammer is an id Tech 2/3 engine map editor. It currently supports Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Half Life, and Gunman Chronicles. The latest version includes several near features including: loading models and sprites from pak/pk3 files and reloading a model from disk without reloading the editor. Click Read More to see the whole changelog.

It comes in Windows and Linux flavors, 32/64bit. You can download it from the Jackhammer website.

Thank's Func_Msgboard for the heads up.

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Get all your Quakecon info HERE

23 07 15 - 21:41

Ha, I bet you thought I'd say THIS site. You're wrong. I'm to busy to keep track of everything and I'm not there, so be sure to check out the Quakecon website & Bethesda's Blog. Lots of good info there, such as QuakeCon Steam sales and info for those who pre-ordered Wolfenstien: The New Order & the Doom Beta.

[LvL Updates] June already?

17 06 15 - 12:23

For me, this year is moving too fast! Another 4 at ..::LvL  If nothing else, grab Endurance by flipout and set aside some time to enjoy it. This is a great release.

* Endurance by flipout

* The Heinous Place by AndehX

* Deck 2k7 by r3x.theCat

* Block by r3x.theCat

Videos for the first 3 and panoramas for all.

[LvL Updates] The month of May

16 05 15 - 19:00

5 more releases have just been added to ..::LvL -  A few great maps in this update. If you are short of time, be sure to make some for both "Goldleaf" and "Kora".

* Goldleaf by Pat Howard
* Kora by Rota
* Cosmic Cathedral by BLOOD
* q3sg1a, q3sg1b, q3sg1c by Camel-XP
* No One by r3x.theCat

Panoramas for all, videos for the first 4.

If you have an Android device, grab the ..::LvL App from:

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[LvL Updates] Four for April

16 04 15 - 18:30

Just four more maps for April at ..::LvL -  I think the Quake 2 conversion are over (for now) with this update :] 

* Bloodrust by Scummy
* Carnage grounds by *ZeRo*
* The Double Edge 1 by V1979
* Tokay's Towers by V1979

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, Linux is very cool. My PC died about a week ago (CPU or Motherboard failed, not sure which one). I purchased new parts, plugged in the drives and everything was back.

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Multiplayer Level Design Tutorial by Spirit

28 03 15 - 14:55

Prolific mapper Spirit wrote up a tutorial on map design. Even thought he uses Quake games as examples it applies to all multiplayer games. You can read it all over at his website.  

Prolific mapper Spirit wrote up a tutorial on map design. Even thought he uses Quake games as examples it applies to all multiplayer games. You can read it all over at his website.

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[LvL Updates] Mostly Re-mixed

15 03 15 - 21:14

Four release, 7 maps added to ..::LvL -  Most are re-mixed levels with varying degrees of success.

* Agony CTF by sst13
* blooddm2 by BLOOD
* Space Vortex by V1979
* The Deepest Void by V1979

Videos for 3 of the releases and panoramas for all.

In other news, there is now a new "screen shot" viewer. I'm also working on a new process to help speed up release times.


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