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John Carmack Left id Software, officially

22 11 13 - 19:53

Well, it was theorized he was leaving id months ago, but now it appears true. IGN quotes Tim Willits as saying John's leaving won't effect any current projects as his work was done on all of them. He's been with id since the beginning so all I can say is best wishes!


Thanks to Sikkpin @ Doom3World for posting about this.

[LvL Update] More maps!

16 10 13 - 18:48

Another update for ..::LvL - - These four maps
span almost the full spectrum of map quality.

* cu3dm1a by cuirass
* The Courtyard (V2) by Martinus
* Railgun Arena by Arcan
* Cloister of Unnamed Colony by Rust7

Videos and a panorama for all.

Huge thanks to Vihar and CZghost for taking the time to write the

Three News Maps at ..::LvL

04 09 13 - 19:27

Three new map reviews are up with screens, 360 panaromic views and teaser videos!

Scummymap by Scummy
The Ancient Place by Kaustic
My Real Home ++ Super Edition by Rust7

Be sure to get all your favorite Q3A maps over at ..::LvL!

DirectorGoss showing off new short Q3A film: Frozen

15 08 13 - 20:05

DirectorGoss, the man behind several popular Quake/Doom short films (including the Arena's series) has a new short called “Frozen”. It's a fly though of a Q3A match, frozen in time. Not to long, but very neat to look at. Click “Read More” to watch the video. You can view all the videos on the Youtube site, keep up to day on the Facebook page or get more video info on the Tritin Films website.

Read More

New Levels at ..::LvL

13 07 13 - 19:05

Back in the swing at ..::LvL - - Five more releases
have just gone up. They cover: EntityPlus, high quality CTF, a large
Cityscape, vertical tourney action and something that just can not be
placed in a group other than "first release".

* Survival by Eraser
* High Speed Graffiti by fKd
* City 1 by KRAFTWERK2K1
* Shivers by nyoshk
* The Cave of Blood by Rust7

Videos and a panorama for all.

Todd Hollenshead leaves id Software

27 06 13 - 04:19

He's been with id for 17 years, one of the MC's and Faces of QuakeCon, and now he's off to new things. No reason was given. You can read the entire article over at

Thanks Zenix from Doom3World for the tip.

New Q3A EntityPlus Map “Survival"

04 06 13 - 20:35

It's not the kind of SP experience we've been given so far in EntityPlus. This map is more of a “defend against the waves” type of map where you fight against bots. When your five lives are gone, so are you!

You'll need the Q3A mod EntityPlus for this map. You can comment about the map over at Func_Msgboard and download/view screens over at The Engines of Creation.

[LvL Update] Just three, or 5?

29 05 13 - 06:09

A small update at ..::LvL - - Only three downloads
in this update, but one them contains 3 maps. All are worth checking out
but if you are pushed for a single download only, grab "Europa Station"
by Kaustic.

* Europa Station by Kaustic
* Solar - AEon's Edit by AEon
* q3Q1pak1 - q3Death, q3Adler, q3Damned by Insane Kid

Videos and a panorama for all.

There are currently 21 maps on the map queue -
- If you have the skills to write a review, please do. It helps a lot!



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