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Quake 2 Vietnam Tribute Pak

12 09 13 - 19:45

Focalor from Tasty Spleen released a Quake 2 graphics upgrade pak that's a tribute to all those who served in Vietnam. Complete with new high resolution weapon and pickup skins, new sounds, icons, background, console characters... the works!

 You can download this pak from Focalor's site and leave feedback over at Tasty Spleen.  You'll need a better then stock client for this but hey, if you're still playing Quake 2 and reading this, it's safe to assume you know about awesome new clients.

Todd Hollenshead leaves id Software

27 06 13 - 04:19

He's been with id for 17 years, one of the MC's and Faces of QuakeCon, and now he's off to new things. No reason was given. You can read the entire article over at

Thanks Zenix from Doom3World for the tip.

3D Quake 2... On your smart phone!

06 06 13 - 08:25

Who needs one of those expensive 3D headsets when someone coded a copy of Quake 2 to be stereo 3D on their smart phone! Stefan Welker made Q2 support stereo images, rigged up a headset and controller, then was able to play Quake 2 in 3D Neat!

Check out his website for the video of how he did it, including gameplay footage!

Thanks BadBoy for the news.

Time to get your Q2 Chaos on!

03 05 13 - 20:39

Hello Quakers!

Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP #

We're planning on a 2-day Chaotic event starting this Sat. May 4th & Sun. May 5th @ 6:00pm PST.

Come join the weekend fun!
Hope to see YOU there!


Come get your Chaos on Saturday!

29 03 13 - 18:22

Hello Quakers!
Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP #
We have a Chaos game scheduled for Sat. Mar. 30th @ 6:00pm PST and you're invited!

Hope to see you there!

Quake 2 Chaos Match Wednesday

19 03 13 - 20:48

Hello Quakers!
Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP #

We have a Chaos game scheduled for Wed. Mar. 20th @ 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific. and you're invited!
Hope to see you there!


UFO Alien Invasion: Hive Mind Fanfiction

15 03 13 - 19:18

Looks like there's been some fan fiction work for the Quake 2 GPL powered game UFO:Alien Invasion.  Called "Hive Mind", we've got 24 chapters to read through. It's in web (html) format, no e-book. If you in to reading fan fiction be sure to check it out.

Get your official Doom and Quake T-Shirts now!

13 03 13 - 10:13

Bethesda now has official Doom and Quake (their other brands too, but I care about the D&Q's!) T-Shirts for sale. You can get them for $18 in small to extra-extra large (for those extra-extra fans). The Doom shirts have the classic Doom logo on the front and the Quake shirts have the original Quake symbol on the front.


They're available at the Bethesda Store right now.



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