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QuakeCon 2013 Dates are here!

26 02 13 - 11:01

Mark your calenders, QuakeCon is scheduled! August 1st through 4th, again at the Hilton! Head on over to the QuakeCon site to read the full press release to click “more”.

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Quake 2 Chaos Match Tuesday and Wednesday

18 02 13 - 17:41

Time for some Mootown Goodness.  Log on to Mootown Chaos Revived at the IP

Just bring down your Quake 2 console & type in "connect" for all you newcomers out there.

You'll need Chaos for Quake 2,  you can download it all at Chaotic Dreams.

Quake 2 TMG Railwarz CTF Review

17 02 13 - 07:10

We've got our first User Mod Reivew: Rail Warz!

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ACME Q2 Spring Cup CTF is here

14 02 13 - 05:56

Signups for the ACME CTF Spring Cup have started.  Signups end March 2nd (so sign up quick) and they're looking for players that can be full time dedicated players and subs that can fill in when a regular player can't make it.

For a full set of rules be sure to read the "Rules" thread.  It also gives the match times/days and lots of other info.

Overdose showing off gib models

06 02 13 - 19:52

You can check out the images and see more pictures over at

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UFO Alien Invasion Monthly Update

06 02 13 - 19:51

The UFO Alien Invasion Q2 GPL game gave us their monthly update on

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