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CED Doom 3 Assets Pack Released

24 06 13 - 04:26 Used tags:

The CED Assets Pack is what modder chimueloeldragon2011 has come up with as popular tweaks for his mods. Due to popular demand, he's releasing these tweaks for Doom 3 modders to use. Click “Read More” to see the EXTENSIVE list of what it contains and head over to to leave some thanks!

Please take a few minutes to read everything you would need to know about this pack before using it.

1) This pack is meant exclusively for single player, it was not meant for Multiplayer use.
2) This is meant to be for PUBLIC USE. You have permission to do whatever you want with this pack.
3) It uses no custom code, so you can implement it to other mods of yours which are using a custom dll.
4) Note this doesn't include any kind of graphical enhancements.

While building my WIP mod for Doom 3, I thought about uploading many of the internal functionalities of the mod for people who wanted to include them into their own projects. Many people have also requested this by sending private messages and e-mails.
Finally I put it all together to make it functional with vanilla Doom 3 too.

Please, note that unless something is badly corrupted (Luckily I haven't run into any bugs), it's highly unlikely there will be any patches or updates.


It's good for giving Doom 3 another go.
It uses no custom code so it won't bug anything if you place this directly into the "base" folder.
It can be run as a mod (with its own folder) or be run directly with Doom 3 by placing the PK4 files in the "base" folder.

You can use the entire product or part of it for any mod of your own.
You can include this as a whole (or part) in your own campaigns.
You can do any modifications to this pack as you want.
I'm sharing the pack "as is". Changing anything in this pack is up to you.
You can mix other mods with it. If you're not experienced in the Doom 3 modding world, always make backups.
If you do actually use any of the content, all I ask is a credit.

Contents: (Significative additions, amongst others)

-Balanced weapons, where everything from caliber to weight is taken into account!
-Balanced inventory, where you can no longer hold 50 grenades and hundreds of ammunition (This doesn't affect carrying all your weapons)
one the scope functional in the rocket launcher and it has 2 magnifications.
one heavy new scripting work, counting the removal of redundant lines to the addition of many more for new functionalities.
-Created new-from-scratch animations for almost every weapon in the game! Adding exclusive animations such as running cycles, fire mode switches and more!
-Added scavenge feature! Searching corpses gives you a wide variety of useful items, which range from a single shotgun shell to a full dose of health or item combos!
-Added iron sights modes for most of the weapons.
-Added different fire modes for some weapons.
-Added a flashlight to the shotgun. Its light is very short-ranged, it uses no bateries and can be toggled ON and OFF at will.
-Added a Guide Screen to the mainmenu. (Idea inspired by BrutalDoom, RGH and the first Doom games themselves)
-Changed many damage properties, where enemies with body armor like the security guards take less damage in the chest, as an example.
-Changed damage produced by headshots. They are lethal and play a vital role for ammo conservation.
-Changed muzzleflashes, explosions and most of the weapon particles for better looking ones.
isabled "auto-reload". Are you a badass marine or what? (Idea inspired by SWAT 4).
isabled shotgun looping-reload cycle. Each shell at a time. (Idea inspired by SWAT 4).
-Retouched mainmenu (Fixed the Options screen, so it fits with the new functionalities. Added a guide screen)
-Retouched HUD (Added certain things like fire mode indicators)
-Enhanced weapon accuracy. The faster you shoot the higher the spread penalty is. Aiming affects accuracy as well.
-Enhanced player movements, where heavier weapons affect your agility.
-Enhanced player footsteps sounds, changed by 16 new ones.
Some more changes are present in this pack!

Other game fixes:

-Weapons are lowered when climbing.
-Weapons can now be switched while reloading.
-Fixed bug where gunshot sounds would stop when switching weapons or your gun being lowered externally (e.g. by a script call)
-Fixed a problem where the weapons offsets would be screwed if dying when aiming. (Though it was mod-specific, it was a huge bug nevertheless)
-Fixed hierarchies in some of the weapon meshes.
-Fixed some dissappearing decals such as blood splatters. Now they'll stay.
-Changed many weapon meshes position/rotation and also done minor enhancements to some of them, so that they look better.
-Changed the way ejected shells are handled (excepting for the shotgun brass)
-Changed rocket ammo & rocket launcher world models so that they fit with the new rocket launcher.
-Changed many weapon sounds for more agressive ones.
-Increased explosions damages and radius. A grenade can kill you as easily as it could kill any mid-rank enemy.

Author note:

Help this be known by more players! I'd appreciate it very much if you give this a chance and upload it in any other Doom website, or post a link to this page. I don't mind it if you re-upload or simply let this be known in other Doom websites.
Thank you!

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