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Quakelive Fragmovie: +Baksteen

03 07 13 - 06:52 Used tags: , ,

Movie maker Tehown features the duelplayer Baksteen from Netherlands in this movie. The Frags are in the foreground. Effects and camera tricks comes second. Everything fits together well.

The recently popular grenade trick on Lost World is shown. Movie contains many Direct Rockets. File download via ESR. Release date was two weeks ago.

For the best movie experience and picture quality, please always download the movie file.

Movie fan

I have around 85 GB of game movies on harddrive, mostly Quake 3, Quakelive, Enemy Territory movies. I wish there were more Classic Doom, Quakeworld and Quake 2 releated movies released. I am out for the hunt to grab masterpieces, content and creativitly wise.

Watch a classic

If you want to see a real classic fragmovie, watch Quake 3 Annihilation (2003) from movie maker own-age (youtube, few seconds are missing at the end). It was released before the wolfcam movietool was made, that allows quick costumization for effects and cameradrive runs (short: cams). It is still impressive to watch today, and it influenced style and editing afterwards. It just changed movie making to a higher quality level! 

Ok that was long. First news here :)

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