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Quakelive Fragmovie: Memorial 3

17 08 13 - 04:26 Used tags: , ,

Movie maker dksl shows Pro Duel. Featured are the last years of dueling events, Online and LAN. The movie contains real life scenes of players, audiences and shoutcasters. (ESReality)

This movie is 21 minutes long, but time flies by during watching! It's underlaid with Batman-like epic music. Topnotch frags, picture is crystal clear, content wise there is much Lightning Gun porno going on. My eye is constantly delighted with the interesting camera movements (cam behind Health Bubbles, close up on models like in past ZeroQL flicks / view on large screen, pans and zooms on players) or the beautiful, minimally used effects (weapons blink, once there was a blur filter on plasma balls). The individual cut elements have exactly the right length and all is well put together. The camera shots always make sense in terms of the frag situations. Think about only once, the final movie length is 21 minutes, the maker must have had so many GB of raw film on his hard drive, that's just crazy. What's not clearly to me, what matches were played when and where. Nice to meet the old retired duel veterans again. Avec, Fazz, Jibo, strenx. All known QL shoutcaster are heard. This movie is epic and dramatic in all respects. Content, editing, length, music. Mission Accomplished!

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