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UFO: Alien Invasion Monthly Update

03 09 13 - 04:31 Used tags: ,

Hey, it's time for the monthly UFO:AI update. There's a ton of updates this month! For the full list of their fixes, tweaks and what not, check out the list on

  • Multiplayer
    • Improved error message handling from server to client
    • Fixed #5103 Multiplayer map selection doesn't work correctly
    • Implemented multiplayer team sharing
    • Modified multiplayer gametypes to use 12 soliders
    • Deliver a preconfigured multiplayer team
    • Implemented #5093 change max number of ai actors for multiplayer coop games
    • Implemented #5092 multiplayer gametypes
    • Merged some DoS protection from quake3
    • Increased the multiplayer timeout (our map loading can take some time)
    • Disabled the map checksum check for multiplayer games
    • Select a gametype and only show compatible maps
  • General
    • Implemented #5098 Support multiple param values for mapdef
    • Fixed #5065 ALT-TAB sometimes causes music to spam console
    • Activate fullscreen toggle with alt+enter for windows and sdl2
    • Corrupter should use advanced propulsion, so it is easier to build late-stage aircraft
    • Tweaked the intel hack
    • Fixed scrollable main window buttons
    • Removed the static campaign
    • Added support for SDL2
    • Facebook and Twitter buttons in the main window
    • Show the mission briefing earlier
    • Initial work on reaction fire panel
    • Add the ability to disable the crashdump upload
    • Reorganize team selection UI
    • Clarify the base security cameras tip
  • Build
    • Added some external dependencies to src/libs
  • Battlescape
    • Fixed #3470 InvAdd failed - could not add 1 item...
    • AI: If you just discared your ammoless weapon please don't wait till the next turn to grab your sidearm
    • AI: Only raging actors should charge the nearest target
    • AI: Don't try to stun robots
    • AI: Use grenades in combat
    • AI: If no target can be attacked wander around instead
    • AI: Only reward charging the enemy if you intend to attack
    • AI: Uncrouch the actor early so move lenght calculations will be correct.
    • Raging actors don't ignore stunned targets.
    • Stunrod and kerrblade should require both hands to use
    • Allow reaction fire with full auto and aimed assault rifle firemodes
  • Campaign
    • Fixed #5061 Un-hire soldier shows wrong stats after employee removed
    • Fixed #5033 Occupation count not updated when employees are removed
    • Fixed #4904 Update aircraft production requirements
    • Fixed #5054 Fix live alien cargo update call
    • Fixed #5007 (Creating team for skirmish doesn't use selected equipment)
    • Fixed #5067 Create all aircraft - except initial ones - with 0 fuel
    • Implemented #5074 Scale aircraft selling price based on its damage value
    • Converted aircraft repair to 1% of damage per hour
    • Adjust skills and experience values and calculations
    • Remove heavy skill from research list, team templates and skill descriptions
    • Re-add alien transfer functionality
    • Reimplement Reseach UI
    • Refactored the capacity management
    • Include note on the command centre's camera room in the base attack mission briefing
    • Refactored the hospital window
    • Adjust Reaction Fire explanation text in ufopaedia
    • Add medikit firemode explanations to ufopaedia entry
    • Started the implant implementation
  • UFORadiant
    • Try to automatically detect the installation path of ufoai
    • Fixed #5073 Runtime error on exit
    • Implemented #4872 Sort entity list alphabetically
    • Fixed PKGDATADIR usage
  • Translations
    • Updated Spanish translation
    • Updated German translation
    • Updated Norwegian translation
    • Updated French translation
  • Maps
    • Fixed #4948 Strange shadow on crashed_bomber tiles
    • Added spawnpoints for multiplayer team 2 to various UFO prefabs
    • Updated, fixed maps.ufo and enabled the map for the campaign
    • Map +village Bomber UFO tile now matches its tile descriptor
    • Added some new ufos to +village
    • Added camera sign to commando map
    • Cartwheel prefab from the beach map
    • Increase ambient night lighting on +bridge
    • Add new textures
    • Added 'multiplayer only' assembly for +harbour2 map
    • New map theme +village2
    • Remove alien spawn points in alien base entrance tile

In total, 509 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in August.

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