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Steel Storm: Forgotten Prison DLC Review

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I've got my review of Steel Storm: Forgotten Prison DLC right here!  Click "Read More"!

First things first

I'm under contract with: Kot in Action Creative Artel for some game work. I purchased the DLC (and the game) with my own hard earned money.

I didn't get a free copy. Granted, the game is $5 and the DL is $2, but still, I paid the full $7 for it.

Just wanted to get that out of the way so you can all scream “BIAS” if you don't agree with my correct assessment of the DLC. ;)

I also didn't want to post a review until after I finished it.

For starters, I'll say the Forgotten Prison DLC is definitely worth it. If you already have Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, get this DLC! The map is fun. It's only $7 for both and it's worth it. I've said that enough. If you want more details on why I highly recommend it and what I don't like, then read on.

What it did right:

The combat is awesome, better then the original game. In the original game, you could get pretty heavily armed part way through the game and it became a slaughter fest. In this, unless you're finding the secrets, it will be a challenge all the way through. You can load up on some basic weapons in the first map, Armory, then when you enter the Prison you're pretty much on your own. You have one main objective, exit the prison. The two secondary objectives are to rescue all the prisoners and find all the secrets. I did find all the prisoners but the two secrets I found armed me up so good that I didn't look for the last one(s?). Pew Pew Pew me goes

The map seems much more in 3 dimensions compared to the original game. Yes, the original had 3D objects, but this one has you traveling up/down lifts (it seems) a lot more. You could go up/under things more, etc.

Monster placement is excellent. You can see ahead on your radar where they are but in some cases you've got a few minutes of constant attack. In some, you have an eerie silence while you see the red dots but know they're under trap doors waiting for you to do something.

It has traps, not just monster pop ups/spawn in,Careful... don't... PANIC! but crushers, lasers, some kind of liquid you can fall into if you go flying off the edge (very Quake-ish to me). I really enjoyed this. The collision detection in the laser trap seemed a bit off, but I was still able to get through it.

What it did wrong:

Hey, everything can't be perfect! My biggest issues with the DLC are that the AI you rescue doesn’t travel around with you, or on a predetermined path, or randomly. They sit in their cells and only attack in direct line of site. Once the baddies are dead, they head BACK to their cells and wait some more. That was a letdown as in the original game the good guy AI moved around a bit.

Next is the armory map. Once you complete it, playing it again won't let you choose different weapons for the Prison map. The first time you finish the Armory you're stuck with those weapons every time you start the Prison. A bummer because I decided early on I didn't like the spread secondary weapon I initially picked up.

Those are my two issues and they're not game-breaking, or horrible, or detract enough from the fun of the DLC for me to NOT recommend it. Time to use my VOX to get help

One comment I'd like to make before I post the score for this DLC is that it shouldn't have taken over two years for us to have this. This is the kind of DLC I'd like to see every month or several months. This being released frequently is what I was thinking when I heard the term DLC and with most games it's not frequent enough. Would I pay $2 for a new map for this game every month? Maybe not, but several times a year, yes.

The Conclusion:

Ok, so I give Steel Storm: Forgotten Prison DLC 4.5 Quake Guys out of 5.

The issue with the Armory to Prison map and the AI stops it from getting that extra half a Quake Guy.

What do you think? Rate below!

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