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Yet Another 3D Adventure Game Release

12 02 13 - 20:40 Used tags: ,

The full version of Ya3dag 1.41 is out, along with the source code.  Remember, the big changeup this release is the Real Time Shadows, so be sure to check it out!

Release Notes Ya3dag  V1.41

  Tip of the Day: You want to see real-time shadows? Light a torch!  


  * The shadow map processing for terrain and .bsp models
    was speeded up (about a factor 3 .. 4).
    Added raycasting for .md2 .md3 models using 'Bounding
    interval hierarchy' code picked from the cube 2 source.
    Terrain raycasting was reworked to us a quad tree.
  * Static mapmodels (.md2 or .md3) (this mapmodels are
    never removed from the map) cast shadows to terrain and
    .bsp models.
    This is used for trees, statues, ...
  * Realtime shadows
    Realtime shadows are a feature of some light sources.
    The torch and the flashlight carried by the player are
    such light sources. Also inside the editor each lightsource
    in the editor can be flagged as realtime.
    The shadows are casted to .bsp models (static and moveable)
    and to terrain. Shadows are casted from .bsp models, and
    .md2/md3 models (static and movable).
    This capability requires a noticeable amount of computing
    power, it is therefore used with care. E.g. in the
    underworld, inside of rooms, ...
  * Lightmap resolution
    of .bsp models has been changed from 16 to 8 texel.
  * Minimum light for the underworld.
    There is a global level setting 'minimum light' (no light on a
    surface or object) for the underworld.


  * More configuration things for the HUD and in game
    * The GameConfiguration.txt file
      has a new section [GameDLL] with entries
      * single_statusbar
        Single player status bar (or hud).
        Defines the layout of the hud.
      * Dialog_xxx things
        Position of the dialog/message window
        relative to screen sides. Background images
        and frames.
      * iBag_xxx things
        Position of the iBag menu relative
        to screen sides and background images.
  * Reworked the ModLego HUD.
    Add frames around some hud elements. The appearance
    has been changed to a technical style.

  HUD variations     HUD variations

   * The menu point 'Generate level info' is removed.
     The level info file (xxxx_Info.txt) is generated
     on each level save now.

   * New menu point 'Relight level'.
     New lights/shadow calculations for the complete level.
     Shortcut is the keyboard key 'c'.
   * Each lightsource has a new checkbox setting
     'Realtime shadows'. See 'shadows' above.
   * quake2RR.ent file
     Added new keyword 'lightoffset' with three arguments
     'x y z'.
     This is only used for 'EDITFLAG_LIGHTSOURCE' entities.
     To the lightsource orgin (which is the objects zero
     point) the given offset is added. This is usefull for
     adjusting light origins relative to a model.
     Note that prior to the 'lightoffset' a given 'editflags'
     RF2_FX_ZADD is added.


 * Colored text for the console. This feature is used
   for some error messages.

 * Actor script command 'itemUseOrSearch'. If argument
   'ItemsHealth' is given, the actor search only for
   health items and skips poison (like the toadstool).
   Poison items must be explicit given to search for.   
 * Minimap
   The minimap of the level is now part of the iBag menu.
 * trigger_push entity
   Got a new spawnflag 'To center'. If set (and no target)
   pull to center of moving straight line.       


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