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Scottish Geek Plays Doom 3

16 04 14 - 01:07 Used tags: , ,

You've seen those fake Doom 3 “It Scared Me” videos, not watch a play through with an accent! He's about an hour in to the game in three parts. Click “Read More” to watch the videos in the handy Youtube playlist and if you like his style, check out their Youtube channel.

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Been Trying to leave comments for a wile but wasn’t working on the last domain hopefully works this time.

Thanks for sharing his play through and for the updates on the Doom Reborn Mod means alot.

Im watching his play throughs now before I go to work and im already half way part 3

Good watch :)

GameHacKeR - 17-04-’14 12:46

Ooooh one of the folk that comment on the vids let me know I was here :) hope you lot keep me right in my playthrough because I have no idea where I’m going :P

ScottishGeeks - 17-04-’14 20:59
The Happy Friar

Can’t help, I never completed the game myself. :)

The Happy Friar (URL) - 18-04-’14 03:33

Happy Friar you never completed it lowers&Shakes Head
That dissapoints me as much as knowing John Romero Didn’t actually complete Doom 3… well maybe not just as much since he made 1&2,

But ether way im still dissapointed .

Scottish Geeks Im about to make a rolly & a cup of tea and check out part 5 :)
I’ll try my best to help you out where I can :)

GameHacKeR - 18-04-’14 12:40
The Happy Friar

I just didn’t like the gameplay of Doom 3. I liked the art direction, the lighting, the technology, just not the gameplay. It’s not my type of game. Maybe someday I’ll sit though and finish it.

The Happy Friar (URL) - 19-04-’14 19:56

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