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Doom Reborn Update 0.84

19 05 14 - 10:22 Used tags: , ,

A new version of Doom Reborn was released several days ago. The new version has a bunch of updates and audio tweaks. There's also a separate update to fix an issue with E1M7's music. 

The Youtube channel ScottishGeeks also did a video “Quick Look” in to the mod. Click “Read More” to watch their “Quick Look” and be sure to check out Room Reborn's and website

Doom Reborn is Doom 1 and 2 remade in Doom 3. So, if you've never played the originals and want to view them in 32 bit color glory, now's your chance!

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Heya Thanks again for the News Posts

I will actually be doing another Update tonight hopefully

Some things just went wrong with the 0.84 release

E1M2 Lifts could’ve done with some more tweaking
E1M6 easter egg triggers got set wrong with I was resetting them
I forgot to include the Map03 files from the E1M7 test versions that would’ve taken you back to E1M1 allowing the player to bring the double barrel shotgun to Doom 1

Brent has sent me the DoomReborn.exe he’s been working on
This will allow the player to launch the mod directly without shortcuts and batch files
Like i’ve provided in earlier releases

You’ll place the DoomReborn.exe in the Doom 3 root directory (“Doom 3” folder Same Place as the Doom3.exe)

Sorry again about the minor problems in 0.84
I hope everyone will enjoy this update :)

GameHacKeR - 19-05-’14 12:43
The Happy Friar

Just saw you posted an update, 0.841. Will get on news today. Keep up the good work!

The Happy Friar (URL) - 20-05-’14 13:28

Awesome Thanks so much i’ll keep an eye out for it :)

Btw I stuck a special thanks to you

For all the support :)

GameHacKeR - 21-05-’14 13:15

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