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Doom Reborn Showing of... Centered Weapon!

08 08 14 - 10:46 Used tags: , , , ,

In the original Doom the weapon was centered, so Doom Reborn is trying to recreate that. With that attempt we've gotten pictures! Of course the old Doom guy was a south paw, so it still needs to be tweaked ;) but click “Read More” to see screens his the weapon being centered and leave him comments on what you think!

The basic goal of Doom Reborn ( and mod site) is to recreate the original Doom and Doom 2 in the idTech4 engine with all the engine eye candy ID Software has provided us with so we can recreate the game for a classic Doom player to remember and enjoy the memories of the classics in a modernized way, but keeping the old Doom spirit well in the game.  

You can download the latest version here.

More Centre Tests More Centre Tests New Weapon Placement Test New Weapon Placement New Weapon Placement Test New Weapon Placement Test

two comments


Heya thanks again for the story :D

me and brent are very close to the next release now
We are doing the last polishes on our stuff then we are going to play test it for about a week before release to make sure we are happy with everything

I’ll probably do more tweaks to the weapons (how they fire not placement) and monsters

I’ve already made adjustments that I’m happy with but 2 weapons I think need another slight tweak here and there.

I still may tweak the placements a little more but when the weapons are fully centred, when you run the animations look wrong, The placements I’ve made now I find look and feel the best when moving and shooting

Fists btw are a lot more useful now in my opinion.

But anyway im ranting again.
I hope everyone enjoys the next release,
And thanks so much again for the posts means a lot :)

GameHacKeR - 09-08-’14 21:17

Came across a video of John romero in the uk :)

GameHacKeR - 14-08-’14 03:12

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