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Happy Anniversary Quake 3 Arena

02 12 14 - 11:52 Used tags: , ,

On this day in 1999 Q3A was released!  My girlfiend (who became my wife) got it for me for Christmas from Amazon.  She paid by check (you could back then) and got me the Tin Box editition.  It played crappy on my Intel 200 MMX with a VooDoo 2.  Ahh, good times!  Post your Q3A memories in the comments!

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I remember playing Q3A, among other occasions, at my Friend Allen’s apartment in High School. There were other occasions, but those are the times that spring to mind.
Around 2003-2004, when word of Doom 3 came out, I played a lot of Q3, thinking that it would be the similar in play style to Doom 3. I would download maps from work and install them on my girlfriends (now ex-girlfriends) computer and I was amazed at the complexity and detail of some of the custom level design.
Since I played offline mostly, I would play maps that had bot support, and this was a smaller subset of the available maps. I had a voracious appetite for new maps, and I scoured the internet for any I could find.
The rats style maps are still some of my favourite.
Camping Grounds Pro was a map I played a lot.
Around that time I played the original Call of Duty 1 and it was cool to see the kinds of things that were possible in a q3 derived engine.
The game design and art style of Quake 3 is still very appealing to me. I hope one day they revive the multiplayer elegance this game had.

aphexjh - 03-12-’14 22:06

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