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Mapcore Q3A Anniversary Contest Submissions

04 12 14 - 11:17 Used tags: , , ,

The Macore deadline has passed and the submissions are in! Sixteen total submissions there are, so let's link them for you so you can give them a try. Just a quick recap, the contest was to celebrate Quake 3 Arena's 15th anniversary (which ..::LVL had a cool site loading screen to let you all know). So click “Read More” to see the links.

Name: Tom Perryman 

Nick: Phantazm11 

Map name: Geotechnic 


Name:   Greg Ward 

Nick Name: Flipout 

Map Name: Endurance  

Download link:

Name: Johann Slee

Nick Name: Takkie

Map Name: Firesplinter

Download Link:

Name: Peter Ward

Nick: fKd

Map Name: Jackal

Download Link: https://www.dropbox....3dmp29.rar?dl=0

Name: Joacim Rappu

Nick: Grillet

Map Name: Caldera

Download Link: https://dl.dropboxus...q3dmcaldera.pk3

Full name: Petr Švenda

Nickname: Hurracio Durrski

Map Name: On the Verge

Download Link: http://www19.zippysh...09171/file.html

Name: Christoph Grafl

Nick: 1nfern0

Map Name: Infected

Download Link:

Name: Pat Howard

Map: Goldleaf

Download: https://dl.dropboxus...3s/goldleaf.pk3

Name: Daniel Nilsson
Nick: Nisse
Map: Eternity Changes, shortname: dmdn
Download link: https://www.dropbox....0/

Name: Arthur de Padua
Nick: Thurnip
Map: Brutal Lab
Download: https://dl.dropboxus...600/q3trnp1.pk3

Name: Jan Žáček

Nick: ROTA

Map Name: Kora

Download Link: https://www.dropbox....ta3dm5.rar?dl=0

Name: Sean Campbell

Nick: Scampie

Map Name: Feel the Way You Hate (q3scamp15mc.bsp)


Name: Conrad Slawinski

Nick: Justin

Map: Reco

Download: https://dl.dropboxus...490112/reco.pk3

Name: Xenos Popandopulos

Nick: Xenozoid

Map: Crash Concrete

Download: https://www.dropbox....nq3dm1.pk3?dl=0

Name: Roman Saraev 
Nick Name: Z(Rus) 
Map Name: Carnage ground 
Download Link: https://www.dropbox....arnage.pk3?dl=0

Name: Davie van Eekelen

Nick Name: eXodus

Map: LoadingBay

Download Link: https://www.dropbox..../LoadingBay.pk3

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