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Q2Cafe 2015 Mapping Contest!

25 01 15 - 02:58 Used tags: , ,

Got this in my e-mail not long ago so I'm passing it along to you awesome mappers out there!

Q2 Cafe is proud to announce the annual Quake 2 Mapping Contest for 2015! There's no pressure and we're pretty flexible with the dates. This contest is about touching base with our past mappers and expanding on the fun experience and group activity we all miss :)

Couple old school mappers are already psyched to have this contest in order to showcase their latest work and mapping skills in a competitive venue like the good old days.

All creative entries are welcome, big or small, and will help make this Mapping Contest a success. We didn't have a contest since 2011, so this one should be extra special, and we would hate for you to miss out on it. We're always looking for talented mappers to help bring exciting content to the people within the Community. I hope you are willing to join this great event this time around and make something fun and exciting with us. So please come by, leave a comment and cast a vote here:

Null (aka Level Lord)

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