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Release Candidate of KMQuake2 Released

28 03 15 - 04:52 Used tags: , , ,

Knightmare, the author of the Quake 2 GPL Engine KMQ2 released a test release today. If it goes well it will be the next official release.
KMQ2 was started soon after the Quake 2 GPL code was released. It has numerous improvements over the stock Quake 2, including built in Lazarus Mod support, MP bots and increased map size.
You can read the current feature list by clicking “Read More.” You can download the latest binaries here and the source code here.

- Added HTTP download support from R1Q2.

- Decoupled video framerate from network framerate. This should allow higher framerates as well
as better network performance. The old, synchronous mode can be re-enabled by setting the cvar
cl_async to 0. The new cvars are r_maxfps (default 125) for maximum rendering framerate, and
net_maxfps (default 60) for maximum packet rate. Synchronous mode still uses the cl_maxfps cvar.

- Added support for PNG textures/images.

- Added option for PNG screenshots (r_screenshot_format, jpg, png, or tga).

- Added format-specific screenshot commands (screenshot_tga, screenshot_jpg, screenshot_png).

- Added basegame and basegame2 cvars to load data from other mods.

- Added 5K (5120x2880) and 3440x1440 video modes.

- Added custom width and height fields to video menu (hidden until custom mode is selected).

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