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Knightmare Quake 2 New Release

01 05 15 - 12:13 Used tags: , ,

Knightmare reloaded the latest version of his Quake 2 engine, version 20 Update 7. You can click “Read More” to see the changelog. It focuses on multiplayer as KMQ2 has been aimed at single player for a while now.

Knightmare Quake 2 includes the Lazarus mod as the default game DLL, eye candy, transparent/animated surfaces, and other features. Check out it's website and give it a download!

Thanks to Quake 2 Cafe for letting me know.

Here's a list of update 7's changes:


  • Added HTTP download support from R1Q2.
  • Decoupled video framerate from network framerate.  This should allow higher framerates as well as better network performance.  The old synchronous mode can be re-enabled by setting the cvar cl_async to 0.
  • Added .loc file support. Loads .loc files (locs/<mapname>.loc) from the current mod dir and baseq2.  Both 1/8th precision integer and floating-point formats are supported.
  • Fixed cl_servertrick and allow_download cvars being forced to 0 when starting a single-player game.  Cl_servertrick is now saved to config.
  • Capped connect message size to 1200 bytes in multiplayer to fix problems with clients geting hung up on connect.
  • Multiplayer network messages are now limited to 2800 bytes (does not apply to local client on a listen server).  This can be disabled by setting the cvar sv_limit_msglen to 0.
  • Fixed imbalance in mouse pitch and yaw sensitivity in widescreen video modes with autosensitivity enabled.
  • Fixed save path being set to Quake2 root instead of baseq2 when gamedir is set to a blank string.
  • Fixed crash on map load with long map names.
  • Fixed undersized viewport and corrupt screenshots at 1366x768 resolution.
  • Gamma ramping now switches off and the desktop resolution is restored when alt-tabbing out of the game.
  • Added 5K (5120x2880) and 3440x1440 video modes.
  • Added custom width and height fields to video menu.
  • Added support for PNG textures/images.
  • Added option for PNG screenshots to the advanced video menu.
  • Added format-specific screenshot commands (screenshot_tga, screenshot_jpg, screenshot_png).
  • Added basegame and basegame2 cvars to load data from other mods.
  • Added option for new Q3-style console background (cvar con_newconback).
  • Added download speed counter by Frank Sapone.
  • Changed savegame format for included Lazarus DLL.  Savegames will now work across DLL builds as long as no changes to data structures (edict_t, etc) are made.

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I’ll be checking this out :)

GameHacKeR - 07-05-’15 00:37

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