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Rock and Roll, new indy Doom clone game: Doomstalker

13 03 13 - 10:37 Used tags: , , ,

A new indy Doom-clone game has been brought to my attention: Doomstalker. Doomstalker is a pseudo-isomatric indy game for the Apple iOS systems (iPad/Pod) with the possibility of coming to Windows and OSX. It's started a Kickstarter campaign and is also on Steam Greenlight. You can check out their developlemt blog, their facebook site and indieDB site.


While not an exact Doom clone, it strives to have a Doom feel with similar characteristics as the original two games without ripping everything off. If you're interested in supporting it then head on over to their Kickstarter page. Click “more” to see the trailer!

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John Putnam

Good way to spend few days with nostalgia to good ol’ games such as RnRR. Nice graphics, sound effects and car physics, considering that this is work of small indie team. Definitively must have. This game is a perfect remake of one of the best games forever. It is a work model that should be followed for every developer and publisher. It’s impossible someone gives a bad score I think that should make a paper and one of my friends suggested me that cheap essay has provided many helpful points on his topic and it can be a best resource material to provide enough content to refer.

John Putnam - 04-06-’18 04:47

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