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Jackhammer 1.1.700 Public Beta

24 07 15 - 02:18 Used tags: ,

Jackhammer is an id Tech 2/3 engine map editor. It currently supports Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Half Life, and Gunman Chronicles. The latest version includes several near features including: loading models and sprites from pak/pk3 files and reloading a model from disk without reloading the editor. Click Read More to see the whole changelog.

It comes in Windows and Linux flavors, 32/64bit. You can download it from the Jackhammer website.

Thank's Func_Msgboard for the heads up.



  • - Compile Process window doesn't block the editor, you can edit the map during compile process; compile process can be interrupted by closing the window.
  • - Support for loading models and sprites from packages (PAK, PK3), "Load resources from archives" option.
  • - New decal renderer supports color and transparency preview; now decals look same in the editor and in a game.
  • - JASC palette format support (e.g. exported by Wally); old binary pal files are still supported.
  • - Viewing models in external program - "Open In Model Viewer" context command; path to the viewer can be specified in Jackhammer settings. Program must be installed separately (e.g. Half-Life Model Viewer).
  • - Reloading model from disk ("Reload Model" command).
  • - Default values of entity properties specified in FGD are removed on class change, which helps to keep properties clean and eliminate unnecessary properties accumulated on frequent class change.
  • - "Invert Selection" (Shift+I) allows to invert current selection.
  • - "Hide Curves" (for Quake III) allows to hide curves around the level.
  • - Duplicate entities described in different FGDs are removed from the entity list.
  • - New texture application modes "NULL to Selected" and "NULL to Unselected".
  • - New texture application mode "Apply (texture + values + axes)" - besides texture and values, LMB copies texture axes from face to face; sometimes useful for retexturing with aligned to view axes, when exact camera placement is problematic.
  • - Hull file viewer (Goldsource).
  • - Cordon can now be applied to any exported map (not only to export right before the compilation).
  • - Editor now remembers last opened, saved and exported map format. I.e. if you always work with RMF files, you'll be suggested this format next time you open/save your project.
  • - Better support for cyrillic characters; editor now works completely in Windows-1251 encoding, but uses UTF-8 for paths under Linux.
  • - Ability to remove FPS limit in 3D view; "Cap framerate at 60 fps" option brings it back.
  • - New option "3D auto-selection" allows to keep selecting objects by mouse dragging (is also enabled with X hotkey).
  • - Added new buttons for fast texture rotation (by 45, 60 and 90 degress) to "Face Properties" dialog (Shift+Click rotates backwards).
  • - Automatic update check; editor doesn't download it, but informs about one and recommends to open the official download page. Option can be turned off in settings; update check may be also performed manually by the corresponding Help menu item.
  • - Editor's framework is updated to the latest Qt4 version (4.8.7).
  • - Added support for Gunman Chronicles, including FGD file and auto-config option in the installer.


  • - Ability to resize all viewports simultaneously using the crossing of splitters.
  • - Additional shortcut "Shift+Q" for "Select None" (Ctrl+Q also works).
  • - Removed blue edges of alphatest textures in "Animate textures" mode.
  • - Default Texture Scale is not a part of gameconfig, not a global setting.
  • - Internal editor sprites are moved to a package (sprites.pak).
  • - Maximum value of Model rendering distance increased to 8192.
  • - Seamless texturing (with Alt key) now doesn't require key release to grab new texture.
  • - Shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+W" is now used for "Ignore groups" (resolved VHE issue with duplicate "Ctrl+W" shortcut).
  • - Shortcut "Shift+T" - apply current texture to selection.
  • - When IG mode is turned off, only those objects that are parts of groups are deselected, not all.
  • - PgUp/PgDn move objects along the Z axis in all views, including 3D view.
  • - Textures from "Missing textures" group don't reset current group to the latter, but prefer "All textures" group.
  • - Hotkey O in Clipping Tool toggles clipping size info.
  • - Hotkey P in 3D view toggles 3D-Grid.
  • - Qt is build with NAS support under Linux (sound playback should work with NAS enabled; see FAQ for the details).
  • - Installer now remembers last install path in Registry.


  • - Bug with texture coordinate offseting with "hot" texture loading in the editor.
  • - Bug with Rock primitive creation.
  • - Bug with selection in Selection Tool.
  • - Bug with ignorance of 3rd dimension of the box in Selection Tool.
  • - Bug with removing objects in Vertex Tool.
  • - Bug with one pixel scrollbar offset in texture browser.
  • - Bug with broken texture animation chains in WAD (HL, Q1) and WAL (Q2) which led to hang-up.
  • - Bug with loading maps using file associations (i.e. by clicking in Explorer).
  • - Bug with spaces in paths in Expert Mode configs.
  • - Bug with viewport resizing.
  • - Bug with 2D viewport scrolling with something selected.
  • - Fixed shortcuts "Ctrl+W" and "Ctrl+F4".
  • - Crash when editor was loaded with floating side panels.
  • - Crash when saving paths (Path Tool) to RMF.
  • - Crash when plugins were missing.
  • - Precision problems when rotating by 90/180/270 degrees.
  • - Installer bug with keeping configs in "My Documents" even if user decided to wipe existing configs.

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