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Doom 3 BFG HiDef 2.2

21 08 15 - 11:07 Used tags: , , ,

Patches 2.0 to 2.2. Added particles and decals that come up missing in mods. 2.1 included. More model work increasing polys on the Imps head and a bunch of level characters like Helldoll. Did a bunch of ROE models also. Increase weapon textures to 1024x1024 and double ROE monster textures and detail on ones that needed it. Includes a Autoexe.cfg with Resource priority set to 0, should speed up load times a bit. Unzip into your Doom 3 BFG directory. patches are accumulative, so 2.1 is included.

If you don't have version 2.0, you can download it here. You can get the 2.2 patch here (no longer avaialble) or also download a larger file with the generated folder so you don't need to generate the binary assets yourself.

Doom 3 BFG HiDef adds custom hi quality Doom 3 assets to the BFG edition to improve the look of the game.

EDIT: 2.2 patch has been supersceded by a full download of 2.2 here.  The 2.2 patch with the generated folder is still availble.

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I’ll have to give this a go tonight I’ve been meaning to look at the high detail mods for bfg editon :)

GameHacKeR - 21-08-’15 19:49
The Happy Friar

If you do send me some great looking screenshots and I’ll get them in the rotater on the right.

The Happy Friar (URL) - 22-08-’15 11:14
The Happy Friar

The patch has been removed from moddb & a full version has been uploated:

I’ll update the news in the morning.

The Happy Friar (URL) - 24-08-’15 02:03

Just back from my holiday in Donegal didn’t have any internet where I was staying so I missed your reply’s Thanks for the new link i’ll update mine now :)

GameHacKeR - 27-08-’15 18:29

Heya Happy Friar I installed the mod and loaded it up there tonight but I was suffering back colour glitches, I believe my version of bfg was maybe outdated before I patched it, Luckly I compressed the folder before I patched it with the mod just incase, I’ll have another look at it tomorrow :)

GameHacKeR (URL) - 02-09-’15 02:26

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