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Quake is in Shamble(r)s!

08 02 16 - 16:17 Used tags: , ,

Hey, over at Func_Msgboard there's a new Shambler model for the good old classic, Quake. It sure is purty and if you're a Quake fan I'm not seeing a reason to not have a higher poly model for that classic monster! From what I've read, it even works with WinQuake!

Download here.

Readme here.

--- SHAMBLER: File Information ------------------------- Febuary - 2nd - 2016 ----
       Filename :
         Author : Renier "Skiffy" Banninga
  Email Address :
       Web Site : None of my own. My company site will do ha ....

This set of files are designed as a new HD replacement for the default Quake
Shambler.MLD which I've always found to be one of the weakest models in the game.
made monster models in the game. This model was created with the purpose of
finally giving the shambler its visual fidelity deserving of such a large
and terrifying brute while still staying within the limits of Vanilla quake.

--- Some fun Facts -----

The original Shambler has 284 triangles which is less than half the amount used
on the dog model. The new Shambler uses 992 triangles which is a little less than 
double the amount used on the beloved dog. He uses a 256 x 256 texture which conforms
to GL texture size standards unlike the 308 x 115 texture size of the original.
Considering his overall size and rarity in the game these upgrades specs would
work just fine in the original game. It is still within the limits of stock Quake.

Animation has been completely redone and was made in such a way to work with the
originals size and AI motions. Some fixes have been done for the movement and
attack animations. He no longer hits high up in the air for the walking slash
attacks and should have most if not all sliding feet issues removed or reduced.
His overhead smash has also been shifted one frame to sync up more with the damage
trigger and features a less floaty death animation. Overall it should read a bit 
more solid.

h_shams.mdl has also received a visual makeover to be consistent with the updated
shambler model. I tried to make it look a little more mauled to help convey that
a serious amount of damage was required to gib the Shambler.

--- Software used -------

3dsmax    - for all modeling and animation purposes.
3dcoat    - For the majority of the texture painting and seam fixing.
Photoshop - additional painting and saving / palette reduction
QME3.1v2  - Proper PCX color conversion of textures
NeroMD3   - MD3 compiler used to compile a series of ASE files into MD3 models
MD3toMDL  - Nice converter tool from Preach to convert MD3 files to MDL format

--- INSTALLATION --------------------------------------------------------------

Simply extract the zipfile into the Quake/ID1 folder. It should replace the ingame 
model with a new base shambler and head gib with no extra work required.

--- PERMISSIONS ---------------------------------------------------------------

Feel free to include this model in any future non-commercial Quake releases. This
is meant for the community! Altered or unaltered versions are fine as long as credit
is given to the original author.

--- Special thanks to the entire FUNCMSG board Community! -----

You guys got me back into making content for quake and I felt like paying you all back
with remaking the shambler for everyone. You guys make amazing maps and I felt like
I had to add my own contribution to the Quake content scene. Its 2016 and it looks like
it will be another amazing year for Quake!

         |  "Skiffy the junkyard monster shuffles off into the darkness"  |

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