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Quake Map SP Review: Clean Cut by Mfx

27 03 13 - 19:13 Used tags: , ,

Today I bring you a review of the map "Clean Cut" by MFX.  Click "more" to continue reading, head on over to Func_Msgboard to see what others think or download striaght away from Quaketastic!

It's time for my first map review on Earth Quake, and the lucky contestant is a Quake Single Player map named “Clean Cut by MFX.



I'm reviewing this because in his post on Func_Msgboard, he had no screenshots or description of the map. The people posted there it was a good map so I decided to review it myself (better then just a news posting, eh?)


For this review I used the Darkplaces engine. I want to note that in the comments on Func_Msgboard, it was point out that for the map to look right you needed to set “r_waterwarp 0” and “r_wateralpha 0.3” I was playing on skill 1. Now on with the review!


When you first start the map you're in a slime area that makes you do some semi-precise jumping. I didn't do well at this and lost about half my health in that room alone. I made it out of that room, got a double barreled shotgun and the fun began! The main enemies in this map are Grunts, Enforcers, Shamblers (plural, yes), dogs and Vores. There's some others in there but are sparse.


The brushwork is quite nice. It's a base style with rusty pipes, lots of crates, high tech blinkies and what not. It's not the best brushwork I've seen, but the level is tight, requires you to do a little backtracking and doesn't let up on the fighting for to long. The backtracking does get confusing at times and the doors can be hard to distinguish from decoration at first, but after several minutes of playing you start to figure it out.


The lowest point in the map was when I got the first key and couldn't figure out where to go next. I ended up opening the proper door by accident because I thought it was a double door when it wasn't.



Overall I enjoyed the level. It was fun, had visually pleasing architecture, wasn't to hard and wasn't to difficult. I give it 4 out of 5 Quakeguy's.

4 out of 5 Quakeguys


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