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  • Doom VFR
    This looks cool (and I won't be able to run it I'm betting!) Doom VFR is a new VR game based around the last Doom game, but in VR. Looks like Robo Recall but in Doom 2016.
  • Doom 64 Monsters/Weapons with Brutal Doom
    Sergeant Mark IV is showing off his work with Brutal Doom and Doom 64 . He shows it off in Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom. He plans on releasing this before October 31 st .
  • An Honest Doom (2016) Trailer
    Yeah, that's pretty much the truth!
  • Greatest Doom Mods of all Time
    I can say I don't agree with the list (I'm not up on newer, aka post 2004, D/D2 mods), but TkaZa over at has put together the list of his favorite Doom, Doom 2 &
  • Be Back Friday
    I'll be back to reporting Doom and Quake news this Friday, Doom launch day.  I was origionally planning on doing a "going to buy/unbox/install" video for fun (never though
  • Should do a Doom Map Jam?
    Simple as that.  They're looking for your opinion.  I'm of the opinion “YES” but there's more then just me out there.  So head over to and let your opinion be kn
  • E1M8 Release by John Romero
    You heard that right. Game HacKeR sent me an e-mail saying John Romero released a new Doom maps to replace E1M8. I haven't gotten to play through yet (because I want to pl
  • Brutal Doom v20b Released
    We've got two flavors of Brutal : Vanilla  ( Mediafire Mirror ) and Doom 2  ( Mediafire Mirror ). The basic package (vanilla) contains just the Brutal Doom content, no eng
  • 22nd Annual Cacoawards Announced
    The annual “Best Of Doom”, the Cacoawards , has been announced. You've got twelve pieces of awesome Doom goodness that if you don't keep a keen eye on the Doom community (
  • Build It Yourself With DOOM SnapMap
    Bethesda gets in to some more depth on the new Doom SnapMap editor . This is for the new Doom coming out in 2016. The editor will work on all platforms. I'm personally hop
  • The id Classics (FINALLY) on!
    About time! I've been refusing to buy the older id games on Steam since they were release and now they're finally on Grand Old Games ! Grand Old Games ( ) sells in
  • Get all your Quakecon info HERE
    Ha, I bet you thought I'd say THIS site. You're wrong. I'm to busy to keep track of everything and I'm not there, so be sure to check out the Quakecon website & Bethesda's
  • Doom 3 Content Packs: Star Wars and classic Doom
    Two Doom 3 content packs are in the works. One is based around the game Star Wars Battlefront and the other is based on the classic, Doom . Both content packs will contain
  • Doom (4) Screens 4 U
    Enjoy!  Some high res screens & a piece of art for you!  To view in high res right click & open in a new tab/window.
  • Doom (4) E3 Goodies
    Thanks to oneofthe8devils on the id Tech Forums for posting videos from E3. We've got some single player footage, multiplayer footage, a new trailer, and a new map editor
  • Brutal Doom v20 is out
    It's only the mod, not the promised maps for the Starter Pack, but it's still Brutal doom ! What is Brutal Doom? It's Doom, but the gore and action ramped up! It's one you
  • Can DooM Win?
    The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY is having a World Video Game Hall of Fame for 2015 and DooM is one of the finalists! It's got some pretty steep competi
  • Brutal Doom v20 Trailer, Released on June 5th
    Sergeant_Mark_IV announced June 5 th is the release date. A trailer was released now (click “Read More” to watch). v20 will will have a Starter Pack that lets you “unzip a
  • QuakeCon 2015 Pre-Registeration starts March 4th
    QuakeCon Press Release: We’re pleased to announce the online pre-registration details for QuakeCon 2015 , which will take place in Dallas, TX on Thursday, July 23rd – Sund
  • Selfies are now officially COOL
    Modder Linguica brings us the ultimate Doom mod: INSTADOOM .    Complete with Instagram filters. I'm not kidding, this is to weird/awesome to make up. Just click out the s
  • D3 Chaos 1.1 Release
    The 1.1 version of D3 Chaos is out. The author calls it a “'tainted' 13 level episode of 'knee-deep in the dead' and further ...” D3 Chaos is a remake of Episode 1 of Doom
  • 2014 Cacowards & never-before-seen Doom art
    Every year DoomWorld hosts the Cacowards , their list of top content for the year. You can check out the Best Gameplay of 2014 or the Top 10 for the year. Or perhaps the L
  • Doom Reborn Pre-Beta 1.1
    A new version of Doom Reborn is out. It features some new textures, tweaks to various maps, more Easter Eggs, and two new maps! Doom Reborn is a remake of Doom and Doom 2
  • Play Ultimate Doom the Scottish way!
    Scottish Geeks play Ultimate Doom! It's always fun to watch someome play Doom. It's one of those few games where you can say “BOOM!” and nobody cares! Click “Read More” to
  • Top 5 Melee Weapons
    Zoomin TV does it again, and this time Doom's Chainsaw is #5 in their Top 5 Melee weapons. I don't know if I like the Quake axe better, but the Doom chainsaw IS classic. C
  • Lego Doom
    What could be cooler then Doom made of Lego's? If you don't think much is, click “Read More” to see!
  • Can it run DOOM? Yes it can!
    My brother sent me an e-mail yesterday with a BBC News article about a DOOM port. On a CANON printer! Yes, you can run DOOM a CANON Pixma printer! Who knew? Anyway, he als
  • Doom and Doom 2 as... shaders?
    I guess I now know what a procedural shader is, and it is impressive (when it's Doom related). Found this in my Twitter feed this morning, retweeted by John Carmack . It's
  • Brutal Doom's Drippy Blood
    On v19 the dripping blood always looked the same and had an annoying sound. Now the blood will drip in different amounts depending of how much blood has hit the ceiling, a
  • Doom Reborn Showing of... Centered Weapon!
    In the original Doom the weapon was centered, so Doom Reborn is trying to recreate that. With that attempt we've gotten pictures! Of course the old Doom guy was a south pa
  • Meet and Play John Romero in Person at Revival Retro Gaming Events!
    Just got this in my e-mail.  You've got the chance to see John Romero in England next month at the Revival Retro Event .  He'll be up for doing Doom and Quake Deathmatch.
  • Doom (4) Shown at QuakeCon
    Yesterday the QuakeCon attendees got their reveal of Doom (formally doom 4). Camera were checked at the door so no leaks, but Polygon describes it as more action and jib-e
  • Stealth in Brutal Doom v20
    For the next version of Brutal Doom Sergeant_Mark_IV is adding a stealth mechanic that lets the AI loose track of you if you're not seen in so many seconds. There's differ
  • The Space Pirate Neo version 0.1.2a Alpha
    This is a new release for The Space Pirate that updates the Zandronum version to be near identical to the G/ZDoom version. You can download it over at   The Spac
  • id Tech Forums – Here for YOU
    With  Doom3World not back and knowing the admin has a busy and fulfilling life (wife + kids + good career can do that to ya. :) ), it was thought a good idea to start up s
  • The Space Pirate Update, Art and How To
    We've got a video showing you how to play The Space Pirate this time. Throw in a new version (0.1.2e) and some art for the main lead and you've got your self a worthy upda
  • The Space Pirate 0.1.2b
    Latest version here . It's got a nice list of features, not limited to new weapons, new abilities, melee attacks for all weapons and a Lost Soul visual upgrade. They recom
  • Weekly Uploads
    Every week there is a bunch of original/old Doom/Quake uploaded to Every week I just ignore them, not knowing what to do with them. I decided to make a weekly p
  • The Space Pirate for Doom: How to
    A Doom mod I've never heard of, “The Space Pirate”, is now on and has a tutorial on how to play it. It's a melee based combat mod that allows attack combinations
  • Brutal Doom: The Saw is the Law
    Now we've got a new chainsaw to gawk at. 100% new. New sounds. New sprites. New attack effects. Cool. Click “Read More” to watch the Brutal Chainsaw in action!
  • Doom: ONE WIP's
    Doom: ONE has some screens to show off. Nothing to fancy but showing progress means progress is being made! Awesome! Click “Read More” to see the images.  Doom: ONE is a D
  • BrutalDoom “Ragdoll” Shotgun Physics
    A new feature for BrutalDoom v20 will be “ragdolls” if killed by the shotgun within a certain range. They'll roll, push other objects and, a BrutalDoom requirement, leave
  • Goldeneye for Doom 2
    Ok, this is reported late because when I first saw the news I thought “It's that Goldeneye for Source mod again.” A couple days later I actually looked at the title and sa
  • Doom Reborn E1M7 Test Download
    You can get a gameplay test of the map E1M7 from the Doom Reborn mod. It has all the items and entities places, just needs some tweaking. Plus secrets. You can get the map
  • Doom Compile Project
    The team behind the Doom 1 as 1 level, and Doom 2 as one level project wrote up a small article about what they're technically doing and why they're doing it. You can read
  • Doom Reborn 0.83 Release
    Doom Reborn has a new release for us. Click “Read More” for the whole updates list, but the “big” updates are two version of E1M6, one for high end computers and one for l
  • Weekend Update
    I've been pretty busy the past couple days so instead of posting what happened over the weekend in several posts, here's your weekend roundup! ..::LvL has some new map rev
  • Doom:One 0.4 Release
    The 0.4 release brings us the new episode presented in the Doom retail release, Ultimate Doom. Now, you can play 'Thy Flesh Consumed' as a single map! Awesome! Doom:One is
  • DOOM:ONE WIP Shots
    He posts on a regular basis over at , but he posted a batch just recently so I wanted to help spread the image loving. Here's five shots of some WIP for DOOM:ONE
  • Linux How To for Brutal Doom
    This would be something I'd want if I had Linux on a machine. mikesmith1987 on posted that Scribd has a tutorial on getting your Brutal Doom fun going on Linux.
  • Wired Interviews Carmack for Doom 20th Anniversary and IGN plays Doom with Romero
    I didn't even realize it was the 20 th anniversary. Thanks to TheUnbeholden on for pointing these out. There's a good interview over at Wired with Carmack . It's
  • ZoominGames Top 5 Shotguns... and #1 is...
    The Youtube Channel ZoominGames posted their top 5 shotguns in games. The top one is one of my favorite games, which happens to be in the Doom series. Since it's a 50/50 s
  • Doom One Progress Update
    Doom One, the Doom mod that combines every level in an episode in to one giant level (awesome) is showing off some progress that is being made. Click “Read More” to see th
  • Happy Brutal Day!
    It's the Thirty First and we have a new release of Brutal Doom! If you don't know what Brutal Doom is, it's an over-the-top weapon/gore/sound enhancement for Doom 1/2/Fina
  • Brutal Doom on October 31st
    Yes, it was delayed from last month, but the awesome trailer he made makes up for that. Brutal Doom is the Doom 1/2 mod that takes the gore, cranks it up to 10, then ties
  • Rock and Roll, new indy Doom clone game: Doomstalker
    A new indy Doom-clone game has been brought to my attention: Doomstalker. Doomstalker is a pseudo-isomatric indy game for the Apple iOS systems (iPad/Pod) with the possibi
  • Get your official Doom and Quake T-Shirts now!
    Bethesda now has official Doom and Quake (their other brands too, but I care about the D&Q's!) T-Shirts for sale. You can get them for $18 in small to extra-extra large (f
  • Brutal Doom Out! Spread the Love!
    Since I use the term " love " in the 4th meaning by Merriam-Webster, it fits!  The latest release is out today, as promised.  Head over to to download it .  I'm
    Hey, this Valentines Day (Feb 14th), be sure to check out for a new release of Brutal Doom ! If you don't know, Brutal Doom is an over-the-top-on-everything mod for Doom 1

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