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  • Doomed Symphony
    Oneofthe8devils posted a video on Youtube showing off Mars City Security footage to Doom 2 music remixes. Watch an enjoy! Download Mars City Security here .
  • Doom 3 on Three OS's at Once!
    Oneofthe8devils shows Doom 3 running multiplayer from three OS's at once. He's got a Linux server, Windows and Android clients. Sweet! Hard to imagine that in 2004 when Do
  • The Dark Mod 2.05 Out
    Now that you see the trailer, you'll want to know about all the neat stuff they've done: they've added hundreds of models for mappers to use, added a introductory mission
  • Doom ReBorn 1.6 Out
    We've got new levels E2M5, Map09, E1M4b (To get to E1M4b you have to find the easter egg in E1M3 or cheat by entering "Map e1m4b" in the command console & to get to E1M8b
  • Blade Yautja Stargate Screens!
    Bladeghost shows off three screenshots of a new WIP addon for his Alien vs Predator Doom 3 mod. They're looking pretty good (which is kind of expected at this point in his
  • Blade Yautja DLC Pack 1
    The Doom 3 Mod Blade Yautja has DLC, and it doesn't cost you a penny! This pack features a remake of the first three levels from the origional AvP by Rebellion . Be sure t
  • Blade Yautja New Screens and Video
    Bladeghost is showing off a DLC for his Doom 3 mod, Blade Yautja . The DLC being shown is name Black Mountain. There's not much info except for screens and video. You can
  • Doom Reborn Beta Out
    This Beta may have broken stuff for you all, so it's called a prerelease beta. You can get it exclusively over at DoomWadStation . Here's some WIP screens for you to enjoy
  • Doom Reborn Map Screenshots
    There's some more WIP shots of Doom Reborn maps over at Doom Reborn is a total conversion of the original Doom games for Doom 3. You can download the prebeta her
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy Source Released
    The source code for the indie game QC has been release less then two weeks after the game's release! QC has gotten good reviews and is available in Steam and direct from h
  • Perfected Doom v7 Released! + Source
     Two days ago we got a the trailer , now we get the mod! The list of changes is huge, so be sure to check the for all that, but highlights are: All weapons have
  • Perfected Doom v7 Trailer
    Perfected Doom is showing off a trailer for v7 of this Doom 3 enhancement mod.  Perfected Doom 3 reblances weapons, monsters, adds new features and has different gameplay
  • Codename: Doom WIP Shots
    The Doom 3 mod, Codename: DOOM , is a a project that aims to re-create the original DOOM under an improved id Tech 4 engine. It's not a simple direct conversion, it's redo
  • Arx - End of Sun Patch 1.4
    A patch has been released for Arx – End of Sun. Arx – End of Sun is based on Arx Fatalis by Arkane Studios . The download page gives instructions on how to install the pat
  • Hallowed Mod Beta 2.4 MP Patch
    A patch for the Doom 3 mod “Hallowed Mod” is out. This focuses on multiplayer, as the 2.3 patch focused on single player. You can download the patch here . Also released a
  • The Arx End of Sun (Beta) is released!
    A completely free and standalone game that is now available to download and play. Based on the game Arx Fatalis created by Arkane Studios. Note you do not need to have pla
  • Hallowed Mod 2.3 Beta is Out
    Now 5 levels of combat fun! A perfect thing to play while the new Doom is frustrating you with corrupted saves (and Doom 3 is guarantied to not put you in Developer Mode w
  • Interview with Prolific Dark Mod Mapper
    Modder nbohr1more interviews the Dark Mod mapper Goldwell who's on his fourth The Dark Mod custom mission, Accountant 2: New In Town . They also show some screens from two
  • Perfected Doom Updates
    VGames posted a list of all the new features that will be in Perfected Doom 3 v7. In fact, the only holdup he says is the Spider Mastermind, which, is my fault because I'm
  • Greatest Doom Mods of all Time
    I can say I don't agree with the list (I'm not up on newer, aka post 2004, D/D2 mods), but TkaZa over at has put together the list of his favorite Doom, Doom 2 &
  • Doom Reborn Progress
    GameHacker posts pictures of his Doom + Doom 2 remake, Doom Reborn, for Doom 3. For your viewing pleasure, here's a ton of screenshots showing map work in progress!      
  • Mars Security Post Release Summary
    Oneofthe8devils wants to let everybody know how thankful him and the team is for the reception of Mars Security. He's also posted some videos of the mod, one an hour long
  • Phantasm Beyond Patch
    Right off the heals of the mod release comes a patch to fix some issues that were in the initial release. The patch fixes: Reloading for the shotgun Recoil for the machine
  • Phantasm Beyond 2: The Neverdead Released
    Modder Bladeghost (you can also view his Youtube page) released his latest work, Phantasm Beyond 2: The Neverdead . This combines his mods Phantasm D3, Phantasm Beyond & P
  • Doom Reborn Progress Shots
    Game HacKeR's been posting some WIP map shots of his Doom 3 mod Doom Reborn over on No blurbs, just map shots. If you're curious about how some mappers work, he
  • Codename: DOOM Promo shot
    Got in my e-mail last night a shot from the yet un-announced Doom 3 mod “Codename: Doom”. It's showing the Doom 3 Cacodemon vs the mod's Cacodemon. Pretty slick! That's al
  • Bladeghost's Phantasm's mod to be a Standalone Game
    In a video released yesterday Bladeghost announced he's remaking his Phantasm mods as standalone and remastered. There's no info except the teaser trailer (below). So stay
  • Dhewm3 Doom 3 Client 1.4.0 Released
    The new version is out. Compared to stock Doom 3 (not BFG or BFG compatible) it supports: 64bit port SDL for low level OS support, OpenGL and input handling OpenAL for aud
  • Pretty Pretty Lights in Perfected Doom 3
    Some new media has been added to show off lighting and texture effects for Perfected Doom 3 . Light have been added to some monsters for an extra creepy “they're looking f
  • Mars City Security Released!
    Mars City Security Version Build Public Release Download MCS Windows Installer (793 MB) MCS Windows Installerless (790 MB) ReadMe.txt -------------
  • Perfected Doom 3 Pictures
    Some images of monster reskins from Perfected Doom 3 for your viewing pleasure.  
  • Sterlok's Mod Revamp
    Making Doom 3 prettier and a little more aimed towards realism. AI has been tweaked, more avoiding in the apparent “intelligent” monsters, HUD modified. You can view an ol
  • Phrozo Mod 2.0
    Phrozo Mod 2 is a graphical enhancement mod, and more specifically, a particle enhancement mod that is the successor to Phrozo's GFX mod and has vastly improved new partic
  • Mars City Security Release Date!
    September 27 th , put that day on your calendar so you can download Mars City Security ! In development for at least a couple years, it features coop, “Demonwars”, which p
  • Doom Reborn Pre-Beta v1.3
    Pre-Beta Version 1.3 is finely released, all though we couldn't get saves sorted for this release like me and Brent hoped, Or add the missing "X" from the Doom font we are
  • Mars City August 2015 Update
    Seems like yesterday we had the July update! This update shows off a remake of Doom's Hanger level, the first level of the map. Watch the video below to see modern shootin
  • New Release of the Hallowed Mod for Doom 3
    It's a “Beta” release. It's a simple player campaign with different gameplay then stock Doom 3. I liked the first release so I'll download and give this one a shot. When y
  • Mars City Security July Update
    Hello fellow space marines, last night was group screenshot time on the SPS servers with different MCS "Delta Squad" personnel shots taken at different locations throughou
  • Doom 3 BFG Hi Def Mod
    It includes RBDoom3BFG , the Perfected Doom 3 Texture Pack , the Wolfen Texture Pack , the Monoxead Texture Pack, the AAA Doom High Poly Models , Phrozo Effects and variou
  • Cool Zombies for Perfected Doom 3!
    Vgames posted on some new zombie work for Doom 3. He's adding some eye candy to them (if you can call it that to a zombie). Just look below!
  • Blender MD5 Import/Export Script for Blender 2.66+
    Solarplace (the man behind the Doom 3 mod Arx End of Sun ) posted on id Tech Forums about a new MD5 importer/exporter release. This one now supports the import/export of m
  • Perfected Doom 3 Update
    VGames posted on an update on his mod, Perfected Doom 3. PD3 attempts to completely overhaul the entire game with new monsters, rebalanced weapons, rebalanced mo
  • Mars City Security Gameplay Footage
    We've got Demonwars gameplay and Deathmatch gameplay footage. The Sacred Pixel Studios team has been busy reworking the netcode on Doom 3 to make it handle much better in
  • Doom 3 Content Packs: Star Wars and classic Doom
    Two Doom 3 content packs are in the works. One is based around the game Star Wars Battlefront and the other is based on the classic, Doom . Both content packs will contain
  • Doom Reborn Screens
    Some screenshots of map 6 of Doom Reborn are up on Doom Reborn is a remake of Doom and Doom 2 in Doom 3. The goal is to recreate them with new textures and new
  • More Vehicle Progress in Phaeton
    Motorsep is showing off some more vehicle progress via Youtube. Phaeton is the sequel to the Quake 1 powered Steel Storm: Burning Retribution . In these video we get to se
  • Small Fix for Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher
    Motorsep, author of the Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher and head developer/owner at KOT In Action posted on Twitter that an update for his Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher is on his forums
  • Doom 3 Venture February 2015 Update
    Before adding/developing more game assets (like new custom weapons, maps and game mechanics) Sacred Pixel Studios is first completely reworking the rudimentary idtech4 gam
  • D.R.A.P. Making Progress
    D.RA.P. stands for Doom(3) Rewrite Assets Project. In essence, to make an “Open” Doom 3 similar to FreeDoom or Open Arena . Modder Wintch has been working on it for severa
  • The Dark Mod 2.03 is Out!
    The team at Broken Glass Studios is very pleased to announce the latest update to TDM ! The update to 2.03 adds nearly nine months of new assets, features, and bugfixes. S
  • Doom 3 Automatic Map Builder V.0.8
    BloodRayne has released a new version of his Automatic Map Builder. It's the next version of the one he started on Doom3World. It's got some new features and he's taking b
  • (Mars City Security) idtech4 netcode rewrite progress update
    Hey to all MCS fans, Today we would like to showcase some of the new network code rewriting progress that we have been making with MCS. The first video (click “Read More”
  • HESK: Hyugaren Update
    We've got an update on progress for this GZDoom mod. We've got talk of new features, issues being resolved and new bugs that keep things interesting! You can read the whol
  • Introducing the Hallowed Mod
    Hallowed Mod is a single player Doom 3 Campaign which adds new textures, original music, a new mainmenu gui with a custom "wipe", new materials and particles, and some cus
  • Phaeton Self Driving Vehicle
    Eat your heart out google!  Motorsep from Kot-in-Action Creative Artel is showing off the self driving vehicle for his latest game, Phaeton .  Click "Read More" to see the
  • Keep an eye on Doom HD
    This was posted in the id Tech Forums site and it looks pretty neat. Doom HD isn't a remake, it's a continuation 20 years after Doom 64. It's using the Doom 3 engine as a
  • Doom ReBorn WIP Screens
    GameHacKer released some new screens showing working being done in the Doom+Doom2 remake for Doom 3. Click “Read More” to see the pictures. You can download the latest rel
  • D3 Chaos 1.1 Release
    The 1.1 version of D3 Chaos is out. The author calls it a “'tainted' 13 level episode of 'knee-deep in the dead' and further ...” D3 Chaos is a remake of Episode 1 of Doom
  • BladeYautja v1.2 Update
    Version 1.2 of the AvP inspired mod BladeYautja has been released. Bladeghost rebalanced some weapons and added a new targeting reticle, also adjusted some enemy variables
  • Doom Reborn Pre-Beta 1.1
    A new version of Doom Reborn is out. It features some new textures, tweaks to various maps, more Easter Eggs, and two new maps! Doom Reborn is a remake of Doom and Doom 2
  • Chaos for Doom 3 version 1
    Chaos for Doom 3, version 1 has been released. It's only a demo, not the final version, so the author wants you to remember that. It's 13 remade levels from Doom's “Knee D
  • D3 Chaos 99 release 3
    According to the readme, this is the last release before version 1.0. D3 Chaos is a “scary-trashy-remixed tributary version” of the original Doom episode “Knee-Deep in the
  • Doom 3 Chaos Pics and Release
    Doom 3 Chaos is a remake of Doom's Episode 1: “Knee Deep in the Dead”. Made from scratch and using only doom 3 assets. There's a bunch of pictures on their site
  • Mars Security Update was updated with some Mars Security goodness! A coop gameplay footage video was released (click “Read More” to watch it). A netcode rewrite is in progress and a
  • Mars Security Gameplay Video
    The WIP mod by Sacred Pixel Studios , Mars Security , released some gameplay footage. It's a coop mod (Sacred Pixel has a nack for MP mods!) for Doom 3. Not much has been
  • Blade Yautja Screens PLUS Art
    I didn't know Bladeghost was a classical artist, but he surprises us yet again with Predator fan art! First we've got a couple screens from the Doom3 mod Blade Yautja ( do
  • Zombie's Rocking Doom 3
    Zombie released a custom rock pack for modders all over! Not just Doom 3 (bust tested in Doom 3). The only catch is no for-profit work. If you're interested in selling som
  • Doom Reborn WIP Screens
    Four new screens of Map04 for Doom Reborn were posted on The basic goal of Doom Reborn is to recreate the original Doom and Doom 2 in the idTech4 engine with al
  • ModWiki Reboot with Doom3World Archive
    Modwiki , for those who don't know, what the wiki of Doom 3 tech modding content. It had information on entities and the like. It's slowly being rebuilt on a new site . Al
  • Doom 3 World BNA Tutorial Pack
    I took the Doom 3 World tutorials BNA wrote and made them in to PDF's. These include: Getting Started: your first box map Connecting two rooms, doors, and visportals Pipes
  • Blade Yautja Patch
    Blade Yautja already has a patch!  This Patch will enable the HUD in 3rd person view and keep the camera from clipping through the walls. This was meant to be included but
  • Blade Yautja 1.1 Released!
    It's been a long time coming, but it's finally out! I'm downloading as I type this. It's not finished downloading yet so I have no readme to post, but if you click “Read M
  • More Predator and Alien Goodness!
    Bladeghost shows off a bunch of Blade Yautja's goodness in screenshot form again! Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a different Universe with creatures with
  • Doom Reborn Pre Beta 1.0!
    A new release of Doom Reborn is out! Doom Reborn is Doom/Doom 2 remade in Doom 3. For this version all the textures have been updated, two new levels added (E1M9 & Map31),
  • Doom Reborn Showing off Menu Concept
    Doom Reborn show's off a concept for their Doom/Doom 2 remake. It's simple, it works, it's a video! Check it out by clicking “Read More”. Doom Reborn is a total conversion
  • Brace Yourself for Blade Yautja Media Explosion
    It's been a while since I posted some screens/videos from the mod and they've started to build up. So, click “Read More” to check out a ton of screenshots! Blade Yautja is
  • The Ultimate Doom3Edit Tutorial
    The words of the author, not mine (I haven't looked at it yet). HellKnightX posted a tutorial for Doom3Edit (the built in Doom 3 map editor) on . Head there to g
  • Doom Reborn Showing of... Centered Weapon!
    In the original Doom the weapon was centered, so Doom Reborn is trying to recreate that. With that attempt we've gotten pictures! Of course the old Doom guy was a south pa
  • Perfected Doom 3: New Features List
    The list of completed and expected features for the next version of Perfected Doom 3 has been posted. One of the bigger in developlemt features is the addition of Last Man
  • Blade Yautja Video!
    And some pic's, but it's an awesome video! The video is showing off the Antarctica level along with some SETI action. You can view the video by clicking “Read More”. There
  • Blade Yautja Screens
    More screenshots to show from this AvP based Doom 3 mod. Not sure about the rest of you but I'm getting eager for a release! Click “Read More” to see them. Blade Yautja is
  • More Blade Yautja Screens!
    Another couple days and more screenshots! These ones look familiar so a motion picture that came out some years ago, so go take a look! Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based ad
  • The Dark Mod 2.02 is Out! Plus More!
    Improvements and bug squashes is on the list for you  Dark Mod fans! Tired of memory leaks and game-save crashes? Taken out of the shadows and squashed. AI never notice yo
  • Blade Yautja Screens
    More screens of this AvP mod have flooded, so click “Read More” to see them! Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a different Universe with creatures
  • Blade Yautja Screenshots Galore
    More screens from the D3 AvP inspired mod,  Blade Yautja! Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a different Universe with creatures with advanced technology and
  • How to install Doom Reborn
    gamehacker wrote up a tutorial on how to install his mod Doom Reborn . It's a step-by-step guide (with pictures) of what to download and where to put it. You can read it o
  • Blade Yautja Screenshot Explosion
    More screenshots from Bladeghost's Aliens vs Predator inspired lastest creation. Click “Read More” to see them!
  • New Doom3 XP SP Map: The Nightmare Burrows
    A team effort between Zombie and his wife , it's a map that was an experiment in level design. Him and his wife would have ten seconds to add rooms to a whiteboard. Monste
  • Blade Yautja Screens Galore!
    More screens from the D3 AVP based mod, Blade Yautja , are out. Sweet looking as usual, click “Read More” to view them! Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based adventure from a d
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy over at
    Edge interviewed Bendon Chung of Blendo Games about his newest creation, Quadrilateral Cowboy . There's talk of gameplay, the history behind the game, has a couple of new
  • Doom Reborn Update: 0.841
    Some bugs were found in the 0.84 release so an update was released to fix those issues. You can download it over at .
  • id Tech Forums – Here for YOU
    With  Doom3World not back and knowing the admin has a busy and fulfilling life (wife + kids + good career can do that to ya. :) ), it was thought a good idea to start up s
  • Blade Yautja Screen Updates
    More screens for our favorite AvP inspired Doom 3 mod! :)  Click “Read More” to see them and be sure to check out all the screens over at Moddb and videos on Youtube !
  • Doom Reborn Update 0.84
    A new version of Doom Reborn was released several days ago . The new version has a bunch of updates and audio tweaks. There's also a separate update to fix an issue with E
  • More Blade Yautja Screens!
    Something tells me a release is near, there's been a ton of screen updates recently. Even a Youtube update! Click “Read More” to see the images and the video. Blade Yautja
  • Doom3Hell v2.1 Release
    No release notes on this, but the author says that it “is the same thirteen level set of v2.0 and yet is very great improvement in so many ways that its not even funny to
  • Blade Yautja Screens!
    We've got SIX new screens of this AvP inspired Doom 3 mod! Click “Read More” to take a look!
  • Weekly Uploads
    Every week there is a bunch of original/old Doom/Quake uploaded to Every week I just ignore them, not knowing what to do with them. I decided to make a weekly p
  • Doom3 Hell v2.0 ; , * Update
    A new version of the Doom3 Hell ; , * mod has been released. According to thee info by the author, it makes it much more stable then the previous version. You can download
  • Doom 3 Hellknight Remake
    Modder MATTEO has remade the iconic Hellknight from Doom 3. It's a model/skin remake from scratch and includes 4kx4k textures, a newer higher quality model install instruc
  • Blade Yautja Screen Updates
    bladeghost has got a very nice AvP look going with his latest Doom 3 mod. Rather then me explain how good they look, just click “Read More” to look at the images.  Blade Y
  • Doom3 Hell v1.1 ; , *
    Those aren't funny characters by accident, that's the mod's name. Doom 3 Hell ; , * is a 13 level mod that the author calls “a frightening military training exercise so fa
  • Scottish Geek Plays Doom 3
    You've seen those fake Doom 3 “It Scared Me” videos, not watch a play through with an accent! He's about an hour in to the game in three parts. Click “Read More” to watch
  • Super Doom Bros
    It's Super Mario Bros in Doom 3! Pretty neat looking, eh? What, don't know what I'm talking about? Click “Read More” to see it in action! :)
  • Visual Blade Yautja Updates
    Some new screens are posted for this Doom 3 AvP style mod. Click “Read More” to view them. The mod isn't released yet but it is looking pretty nice so keep an eye on this
  • Doom Reborn E1M7 Test Download
    You can get a gameplay test of the map E1M7 from the Doom Reborn mod. It has all the items and entities places, just needs some tweaking. Plus secrets. You can get the map
  • Blade Yautja (AvP) Update for Doom 3
    Previously just know as the AvP mod for Doom 3, bladeghost posted some video updates. The first video shows gameplay examples and the second showcases the over 30 new mons
  • Doom Reborn Update
    Lots of screen updates and a new version of Doom Reborn are out. This version has more areas to explore and bug fixes. Doom Reborn is Doom and Doom 2 for Doom 3. The goal
  • Doom 3 Tutorial: target_setinfluence
    HellknightX on wrote up a new tutorial on how to use the map entity “target_setinfluence”. “target_setinfluence” is what makes all those creepy sequences where y
  • No More Patches for Perfected Doom 3
    Because the next release will be a full release, no patch! Awesome, eh? From the small blurb on says that framerate issues will be fixed. Stay tuned!
  • Perfected Doom 3 Patch Soon, with your help.
    Straight from the author, VGames : I'm getting ready to release the long awaited patch to fix a few more bugs that have been brought to my attention. All patches made afte
  • AvP Mod Update
    Scythewraith posted an update on Youtube on his AvP Doom 3 mod. It shows off a map named “BladeYautja”. It's pretty impresive looking! To watch the video click “Read More”
  • Top 10 Things you're doing while Doom3World is Down
    Not sure about you, but I like Doom 3 modding.  More so then Quake 2 modding.  I find both enjoyable but Doom 3 made modding soooooooooo much more user friendly then the p
  • Thief Modding Contest lets you use... The Dark Mod!
    Square Enix and are having a thief contest to promote the new Thief game and The Dark Mod has been included! For the contest you submit a mod you made (a new on
  • Doom3World ain't dead!
    Doom3World has been down for several days. I e-mailed BNA, the man who host the site and he said a DOS attack took down the server. His host is currently replacing the ser
  • Predator on the loose
    Another video showing off the “test” of Aliens vs Predator in Doom 3 is out on youtube. It shows some cloaking and friendlies who fight along side you. This mod is an expe
  • Doom Reborn 0.83 Release
    Doom Reborn has a new release for us. Click “Read More” for the whole updates list, but the “big” updates are two version of E1M6, one for high end computers and one for l
  • Hexen: Edge of Chaos Update
    The D3 Hexen mod wanted to let everybody know that even though 2013 wasn't a very great year for the mod, 2014 promises to be better! Maps are coming along well and they'v
  • Doom Reborn Progress
    This is an older Doom 3 mod that recreates Doom and Doom 2 in Doom 3. Before this month the last update was in 2006, but it's still making progress! There's some new scree
  • Predator Movie Minigun in Doom 3
    bladeghost aparently liked the Predator movies so much (who doesn't?) that he remade 'ole Painless , the minigun from the movie, in Doom 3 to replace the stock minigun. Aw
  • Mars City Security Update
    It's a day or or older, but here it is! Oneofthe8devilz has posted a status update for the mod Mars City Security . MSC is a coop Doom 3 mod (the last in development?) tha
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy “Ghost” video
    This game keeps amazing me. I haven't seen anything particular like it in decades, maybe never. Brendon shows a video of the player interacting with a view terminal, then
  • Doom'n on your 'Droid
    That's right, you can now play Doom 3 on your Android device. Check out the source port called DIII4A on the Google Play store. I've tried the other id GPL source ports Pr
  • Desolated – The Crying Fate Released for Doom 3
    It was said it would come out this week, and just on the last day of the week it was ! Desolated is the long awaited Doom 3 mod that features multiple game mods and a ques
  • Desolated: The Crying Fate Out Next Week
    The Doom 3 mod, Desolated: The Crying Fate , is announced to be released next week. Desolated has been in development for seven years. There's three game modes, about 6-7
  • Patch for Doom 3 Prometheus Mod
    A patch for this famous Doom 3 mod has been released. It's a single player only patch that fixes some bugs that were discovered in the missions. For details on how to inst
  • Bladeghost showing off Bladerunner
    Bladeghost, the man behind the 17 Ghosts , Phantism , Event Horizon and Prometheus Doom 3 Mods is showing off his latest work based off the movie Bladerunner. It's just an
  • Doom 3 BFG Tech Notes
    Jan Paul Van Waveren (id Software) shares his technical notes about Doom III BFG over at Fabien Sanglard's website . At the bottom of the page is a list of D3 technical pu
  • New Prometheus Doom 3 Mod Shots
    Hey, this came out of left field, new screenshots from new work on Prometheus Doom 3! When asked if the other release was final, bladeghost said that it was “ released as
  • Survival Horror on a Cruise Ship Update
    In an unexpected news item, Julien "Monty" Lemay posted a new video (click "Read More") for his Doom 3 survival horror mod. In the video he shows off keyboard hotkets for
  • Final Release of the Doom 3 Realism Mod
    tehstrelok released the final version of his Doom 3 Realism Mod. It improves the AI, graphics, and weapons. You can download it over at GameBanana and give feedback over a
  • CED Asset Pack Update
    chimueloeldragon2011 released an update to his asset pack . It fixes a whole bunch of bugs he found while playing with it. The asset pack is a bunch of Doom 3 tweaks, upda
  • What is The Dark Mod?
    With more Thief news due to the E3 coverage of Thief 4, many folks have been discussing The Dark Mod. Here is a small video to answer some basic questions about this proje
  • Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key Source Code Release
    Yesterday was the mod's final release, today is the code release . You can download it over at Doom3World. It's free for other D3 modders to use. For a list of features cl
  • Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key Released
    The final free version of Grimm is released! You need Doom 3 1.3.1 to play. To read the full press release click “Read More”. Head over to to download !  Full so
  • Grimm Trailer Released
    Here's the final trailer for the D3 mod/game Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key.  It's looking pretty sweet!  Can't wait!  Click "Read More" to watch the trailer.
  • CED Doom 3 Assets Pack Released
    The CED Assets Pack is what modder chimueloeldragon2011 has come up with as popular tweaks for his mods. Due to popular demand, he's releasing these tweaks for Doom 3 modd
  • Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key on track for Release
    Back in March we were promised a finished version of Grimm for July 1 st . Well, looks like we'll have it! According to the author, Bloodrayne, it runs about five hours fo
  • The Dark Mod: Crucible of Omens Updates
    The Dark Mod team has put out an update on about what they've been up to. It's all in pretty screenshots, so click “Read More” to see them. In other TDM news, 30
  • Sacred Pixel Studio Needs YOU
    They're looking for a Doom 3 (id tech 4) C++ programmer, a PAID position, to do some client and network coding. Head over to to see the full press release.
  • Doom 3 goes Vroooooom!
    Doom 3 modder 7318 has put up code that starts to implement vehicles in the D3 GPL code base. He's added new sound effects, added a subclass for cars so you can use the ba
  • Doom 3 Mars City Security Update
    Oneofthe8Devils posted an update to his Doom 3 mod, Mars Security , on . The MCS project currently has iron sights for weapons. They're also working on impr
  • Doom 3 BFG Code Review
    Fabien Sanglard has been busy with id source codes over the past several years. He's broken down and reviews all their GPL releases and now he's done a D3:BFG review . I h
  • Doom 3 Realism Pack v2 Update
    The Doom 3 Realism Pack released an update, full of realistic goodness! A couple of notable features are limb based damage, ammo pickups represent realistic ammo amounts a
  • ZizZ's Doom 3 Bad Dream
    A new map by (famed) Doom 3 mapper ZizZ. We only have two images but they're good looking. He normally takes a decent amount of time to put together a map and puts a lot o
  • Dark Mod April Update
    The Dark Mod team has been hard at work on the standalone release. They've been replacing assets with higher quality ones. It's been a team and community effort with commu
  • Prometheus Beta Available!
    It's here, a beta of the long-awaited Prometheus mod by modder Bladeghost (also author of the Evernt Horizon and Phantism mods). I'm downloading it now so I can't comment
  • Prometheus: Behind the Scenes
    We've got a behind the scenes video on Youtube! It shows editor shots, WIP's, raw assets and the like. It's just under two minutes long, you can check it out here . Also,
  • Survival Horror on a Cruise Ship
    A new Doom 3 mod/standalone is in the works. Based on the work of author Yahtzee Croshaw, “ Survival Horror on a Cruise Ship ”, the mod places the player on a cruise ship,
  • Desolated – The Crying Fate Released for Doom 3
    It was said it would come out this week, and just on the last day of the week it was ! Desolated is the long awaited Doom 3 mod that features multiple game mods and a ques
  • The Dark Mod Crucible of Omens: Progress Report
    Yesterday we got an update on Crucible of Omens for The Dark Mod. Crucible of Omens is a mission pack for The Dark Mod. According to the update, the team is considering re
  • New Hexen: Edge of Chaos Teaser!
    They posted this yesterday but it wasn't finished processing so I didn't post it. They've got a new teaser for their next release, the Cleric's levels.   Click “more” to v
  • Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates
    Images galore, and a video! You can check them out by clicking “more”.
  • What if Zombie made a D3 map...
    No, not a D3 zombie, but the D3 mapper, and professional level designer, Zombie13 (did some work on Quake Wars and currently works for a major game studio). He likes to pl
  • Oculus Rift released Dev Kit doesn't support D3
    The VR headset that used Doom 3 BFG as a kind of poser child in showing what it could do, isn't actually supporting Doom 3 BFG in the released development kits and thus wo
  • Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates
    Time for some more Prometheus Doom 3 shots. Click “more” to see them or head on over to for higher quality ones.
  • Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates
    We've got a nice looking red space suit to show off.  No word if it's playable in game, but it sure does look good!  Click "more" for the picture.
  • Scottish Geek Plays Doom 3
    You've seen those fake Doom 3 “It Scared Me” videos, not watch a play through with an accent! He's about an hour in to the game in three parts. Click “Read More” to watch
  • Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates
    Time for more media updates from the Prometheus mod.  This time we've got the player entering an alien ship , the control panel to move around the chair (Space Jokey chair
  • Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates
    We've got some more media updates for the Prometheus D3 mod.  Click "more" for pictures and a video!
  • Beneath Hell's Sky (D3) Walkthrough is Released
    We've got a walkthrough of the Doom 3 mod " Beneath Hell's Sky " done by Pauls Gaming.  It's a mod where you must fight your way out of (you guess it) Hell.  The videos ar
  • Doom Reborn Update 0.84
    A new version of Doom Reborn was released several days ago . The new version has a bunch of updates and audio tweaks. There's also a separate update to fix an issue with E
  • Prometheus Doom 3 Media Updates
    More media for your viewing pleasure.  You can view them at or click more to see the pictures. The mod's looking pretty good, great infact.  It's great to compar
  • S.T.A.R. 1088 D3 Mod: Interface and Gameplay
    Chimueloeldragon2011 posted on an article the GUI design of his Doom 3 mod and what the gameplay will be like.  He alsp wants everyone to know that it's still a
  • Doom 3 SP Map: Trauma Center
    It's still a work in progress but it's looking quite nice.  Origionally started as a speed map and evolved in to something a little more complex.  The plan is to release a
  • More Blade Yautja Screens!
    Another couple days and more screenshots! These ones look familiar so a motion picture that came out some years ago, so go take a look! Blade Yautja is an idTech4 based ad
  • Blade Yautja Video!
    And some pic's, but it's an awesome video! The video is showing off the Antarctica level along with some SETI action. You can view the video by clicking “Read More”. There
  • UAC Love on your Android
    I recieved word of a UAC app for your Android device .  It's a LiveWallpaper and Daydream that displays the infamous UAC-Lockscreen and reacts to the battery-state of the
  • Doom Reborn Pre Beta 1.0!
    A new release of Doom Reborn is out! Doom Reborn is Doom/Doom 2 remade in Doom 3. For this version all the textures have been updated, two new levels added (E1M9 & Map31),
  • Prometheus Showing off some new Screens
    Bladeghost is showing off two new screens from his film-inspired mod. Check them out!
  • Blade Yautja 1.1 Released!
    It's been a long time coming, but it's finally out! I'm downloading as I type this. It's not finished downloading yet so I have no readme to post, but if you click “Read M

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