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  • Bethesda wants your Doom crash logs
    With the bugs that are happening with Doom, a recent update setup the game so it should create crash logs in the “%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base” folder.
  • Scottish Geek your Doom
    Youtube channel ScottishGeeks got Doom and is giving it a play through. They've done some other Doom stuff over the years and have some fun play through videos. So, if you
  • I'll be in Doom tonight
    My beta's all set, just need to wait another hour.  I'll be "The Happy Friar" so if you see me say hi!  :D
  • Doom 4 Alpha leaked?
    Game HacKer sends report that an alpha of Doom 4 is released. He's saying it's not the MP beta people have played, seems it was from before. It almost seems moot to even p
  • Doom (4) will have 17 single player missions
    According to Guru 3D . How long will that last? Beth/id says ~13 hours so I'd say ~6-8 (based on previous games I've played faster then what was said by developers/publish
  • Doom 4 Release Date (?)
    From id on my twitter feed: I guess that means May 13th. They didn't specify a year so hopefully they're not pulling a Valve.  ;) EDIT: BTW, new trailer & preorder availab
  • The Level Design of Doom (4)
    Saw on twitter today a Game Informer video interview about the level design behind Doom. It's rather short (~3 minutes) but if you're like me and not seeing much so you ca
  • Build It Yourself With DOOM SnapMap
    Bethesda gets in to some more depth on the new Doom SnapMap editor . This is for the new Doom coming out in 2016. The editor will work on all platforms. I'm personally hop
  • Doom (4) Screens 4 U
    Enjoy!  Some high res screens & a piece of art for you!  To view in high res right click & open in a new tab/window.
  • Doom (4) E3 Goodies
    Thanks to oneofthe8devils on the id Tech Forums for posting videos from E3. We've got some single player footage, multiplayer footage, a new trailer, and a new map editor
  • Doom (4) Gameplay Teaser
    More footage will be shown at E3.  Nothing much in the teaser, you've got a double barrel shotgun reload and a single monster, but it's something!
  • Doom 4 Teaser shown at E3
    Thanks to motorsep for letting me know D4 will have something at E3 .  A teaser has been released showing (my guess) the Cyber Demon.  With a classic Doom door sound.  Swe
  • Doom (presume 4) Beta Key included with new Wolfenstein Preorder
    (Straight from the press release I got) We’re pleased to announce Wolfenstein: The New Order, the  first-person action-adventure shooter , will be available in North Ameri
  • Doom 4 Update(?)
    Kotaku has a Doom 4 status “update” that doesn't sound very pretty. It's got lots of unnamed sources saying what's wrong with the game's development. I'd be happier with n

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