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  • Doom 3 BFG Min Art Assets For Free
    Brendon Chung ( Blendo Games ) has released The Doom 3 BFG Edition Starter Kit . Just like his Doom 3 Starter Kit, it's a set minimum assets to run the engine and allow yo
  • Doom 3 on Three OS's at Once!
    Oneofthe8devils shows Doom 3 running multiplayer from three OS's at once. He's got a Linux server, Windows and Android clients. Sweet! Hard to imagine that in 2004 when Do
  • The Dark Mod 2.05 Out
    Now that you see the trailer, you'll want to know about all the neat stuff they've done: they've added hundreds of models for mappers to use, added a introductory mission
  • Qbism of QuakeExpo 2016 Interview
    Qbism, the one that managed getting Quake Expo 2016 off the ground, gave me some time for an interview.  We cover his begignings in Quake, Quake Expo, and more! Click the
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy Source Released
    The source code for the indie game QC has been release less then two weeks after the game's release! QC has gotten good reviews and is available in Steam and direct from h
  • Quake for VR iOS is Out
    It's known as “ Slip and Frag ” by Heriberto Delgado. It requires a VR case based on Google Cardboard , the .pak files from Shareware / retail Quake , and an iOS enabled g
  • Overdose New Year Updates
    It's been a while but Overdose has some news about tools and engine upgrades. I don't want to post all the info here (as it's a lot) but, to sum it up: they've got a new c
  • Warsow 2.0 Released
    Warsow, the Qfusion (Quake GPL engine) powered free shooter, released it's 2.0 version . It's got over 150 new features after a year and a half of tests & improvements. Se
  • Dhewm3 Doom 3 Client 1.4.0 Released
    The new version is out. Compared to stock Doom 3 (not BFG or BFG compatible) it supports: 64bit port SDL for low level OS support, OpenGL and input handling OpenAL for aud
  • IqeBrowser 2.11 Out
    What is IqeBrowser? IqeBrowser is a program to browse IQE, IQM (Inter-Quake Model format) and many other 3D models. Any 3D model can be saved as IQM (a binary format) or I
  • Doom 3 BFG Hi Def v 2.0 and Tutorials
    Another version of Doom 3 BFG Hi Def has been released. D3BFG-HD takes many of the non-BFG Doom 3 high quality add ons and makes them D3BFG compatible in a single mod. I d
  • Brutal Doom v20 is out
    It's only the mod, not the promised maps for the Starter Pack, but it's still Brutal doom ! What is Brutal Doom? It's Doom, but the gore and action ramped up! It's one you
  • Treasure of the Hellbeast
    Treasure of the Hellbeast is a top/down monster smasher done by Shpuld for the Ludum Dare. The theme was “An Unconventional Weapon.” Ludum Dare is a game jam where you hav
  • Knightmare Quake 2 New Release
    Knightmare reloaded the latest version of his Quake 2 engine, version 20 Update 7 . You can click “Read More” to see the changelog. It focuses on multiplayer as KMQ2 has b
  • Brutal Doom v20 Trailer, Released on June 5th
    Sergeant_Mark_IV announced June 5 th is the release date. A trailer was released now (click “Read More” to watch). v20 will will have a Starter Pack that lets you “unzip a
  • Phaeton Updates
    Motorsep has been busy working on his latest game, Phaeton . It's the sequel to Steel Storm: Burning Retribution . For these videos we're seeing GUI and inventory updates.
  • Stop. SUPERQOT time!
    Thanks to GameHacKeR from the comments for pointing it out (and me forgetting to see if Func_Msgboard has anything new :p ). SUPERQOT is a Quake mod that only lets the any
  • DemonSteele 0.8 Out
    The Demon killing excitement begins ! This release is “bursting” with content and boasts a changelog 2x longer then previous. You can view some in game screens by clicking
  • Release Candidate of KMQuake2 Released
    Knightmare, the author of the Quake 2 GPL Engine KMQ2 released a test release today . If it goes well it will be the next official release. KMQ2 was started soon after the
  • More Vehicle Progress in Phaeton
    Motorsep is showing off some more vehicle progress via Youtube. Phaeton is the sequel to the Quake 1 powered Steel Storm: Burning Retribution . In these video we get to se
  • Doom 3 Venture February 2015 Update
    Before adding/developing more game assets (like new custom weapons, maps and game mechanics) Sacred Pixel Studios is first completely reworking the rudimentary idtech4 gam
  • D.R.A.P. Making Progress
    D.RA.P. stands for Doom(3) Rewrite Assets Project. In essence, to make an “Open” Doom 3 similar to FreeDoom or Open Arena . Modder Wintch has been working on it for severa
  • The Dark Mod 2.03 is Out!
    The team at Broken Glass Studios is very pleased to announce the latest update to TDM ! The update to 2.03 adds nearly nine months of new assets, features, and bugfixes. S
  • Rune of Earth Magic Back in Development
    It's back! RoEM hasn't been worked on in three years but the author decided to pick up the torn, get it's flame going and go back to work! You can see all the screens and
  • HESK: Hyugaren Update
    We've got an update on progress for this GZDoom mod. We've got talk of new features, issues being resolved and new bugs that keep things interesting! You can read the whol
  • Alien Arena Screen Showoff
    Alien Arena has posted several screenshots over at .  They're looking pretty sweet!  Click "Read More" to check them out. Alien Arena is a standalone that combin
  • DemonSteele almost at 0.75 release.
    Never heard of this one until now and DemonSteele looks sweeeeeet! Instead of your standard array of guns that go bang, you get a sword to hack your “friends” to bits! Des
  • Phaeton Self Driving Vehicle
    Eat your heart out google!  Motorsep from Kot-in-Action Creative Artel is showing off the self driving vehicle for his latest game, Phaeton .  Click "Read More" to see the
  • HESK: Hyugaren Changes
    Hyugaren is a Zdoom mod that has some big changes underway. Most notability is that they're not using Zdoom any more, they're switching over to GZDoom ! Advantages of this
  • ModWiki Reboot with Doom3World Archive
    Modwiki , for those who don't know, what the wiki of Doom 3 tech modding content. It had information on entities and the like. It's slowly being rebuilt on a new site . Al
  • Brutal Doom's Drippy Blood
    On v19 the dripping blood always looked the same and had an annoying sound. Now the blood will drip in different amounts depending of how much blood has hit the ceiling, a
  • OverDose has Sound!
    Editors to be more specific, sound editors. It has a new sound system build from the ground up and that includes a new in game speaker editor and reverb editor. It also no
  • Yet Another 3D Adventure Game Update + Code Release: 1.51
    Ya3dag is out with 1.51. It come in Linux and Windows. The most notable change is the support of IQM models. You can get the Windows and Linux versions on along
  • Quake “Epsilon” 2.52 Released
    Epsilon is a Quake mod that combines a bunch of other Quake mods/content to make it super pretty. Eye candy galore. It's not just Quake either, it's the expansion and a bu
  • The Dark Mod 2.02 is Out! Plus More!
    Improvements and bug squashes is on the list for you  Dark Mod fans! Tired of memory leaks and game-save crashes? Taken out of the shadows and squashed. AI never notice yo
  • More Alien Arena Eye Candy Goodies!
    Three new screenshots of characters models! Those high poly aliens are looking pretty pretty. Great job COR! Click “Read More” to check them out!  Alien Arena is an open s
  • Storm Engine 2 at first glance
    Motorsep of KOT posted a video showing off the new functions in the Doom 3 BFG GPL based engine, Storm Engine 2. It's being used for the sequel to Steel Storm: Burning Ret
  • Warsow 1.51 Released
    With improvements and bugfixes, the latest version of Warsow (the Quake GPL powered shooter) is out for release. This release features a revamped Padpork character, update
  • Update about Steel Storm 2 (now Phaeton)
    It's mostly been work on the tech up until now. You can click “Read More” to see the changelog but the really cool one (I think) is that tools are now in the engine (based
  • The Space Pirate Neo version 0.1.2a Alpha
    This is a new release for The Space Pirate that updates the Zandronum version to be near identical to the G/ZDoom version. You can download it over at   The Spac
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy over at
    Edge interviewed Bendon Chung of Blendo Games about his newest creation, Quadrilateral Cowboy . There's talk of gameplay, the history behind the game, has a couple of new
  • The Space Pirate Update, Art and How To
    We've got a video showing you how to play The Space Pirate this time. Throw in a new version (0.1.2e) and some art for the main lead and you've got your self a worthy upda
  • Quoth 2.2 Released
    Quoth version 2.2 is out! This is a spit-and-polish release, with some new features to play with, but the emphasis on refining the Quoth 2 content, re-balancing some monst
  • The Space Pirate 0.1.2b
    Latest version here . It's got a nice list of features, not limited to new weapons, new abilities, melee attacks for all weapons and a Lost Soul visual upgrade. They recom
  • The Space Pirate for Doom: How to
    A Doom mod I've never heard of, “The Space Pirate”, is now on and has a tutorial on how to play it. It's a melee based combat mod that allows attack combinations
  • Q3A on Blackberry Pi Winner!
    In February I posted about a competition with Q3A GPL & the Raspberry Pi . Well, the winner has been announced. Simon Hall is the winner! Congratulations! You can read all
  • Doom Compile Project
    The team behind the Doom 1 as 1 level, and Doom 2 as one level project wrote up a small article about what they're technically doing and why they're doing it. You can read
  • Make Q3A run on a Blackberry Pi and you could win!
    Hey, I didn't even know what a Blackberry Pi was before this (have an old Tracfone), but it looks pretty cool. Broadcom released the full documentation and graphic stack s
  • QuakeJS, a post of ioquake3 to Javascript
    It's pretty darn cool! Bluemeanies over at Tastyspleen posted about this: Quake 3 Arena, in a browser, ported to Javascript. You can head to the Quakejs site and give it a
  • Doom3World ain't dead!
    Doom3World has been down for several days. I e-mailed BNA, the man who host the site and he said a DOS attack took down the server. His host is currently replacing the ser
  • The Dark Mod 2.01!
    Hey, it's time for a patch for.. The Dark Mod! It's just a bug fix patch but that's still welcome. You can read the full update on along with some map updates th
  • Yet Another 3D Adventure Game Release, 1.50
    Ya3dag (for short) has another release, 1.50. This is a 3D game for you players and toolkit for you game makers and wanna be game makers out there, based around Quake 2. C
  • Alien Arena Gen 3 Cyborg
    COR is showing off the new and improved Generation 3 Cyborg. Looks pretty sweet! I can't wait to get my hands on these Gen 3 baddies! Click “Read More” to see the pic! Ali
  • Doom One Shots
    Bambamalicious is showing some new shots from Doom One , the Doom mod that makes the episodes single levels. The new shots are of a new Zombie Scientists for the mod and a
  • More Alien Arena Graphical Updates
    I've got some more Alien Arena graphical updates for you. They're showing off some updated pictures of the Human Commander, the Alien Overlord and the Slashbot. Alien Aren
  • Mars City Security Update
    It's a day or or older, but here it is! Oneofthe8devilz has posted a status update for the mod Mars City Security . MSC is a coop Doom 3 mod (the last in development?) tha
  • GtkRadiant 1.6.4 Released
    GtkRadiant 1.6.4 official stable build has been released! They wish to thank Jay Dolan ( Quake2World developer) for his effort in bring Quake2World, Quake 2 and MacOS X su
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy “Ghost” video
    This game keeps amazing me. I haven't seen anything particular like it in decades, maybe never. Brendon shows a video of the player interacting with a view terminal, then
  • The 24th Day of Christmas
    The final day of Quaddicted's advent calender is brought to us by Spirit . He's showing off the Quake engine reQuim by jdhack. It's for Windows and Linux, tab-completion i
  • Doom:One 0.4 Release
    The 0.4 release brings us the new episode presented in the Doom retail release, Ultimate Doom. Now, you can play 'Thy Flesh Consumed' as a single map! Awesome! Doom:One is
  • DOOM:ONE WIP Shots
    He posts on a regular basis over at , but he posted a batch just recently so I wanted to help spread the image loving. Here's five shots of some WIP for DOOM:ONE
  • Doom'n on your 'Droid
    That's right, you can now play Doom 3 on your Android device. Check out the source port called DIII4A on the Google Play store. I've tried the other id GPL source ports Pr
  • Alien Arena Tourney at Winter Dreamhack
    The Quake 2 GPL powered indie game Alien Arena is going to be at Winter Dreamhack in Sweden, starting November 28th to December 1st. Dreamhack is the largest (?) gaming fi
  • Quake2World new feature: In Game Realtime Material Editing
    Hey, this is something id modders have wanted for a long time! Jay Dolan posted on the Quake 2 Cafe about a new feature that displays a popup window in game so you can mod
  • Doom One New Release: 0.3
    Doom One, the Doom mod that combines entire episodes in to a single level, released a new update . Also, he's posted some images of work in progress tweaks. Click “Read Mo
  • The Dark Mod is no longer a Mod!
    That's right kiddies, the famed “The Dark Mod” is now 100% standalone from Doom 3! What does this mean? You don't need Doom 3 any more to play it. How do you get this awes
  • Blendo Games Interview: Brendon Chung
    Hey, I got a chance to interview Brendon Chung of Blendo Games .  He's the one behind the Quake 2 GPL powered Gravity Bone , it's sequel Thirty Flights of Loving , a new D
  • Brutal Doom on October 31st
    Yes, it was delayed from last month, but the awesome trailer he made makes up for that. Brutal Doom is the Doom 1/2 mod that takes the gore, cranks it up to 10, then ties
  • Alien Arena: Combat Editition and Tactical Alpha
    The newest release of Alien Arena, subtitles Combat Edition is out! A demo of the still work in progress Tactical Arena is also released! Tactical Arena is a team based AA
  • OverDose Shows Off Real Time FX System
    Well, all FX are real time, but this one lets you change the paritcle/FX scripts and have the engine up date the visual in game in real time! Pretty cool! Click “Read More
  • UFO: Alien Invasion Monthly Update
    Hey, it's time for the monthly UFO:AI update. There's a ton of updates this month! For the full list of their fixes, tweaks and what not, check out the list on .
  • UFO: Alien Invasion Need You
    The team wants some Linux assistance. They're working on having their game an official Debian release and a member of the Debian Games Team wants users to test some instal
  • Steel Storm DLC Progress Report
    You can tell school is fast approaching when “progress” and “report” are in the same sentence. This isn't school though, so it's a good thing. Steel Storm, the top/down Da
  • SCOURGE looking for help
    SCOURGE is a commercial, independent, Quake 2 powered psychological thriller, and these guys are asking for help. They're looking for mappers and some coordinators (manage
  • Alien Arena: Tactical going in to Alpha
    Sorry I didn't post this sooner, but COR Entertainment's alien shooter is coming out with the alpha of their latest release. AA: Tactica l is a blend of standard shooter a
  • Ya3ag Updates
    Yet Another 3D Adventure Game, the Quake 2 based GPL adventure game and toolkit, has released some more updates. This time they boast a 2 to 5x higher framerate improvemen
  • Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key on track for Release
    Back in March we were promised a finished version of Grimm for July 1 st . Well, looks like we'll have it! According to the author, Bloodrayne, it runs about five hours fo
  • UFO: Alien Invasion Updates for May
    The UFO:AI team posted the SVN updates for May on . Lots of fixes, translations and tweaks. Click “Read More” to see the whole changelog, head over to their site
  • Sacred Pixel Studio Needs YOU
    They're looking for a Doom 3 (id tech 4) C++ programmer, a PAID position, to do some client and network coding. Head over to to see the full press release.
  • 3D Quake 2... On your smart phone!
    Who needs one of those expensive 3D headsets when someone coded a copy of Quake 2 to be stereo 3D on their smart phone! Stefan Welker made Q2 support stereo images, rigged
  • Left 4 Quake Screen Updates
    While they're working on the engine and features they posted two new screenshots of progress. The first is transparent shiny glass and the other is differing impact decals
  • Doom 3 Mars City Security Update
    Oneofthe8Devils posted an update to his Doom 3 mod, Mars Security , on . The MCS project currently has iron sights for weapons. They're also working on impr
  • UFO: Alien Invasion Monthly Update
    It's that time of the month again (hehehe) for the Alien Invasion Update! For April they had a total of 189 commits. Click “read more” for the full update list. On a semi-
  • Left 4 Quake Screeny Updates
    More screenshots from the PSP/PC Quake GPL based shooter, Left 4 Quake. Click “read more” to see them in their zombie goodness!
  • Doom 3 BFG Code Review
    Fabien Sanglard has been busy with id source codes over the past several years. He's broken down and reviews all their GPL releases and now he's done a D3:BFG review . I h
  • Steel Storm: Burning Retribution turns 2 and we get a Present!
    For the second anniversary of SS:BR we get an Android version! I don't own an Android device (I'm “stone age”, still have a desktop!) but I thoroughly enjoyed the PC versi
  • The Left 4 Quake updates keep coming!
    I couldn't post this yesterday because of internet issues, but the Left for Quake team is showing how fast they're re-implementing older features. Click “more” for screens
  • Left 4 Quake's hitting the Reset Button
    That's right, L4Q is starting over from scratch... in the code department! The team says that they've learned so much that the most efficient thing to do is rewrite the Qu
  • UFO: Alien Invasion March Update
    The skinny on what was fixed/updated in March has been posted on Click “more” to see all the latest fixes to the Quake 2 GPL powered strategy game. Maps +africa
  • Left 4 Quake's got that bug that's going around....
    The one that causes excretions on the in and out's of happy living people. For proof, they've got screen shots of the vomit sliding down the player's POV. Yuk! Click “more
  • Dark Mod April Update
    The Dark Mod team has been hard at work on the standalone release. They've been replacing assets with higher quality ones. It's been a team and community effort with commu
  • Alien Arena Tourney at Winter Dreamhack
    The Quake 2 GPL powered indie game Alien Arena is going to be at Winter Dreamhack in Sweden, starting November 28th to December 1st. Dreamhack is the largest (?) gaming fi
  • Your February UFO: Alien Invasion Update
    The February update is over on and they're gearing up for the 2.5 release. Check out for the complete list.
  • Yet Another 3D Adventure Game Release
    The full version of Ya3dag 1.41 is out, along with the source code .  Remember, the big changeup this release is the Real Time Shadows, so be sure to check it out! Release
  • Yet Another 3D Adventure Game has Shadows
    The Q2 GPL game Ya3dag will be featuring a ray tracing shadow feature in it's next realease.  The video is a little choppy and it doesn't say if that's due to the shadows
  • Alien Arena Mercury Edition Released!
    The latest version of Alien Arena is out with, to quote the developers "heavily focuses on performance improvements nearly too astronomical to believe." Well, no more wait
  • Overdose showing off gib models
    You can check out the images and see more pictures over at .
  • UFO Alien Invasion Monthly Update
    The UFO Alien Invasion Q2 GPL game gave us their monthly update on . We're gearing up now for 2.5's release. It's not imminent, but we're starting to talk about

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