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  • [LvL Updates] Four! (sort of)
    Four releases have been add to ..::LvL - Two of the releases are modified versions of the same authors earlier work. Another one of the levels is a very old test map that
  • New Quake Single Player Map: Der Wanderer Uber Dem Sauremeer
    From Func_Msgboard : World renowned Hawaiian zoo-keeper, extreme-metal online DJ and power-plant technician (think Homer Simpson with urban camo shorts) IONOUS has release
  • New Quake SP maps for you to enjoy!
    Func_Msgboard always has some awesome maps, now we've got more! First off is Tomb of Fenrir by Giftmacher ( download ) for use with the Arcane Dimension mod. Second is Nya
  • New Quake 1 SP: EthycsOfL3gaci
    Func_Msgboard posts about a new Quake map. It was a canceled DM map that was converted to SP. Short and fun. You can download it from Quaketastic and leave comments over a
  • Retro Jam 5 & New Quake SP Map
    Func_Msgboard posts about a new Ratro Jam mappack release . The theme was “Wind Tunnels.”. You've got some screenshots to view and you can download the map pack here .   W
  • [LvL Updates] What election?
    As an escape for "that" election, here is an ..::LvL update - A fair bunch of maps are included and should be more than enough to keep you away from everything else that i
  • Two new Quake 1 Maps
    Func_Msgboard posted two new Quake SP maps. The first map is named “ Infernal Ascent .” You can download it here and be sure to check out the author's blog . Screenshots b
  • New Q1SP: Requiem By Gotshun
    Func_Msgboard posts about a new Quake map. He author says 3 maps but I count 4 + a new start map. I've got a couple screens to view. The author says it's a “thank you” to
  • Interview with Prolific Dark Mod Mapper
    Modder nbohr1more interviews the Dark Mod mapper Goldwell who's on his fourth The Dark Mod custom mission, Accountant 2: New In Town . They also show some screens from two
  • [LvL Updates] Easter Eggs at ..::LvL
    A little something for your Easter at ..::LvL - Two maps (well, technically 4 maps) are from the same author and are full of brush work, just a little lacking in game play
  • Quake Single Player Map: Runic Fear
    Team Fortress (the first TF, not the watered down HL remake) mapper super released his first single player map named “Runic Fear.” He wanted to only take about a month to
  • New Quake Map: Root of all Evil: Infernal Science (part 1)
    I like new map! To quote the author in hos post from Func_Msgboard : I like cheesy horror movies of 80th. You know the kind - every ancient burial ground has a house right
  • New Quake Single Player Map: The Elder Reality
    Quake mapper PulSar posts on Func_Msgboard that he has redone his QuakeJam map. He says it contains at least one room from every Episode 4 map & has lots of spawns and amb
  • E1M8 Release by John Romero
    You heard that right. Game HacKeR sent me an e-mail saying John Romero released a new Doom maps to replace E1M8. I haven't gotten to play through yet (because I want to pl
  • Two New Quake Maps
    Func_Msgboard posted about two new Quake maps. The first one is named “ In the Foetid Vault ”. The author suggest playing normal then going through on hard or nightmare. Y
  • New Quake Map and Mapper
    New Quake mapper DeeDoubleU is showing off his first Quake map over at Func_Msgboard . It's a bit rough around the edged but every great mapper starts on the bottom. So gi
  • Quinstance - Editor Independent Quake Prefabs
    This is a new tool that allows the use of func_instance in Quake map editing. The idea is that a func_instance is updated in real time as you edit them. I can't explain it
  • [LvL Updates] Five!
    Some good and some experimental maps at ..::LvL - If nothing else grab Hydra by Pat Howard. DustBowl is an interesting release too.  * Hydra by Pat Howard  * DustBowl by J
  • RetroJam3 DLC Released
    At last, the long awaited RetroJam3DLC is finally here! The pack contains three devilish Runic/Vertical maps by Ionous, negke and skacky, as a continuation of RetroJam3's
  • [LvL Updates] June already?
    For me, this year is moving too fast! Another 4 at ..::LvL  If nothing else, grab Endurance by flipout and set aside some time to enjoy it. This is a great release. * Endu
  • [LvL Updates] The month of May
    5 more releases have just been added to ..::LvL -  A few great maps in this update. If you are short of time, be sure to make some for both "Goldleaf" and "Kora". * Goldle
  • Map Jam 5 : The Qonquer Map Jam RELEASED
    Thanks Func_Msgboard for this. The Conquer Map Jam contains 8 new levels where your skirmishing skills will be pushed to the limits. Fight to the death in multiple arenas,
  • FOR REAL Quake 2 Cafe 10th Mapping Contest Results
    The results are in! You can view all the details over at the Quake 2 Cafe , each map is broken down by in several catagories. The overall winner with the most points is ma
  • Multiplayer Level Design Tutorial by Spirit
    Prolific mapper Spirit wrote up a tutorial on map design . Even thought he uses Quake games as examples it applies to all multiplayer games. You can read it all over at hi
  • [LvL Updates] Mostly Re-mixed
    Four release, 7 maps added to ..::LvL -  Most are re-mixed levels with varying degrees of success. * Agony CTF by sst13 * blooddm2 by BLOOD * Space Vortex by V1979 * The D
  • [LvL Updates] Start the year with 3
    Back from a short break at ..::LvL . This update contains 6 maps in three release. To be honest, these are not the best maps that have ever been on ..::LvL, but they are a
  • [LvL Updates] 15 years of Quake 3
    15 years on maps are still coming in to ..::LvL -  - This update has some winners and some that are easy to skip. Don't miss Rustgrad. * Rustgrad by H
  • Secret Map Jam 4 : Retro Jam 1 Pack Released!
    That stealthy sock organized a Twitter-exclusive map jam this weekend. Whether it was to restrict the number of participants or clamp down on excessive JAM HYPE, who knows
  • [LvL Updates] 4 maps and a developer pack
    Big mix of stuff today at ..::LvL If you are short for time, make sure you grab McSarge's from cityy. This is one enjoyable and detailed release. * McSarge's by cityy * Da
  • The Ultimate Doom3Edit Tutorial
    The words of the author, not mine (I haven't looked at it yet). HellKnightX posted a tutorial for Doom3Edit (the built in Doom 3 map editor) on . Head there to g
  • Three New LvL Updates
    Well, it has been a while between updates for ..::LvL - The best of the bunch is "House Of The Rising Sun". Be sure to read the warning if you download "Lost Space". * Hou
  • New Quake SP Map: Cartographer's Nightmare
    A sweet looking Quake map by KillPixel. It's not fniished but he's releasing because he doesn't see it finished any time soon. He's got a big “list” of screenshots and eve
  • ..::LvL Updates: Two Map Packs and a CS Port
    Another map pack focused update for ..::LvL The UMP releases contain a number of maps for Quake 3 CTF, Team Arena and Threewave. The other map in this update is a conversi
  • New Doom3 XP SP Map: The Nightmare Burrows
    A team effort between Zombie and his wife , it's a map that was an experiment in level design. Him and his wife would have ten seconds to add rooms to a whiteboard. Monste
  • Another Quoth SP Map
    FifthElephant posted on Func_Msgboard about a new map he made based on the Quake Quoth pack named Squad 768. It's a Quake 2 themes map with puzzles in abundance. It's not
  • Quake Quoth SP Map: Metal Monstrosity
    One sweet looking Quake map by simonoc . It's a horizontal based map that is a bunch of floating structures. It's is a very nice looking map. To top it off, he wrote up an
  • Weekly Uploads
    Every week there is a bunch of original/old Doom/Quake uploaded to Every week I just ignore them, not knowing what to do with them. I decided to make a weekly p
  • LvL Update
    We've got a new update at LvL, this one by the man behind the site, Tigger-On. He says that he focused on gameplay then went overboard on the visuals. It's one sweet looki
  • Quake SP: RJ Zone
    On Func_Msgboard digs posted about a new map he's made named RJ Zone. It gets it's name from the fact you need to rocket jump a lot to complete the map. He says it needs a
  • Linux Luv and new Maps!
    Another four for ..::LvL - Circle Of Death from sst13 is a CTF map that is well worth checking out. The others are a real mixed bag. Some will enjoy them, others will not.
  • Quake Single Player Release: Conference of the Shamblers
    A large vertical map by shacky with a city/fortress theme. It requires Quoth and needs a newer engine (tested in FitzQuake and Mark V ). Click “Read More” for pictures, do
  • [LvL Update] More maps!
    Another update for ..::LvL -  - These four maps span almost the full spectrum of map quality. * cu3dm1a by cuirass * The Courtyard (V2) by Martinus *
  • Quake 1 SP: The Ivory Tower
    Sorry for the lateness, but a new Quake map called “The Ivory Tower” was released. The author says it's a mashed up brush experiments. I haven't tried it yet but is gettin
  • Three News Maps at ..::LvL
    Three new map reviews are up with screens, 360 panaromic views and teaser videos! Scummymap by Scummy The Ancient Place by Kaustic My Real Home ++ Super Edition by Rust7 B
  • New Quake 1 Single Player: Backsteingotik
    Sock brings us a new Quake single player map named.... Backsteingotik! It was inspired by the original Quake map E3M5, “The Wind Tunnels”. It's gotten good reviews over at
  • [LvL Update] Mixed 4
    A mixed bag at ..::LvL -  - Four more maps of mixed quality have been added. All have something interesting going for them but they also have either
  • Quake Map SP Review: Clean Cut by Mfx
    Today I bring you a review of the map "Clean Cut" by MFX.  Click "more" to continue reading, head on over to Func_Msgboard to see what others think or download striaght aw
  • Doom 3 SP Map: Trauma Center
    It's still a work in progress but it's looking quite nice.  Origionally started as a speed map and evolved in to something a little more complex.  The plan is to release a

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