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  • New IqeBrowser 2.16 Out
    IqeBrowser is a program to browse IQE, IQM (Inter-Quake Model format) and many other 3D models. Any 3D model can be saved as IQM (a binary format) or IQE (a text format) f
  • FourFeather Quake Mod
    I immediately thought of “ Duck Nukem: 4 Feathers ” but this isn't it. :) It's a nice looking mod with some new maps, monsters & code changes. After checking out the pictu
  • Doom Reborn Progress Shots
    Game HacKeR's been posting some WIP map shots of his Doom 3 mod Doom Reborn over on No blurbs, just map shots. If you're curious about how some mappers work, he
  • Codename: DOOM Promo shot
    Got in my e-mail last night a shot from the yet un-announced Doom 3 mod “Codename: Doom”. It's showing the Doom 3 Cacodemon vs the mod's Cacodemon. Pretty slick! That's al
  • Doom ReBorn WIP Screens
    GameHacKer released some new screens showing working being done in the Doom+Doom2 remake for Doom 3. Click “Read More” to see the pictures. You can download the latest rel
  • HESK: Hyugaren Changes
    Hyugaren is a Zdoom mod that has some big changes underway. Most notability is that they're not using Zdoom any more, they're switching over to GZDoom ! Advantages of this
  • Zombie's Rocking Doom 3
    Zombie released a custom rock pack for modders all over! Not just Doom 3 (bust tested in Doom 3). The only catch is no for-profit work. If you're interested in selling som
  • Kot-In-Action released Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher
    Seems pretty neat! motorsep of KOT Creative Artel has created and released the Doom 3 BFG Mod Launcher . Currently it supports 5 mods/maps. The mods supported he tweaked s
  • How to install Doom Reborn
    gamehacker wrote up a tutorial on how to install his mod Doom Reborn . It's a step-by-step guide (with pictures) of what to download and where to put it. You can read it o
  • Doom Reborn Update
    Lots of screen updates and a new version of Doom Reborn are out. This version has more areas to explore and bug fixes. Doom Reborn is Doom and Doom 2 for Doom 3. The goal
  • Top 10 Things you're doing while Doom3World is Down
    Not sure about you, but I like Doom 3 modding.  More so then Quake 2 modding.  I find both enjoyable but Doom 3 made modding soooooooooo much more user friendly then the p
  • Explaining Velocity in Quake C
    The not-so-famous-yet-tutorial-making numbersix has posted another tutorial over at m, this time on how to use the velocity variable for Quake C. Quake C is the c
  • Desolated – The Crying Fate Released for Doom 3
    It was said it would come out this week, and just on the last day of the week it was ! Desolated is the long awaited Doom 3 mod that features multiple game mods and a ques
  • Desolated: The Crying Fate Out Next Week
    The Doom 3 mod, Desolated: The Crying Fate , is announced to be released next week. Desolated has been in development for seven years. There's three game modes, about 6-7
  • Doom One Progress Update
    Doom One, the Doom mod that combines every level in an episode in to one giant level (awesome) is showing off some progress that is being made. Click “Read More” to see th
  • Patch for Doom 3 Prometheus Mod
    A patch for this famous Doom 3 mod has been released. It's a single player only patch that fixes some bugs that were discovered in the missions. For details on how to inst
  • The Dark Mod is no longer a Mod!
    That's right kiddies, the famed “The Dark Mod” is now 100% standalone from Doom 3! What does this mean? You don't need Doom 3 any more to play it. How do you get this awes
  • Quake Mod: For My Babies - Bin Dunne Gorne 2
    A newly released Quake mod is here. There's not any description for it but the comments over at Func_Msgboard seem fairly positive (I'm downloading now). It's been tested
  • Quake 2 TMG Railwarz CTF Review
    We've got our first User Mod Reivew: Rail Warz! Railwarz is a Capture the Flag Mod with two teams Red and Blue. The object is to grab the enemy flag from the -enemy base a
  • S.T.A.R. 1088 D3 Mod: Interface and Gameplay
    Chimueloeldragon2011 posted on an article the GUI design of his Doom 3 mod and what the gameplay will be like.  He alsp wants everyone to know that it's still a
  • Dark Radiant needs your help!
    The Dark Mod team is putting the word out they want someone to help with the development of their custom GTK Radiant based editor, Dark Radiant.  If you're interested, pos

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