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  • New Quake Single Player Map: Der Wanderer Uber Dem Sauremeer
    From Func_Msgboard : World renowned Hawaiian zoo-keeper, extreme-metal online DJ and power-plant technician (think Homer Simpson with urban camo shorts) IONOUS has release
  • New Quake SP maps for you to enjoy!
    Func_Msgboard always has some awesome maps, now we've got more! First off is Tomb of Fenrir by Giftmacher ( download ) for use with the Arcane Dimension mod. Second is Nya
  • New Quake 1 SP: EthycsOfL3gaci
    Func_Msgboard posts about a new Quake map. It was a canceled DM map that was converted to SP. Short and fun. You can download it from Quaketastic and leave comments over a
  • Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian
    The first Retro Jam of 2017 happened and the theme was Egyptian. There were 17 (!!!) contributors to this Jam so I've only shown some of the pic's. You can view more pics
  • Retro Jam 5 & New Quake SP Map
    Func_Msgboard posts about a new Ratro Jam mappack release . The theme was “Wind Tunnels.”. You've got some screenshots to view and you can download the map pack here .   W
  • Mark V Quake Engine v1.0 Release
    Func_Msgboard reports that the Quake engine, Mark V , has released a new version. Features it includes: Nehahra support -- better and deeper link Mirror support, "mirror_"
  • New Q1SP Maps
    Dubbed The “Lost” Levels, they were never really lost, just on an old hard drive & not released (and getting files off an older drive can be hard these days). They are two
  • Two new Quake 1 Maps
    Func_Msgboard posted two new Quake SP maps. The first map is named “ Infernal Ascent .” You can download it here and be sure to check out the author's blog . Screenshots b
  • New Q1SP: Requiem By Gotshun
    Func_Msgboard posts about a new Quake map. He author says 3 maps but I count 4 + a new start map. I've got a couple screens to view. The author says it's a “thank you” to
  • Qbism of QuakeExpo 2016 Interview
    Qbism, the one that managed getting Quake Expo 2016 off the ground, gave me some time for an interview.  We cover his begignings in Quake, Quake Expo, and more! Click the
  • Quake for VR iOS is Out
    It's known as “ Slip and Frag ” by Heriberto Delgado. It requires a VR case based on Google Cardboard , the .pak files from Shareware / retail Quake , and an iOS enabled g
  • New Episode for Quake
    Machinegames , the guys behind Wolfenstien: The New Order, have relased a new episode for Quake for it's 20th anniversary.  You can download it here . Hope you enjoy it!
  • John Romero releases Pre-Quake Quake Stuff
    You read that correctly, Mr. Romero released some screenshots & a text file describing them that was inititaly released in 1995, to show off Quake.  I remember seeing this
  • Quake Champions Revealed @ E3
    id/Bethesda have reveleaed their next game in the Doom/Quake lineup, and that's Quake Champions. Trailer below: The descriptions is “ The fast, skill-based arena-style com
  • QuakeExpo 2016: Last QuakeExpo Ever (?)
    QuakeExpo , the virtual Quake expo to show off your stuff, is scheduled to run between July 16 th to the 30 th . Booth previews will start showing up June 18 th . It's the
  • Quake for OSX
    Izhido has spent several months working on a port of Quake for Apple's OSX. He has three targets for his project: OSX 10.11, tvOS 9.1, and iOS 9.3 for iPhone. The iPhone o
  • New Q1SP "The Faults Within" For Arcane Dimensions
    This map is a remake of Quakes e3m2 "The Vaults of Sin" which doesn't meet the quality standards of the man himself, Sock. Sock wrote: "'s subpar, definitly not your
  • FourFeather Quake Mod
    I immediately thought of “ Duck Nukem: 4 Feathers ” but this isn't it. :) It's a nice looking mod with some new maps, monsters & code changes. After checking out the pictu
  • Quake Single Player Map: Runic Fear
    Team Fortress (the first TF, not the watered down HL remake) mapper super released his first single player map named “Runic Fear.” He wanted to only take about a month to
  • New Quake Map: Root of all Evil: Infernal Science (part 1)
    I like new map! To quote the author in hos post from Func_Msgboard : I like cheesy horror movies of 80th. You know the kind - every ancient burial ground has a house right
  • New Quake Single Player Map: The Elder Reality
    Quake mapper PulSar posts on Func_Msgboard that he has redone his QuakeJam map. He says it contains at least one room from every Episode 4 map & has lots of spawns and amb
  • Quake is in Shamble(r)s!
    Hey, over at Func_Msgboard there's a new Shambler model for the good old classic, Quake. It sure is purty and if you're a Quake fan I'm not seeing a reason to not have a h
  • Jackhammer 1.1.855 Public Beta Out
    Jackhammer is a new editor for id based games and incorporates the best of Hammer, Q3Radiant, and others. Supporting Quake, Q2, Q3A, Half Life and Gunman Chronicles, it's
  • Two New Quake Maps
    Func_Msgboard posted about two new Quake maps. The first one is named “ In the Foetid Vault ”. The author suggest playing normal then going through on hard or nightmare. Y
  • Warsow 2.0 Released
    Warsow, the Qfusion (Quake GPL engine) powered free shooter, released it's 2.0 version . It's got over 150 new features after a year and a half of tests & improvements. Se
  • New Quake Map and Mapper
    New Quake mapper DeeDoubleU is showing off his first Quake map over at Func_Msgboard . It's a bit rough around the edged but every great mapper starts on the bottom. So gi
  • Retro Jam 4 Out!
    You like Quake? You like old style maps? Retro Jam is FOR YOU! The theme this time was “Elder World.” Check out the screen shots below. Download from Quaketastic .  Thanks
  • Quinstance - Editor Independent Quake Prefabs
    This is a new tool that allows the use of func_instance in Quake map editing. The idea is that a func_instance is updated in real time as you edit them. I can't explain it
  • The id Classics (FINALLY) on!
    About time! I've been refusing to buy the older id games on Steam since they were release and now they're finally on Grand Old Games ! Grand Old Games ( ) sells in
  • Map Jam 6: Fire and Brimstone Released
    Map Jam, the Quake mapping get together when anyone and everyone maps out the theme, released their Map Jam 6 map pack. The theme this mapping session was (as the title su
  • IqeBrowser 2.11 Out
    What is IqeBrowser? IqeBrowser is a program to browse IQE, IQM (Inter-Quake Model format) and many other 3D models. Any 3D model can be saved as IQM (a binary format) or I
  • RetroJam3 DLC Released
    At last, the long awaited RetroJam3DLC is finally here! The pack contains three devilish Runic/Vertical maps by Ionous, negke and skacky, as a continuation of RetroJam3's
  • “Official” Release of Tryutils-ericw V0.15.1
    Tryutils is command line utilities for compiling Quake maps. Tryutils-ericw is a branch by ericw aimed at adding lighting features. It adds ambient occlusion, sunlight, su
  • Treasure of the Hellbeast
    Treasure of the Hellbeast is a top/down monster smasher done by Shpuld for the Ludum Dare. The theme was “An Unconventional Weapon.” Ludum Dare is a game jam where you hav
  • Community Q&A With John Romero
    Quake One has a community Q&A with John Romero , one of the minds behind Doom and Quake. The questions are all over the board, a lot of fun to read! Thanks to Quake One fo
  • Map Jam 5 : The Qonquer Map Jam RELEASED
    Thanks Func_Msgboard for this. The Conquer Map Jam contains 8 new levels where your skirmishing skills will be pushed to the limits. Fight to the death in multiple arenas,
  • QuakeCon 2015 Pre-Registeration starts March 4th
    QuakeCon Press Release: We’re pleased to announce the online pre-registration details for QuakeCon 2015 , which will take place in Dallas, TX on Thursday, July 23rd – Sund
  • Jackhammer 1.1: new cross-platform level editor continues to evolve!
    Jackhammer is a new level editor for Quake BSP based games (namely, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena and Half Life). It's got a new version out that supports 64-bit and the Q
  • R U B I C O N R U M B L E P A C K for Quake
    The Rubicon Rumble Pack for Quake has been released. It's a four map pack based off Rubicon 2 by Metslime/CZG . The mappack is getting rave reviews over at Func_Msgboard .
  • Simple Quake Launcher
    MaxEd made something called the Simple Quake Launcher. It's a replacement for all those .bat files all us Quake players use to launch your maps and mods. It's a simple pro
  • Quake “Epsilon” 2.52 Released
    Epsilon is a Quake mod that combines a bunch of other Quake mods/content to make it super pretty. Eye candy galore. It's not just Quake either, it's the expansion and a bu
  • Meet and Play John Romero in Person at Revival Retro Gaming Events!
    Just got this in my e-mail.  You've got the chance to see John Romero in England next month at the Revival Retro Event .  He'll be up for doing Doom and Quake Deathmatch.
  • New Quake SP Map: Cartographer's Nightmare
    A sweet looking Quake map by KillPixel. It's not fniished but he's releasing because he doesn't see it finished any time soon. He's got a big “list” of screenshots and eve
  • Another Quoth SP Map
    FifthElephant posted on Func_Msgboard about a new map he made based on the Quake Quoth pack named Squad 768. It's a Quake 2 themes map with puzzles in abundance. It's not
  • Quake Quoth SP Map: Metal Monstrosity
    One sweet looking Quake map by simonoc . It's a horizontal based map that is a bunch of floating structures. It's is a very nice looking map. To top it off, he wrote up an
  • id Tech Forums – Here for YOU
    With  Doom3World not back and knowing the admin has a busy and fulfilling life (wife + kids + good career can do that to ya. :) ), it was thought a good idea to start up s
  • Quoth 2.2 Released
    Quoth version 2.2 is out! This is a spit-and-polish release, with some new features to play with, but the emphasis on refining the Quoth 2 content, re-balancing some monst
  • Quake SP: RJ Zone
    On Func_Msgboard digs posted about a new map he's made named RJ Zone. It gets it's name from the fact you need to rocket jump a lot to complete the map. He says it needs a
  • Quake Single Player Release: Conference of the Shamblers
    A large vertical map by shacky with a city/fortress theme. It requires Quoth and needs a newer engine (tested in FitzQuake and Mark V ). Click “Read More” for pictures, do
  • The 24th Day of Christmas
    The final day of Quaddicted's advent calender is brought to us by Spirit . He's showing off the Quake engine reQuim by jdhack. It's for Windows and Linux, tab-completion i
  • The 23rd Day of Christmas
    Dr. Shadowborg talks about an old Quake mod named “Hellsmash”. It's got Frikbot included for some soloing DM, enhanced monsters, weapons new items and a new DM & start map
  • The 21st and 22nd days of Christmas
    On the 21 st LordHavoc reminisces about the Quake mod The Seal of Nehahra (and provides links for you to get it). On the 22 nd ericw gives a review of the map that most st
  • The 20th Day of Quake
    Is some pretty sweet looking fan art. Quakis intended to make a Quake comic but instead did a more detailed fan art image of the Quake guy taking on a charging Death Knigh
  • The 19th Day of Quake
    sock (Quake map developer) talks about one of the most original things Quake brought us: the third dimension. Players don't think about it today, but before Quake, first p
  • Speedmap Pack 173
    The theme was “Quake the way id did it”. That means you use the style, enemy placement, etc. id would of for their maps. Head to Func_Msgboard to leave comments and downlo
  • The 18th Day of Quake
    Supa reminisces about an AvP style mod called LTH's Fiend Hunted. The idea is simple: some players marines, some fiends, and you kill each other. That's it. Back in Quake
  • The 17th Day of Quake
    Today we have something for your cell phone: a Quake TV phone compatible viewer ! Awesome! Gone are the days where you need to download a demo or be at someone's place to
  • The 16th Day of Quake
    Quaddicted & efess give us a Quake server stats tool. It's located at .  It updates in real time (neat) and includes a lot of neat Quake stats
  • The 15th Day of Quake
    Is Quake DM. Plain, straight, fragging action. Quake is my second favorite DM games to Quake 2 (Doom is my third and DNF is my fourth). Scar3crow wrote about his love for
  • The 13th and 14th Days of Christmas
    Sorry about that, I've been delivering mail the past couple days and it's more like ice cream on the roads then roads. Makes ya hungry for some Oreo Cookie ice cream thoug
  • The 12th Day of Quake
    Brings us appreciation for the sound effects you're hearing while playing Quake. Johnny Law wants to help everyone appreciate them by supplying a utility that you put your
  • The 11th Day of Quake
    Today is Up day. The day you say “Hey, Quake maps were pretty cool and more original then modern map designs, especially maps that go up!” Over at Quaddicted, Tronyn talks
  • The 10th Day of Quake
    Is DOS day! Neozeed & [HCI]Mara'akate from Quaddicted's Quake Advent Calander has provided us with a new Quake client to look at called QDOS. It runs on DOS. That thing mo
  • The 9th Day of Quake
    ijed gives us some Quake fan fiction over at Quaddicted . Here's a snippet: The individuals that made up the group couldn't even be called as such. They were grown in vats
  • The 8th Day of Quake
    Today Quaddicted talks about when men were real men, women were real men, and modders were real modders and spent their time not only modding but learning how Quake works
  • The 6th and 7th Day of Quake
    Sorry I didn't post this yesterday. I was replacing my video card. Today I went Christmas shopping for the kids. So... anyway... on the 6th day of Quake, Quaddicted gave u
  • The 5th Day of Quake
    Today Quaddicted is looking back at YeonirR's Quake page (all on Polish). Specificity, the fan fiction section. Go give it a visit and be sure to use Bablefish to translat
  • The 4th Day of Quake
    On the fourth day of Quake Christmas Quaddicted gave us an article about the Quake GPL engine QuakeForge. Boasting being the oldest, still maintained Quake GPL engine, it
  • The 3rd Day of Quake...
    It's day three of Quake Christmas and another article is posted on Quaddicted . This one is a fond memory of piracy in Russia!
  • The 2nd Day of Quake...
    As promised, Quaddicted has their second day of Quake. This article is about Quake freebies on DVD in the 90's (those were the day!).
  • 24 Days of Quake is hosting a Quake themed Advent Calendar . Each day from now until Christmas they'll post something about Quake for your Christmas Quake enjoyment. The fir
  • Explaining Velocity in Quake C
    The not-so-famous-yet-tutorial-making numbersix has posted another tutorial over at m, this time on how to use the velocity variable for Quake C. Quake C is the c
  • Quake Source Tutorial: .touch()
    numbersix on has posted a totorial on how to use the new .touch() function he wrote for Quake. If the name sounds familiar it's because he's done other Quake cod
  • New Q1 SP Quoth Map: “Mainframe Mayhem”
    Func_Msgboard reports there's a new Quake SP map based on the free Quoth expansion. To check it out you can download it at Quaketastic , leave comments over at Func_Msgboa
  • Quake 1 SP: The Ivory Tower
    Sorry for the lateness, but a new Quake map called “The Ivory Tower” was released. The author says it's a mashed up brush experiments. I haven't tried it yet but is gettin
  • TryUtils v0.11 Released
    TryUtils is a set of Quake map utilities for compiling your maps, BSP, VIS and LIGHT. You can download the latest version in Windows and OSX flavors and the source code is
  • New Trenchboom Released
    The Quake 1 editor that forces you to design in only 3D has a new version out: 1.1.0. If you haven't tried this editor out yet, you should. It has many useful features tha
  • Left 4 Quake Video Update
    Finally, some more news on this awesome looking PSP/PC zombie shooter!   A video has been posted showing off some features of the new engine+build. Achievements, several w
  • Quake News Overload
    QuakeCon's over and there's a bunch of classic Quake news now! Hey, go figure!   *Func_Msgboard has info on a fixed-up map called “ Beyond Belief ”. Started in 2008 but st
  • New Quake 1 Single Player: Backsteingotik
    Sock brings us a new Quake single player map named.... Backsteingotik! It was inspired by the original Quake map E3M5, “The Wind Tunnels”. It's gotten good reviews over at
  • Quake 1 Arcade Cabinet on Ebay
    Did you ever heard about a Quake Arcade Maschine? Not me. Its quite impressive. Look at Ebay sale , scroll down for more pictures. If you wanna know more about this curios
  • Pack 172 of Quake Speedmaps
    Three more speedmaps have been release. The theme this time was “Explosives”. I haven't had a chance to play (so no screens). You can download the map pack, and get more i
  • Quake Speedmapping Love
    Pack 171 of the Quake Speedmaps are out. The three maps are by Cocerello, Digs and Scampie. Cocerello's map requires the Quoth free expansion pack. You can download the ma
  • Two new Quake speed maps
    One by Digs and one by Scampie. Digs put you in an open space teleporting maze and Scampie put you against a shambler with some small coverage for defense. Give them bothe
  • New Q1SP: Midnight Stalker
    Time for a new Quake map . Inspired by E3M6 and including some new models, it's Quake gameplay for all! Download here and if you want there's a special GL version here . T
  • New Quake Maps Available
    Thanks to Func_Msgboard for some Quake map posting! We've got seven speedmaps (maps done in a small timelimit) and another Quake Qoth map by Mfx named “ Pain in the Arch ”
  • Two Times the Quake Map Goodness:
    Func_Msgboard has two new Quake maps for your enjoyment. The first is called “Quarantine” . It needs the Qoth mod to be played. The second map is a remake of the Unreal To
  • Speedmap Pack 173
    The theme was “Quake the way id did it”. That means you use the style, enemy placement, etc. id would of for their maps. Head to Func_Msgboard to leave comments and downlo
  • Quake Mod: For My Babies - Bin Dunne Gorne 2
    A newly released Quake mod is here. There's not any description for it but the comments over at Func_Msgboard seem fairly positive (I'm downloading now). It's been tested
  • QuakeBlast: Map and Mod Reviews
    A new Quake (1) map/mod review site is up called “ Quakeblast .”   He's looking for maps to review (currently there's no reviews on the site), so if you've got a Quake map
  • Get your official Doom and Quake T-Shirts now!
    Bethesda now has official Doom and Quake (their other brands too, but I care about the D&Q's!) T-Shirts for sale. You can get them for $18 in small to extra-extra large (f
  • Simple Quake Launcher
    MaxEd made something called the Simple Quake Launcher. It's a replacement for all those .bat files all us Quake players use to launch your maps and mods. It's a simple pro
  • TyrUtils V0.5 for Quake Released
    Custom build (bsp/vis) tools for Quake have been released.  He's looking for feedback on these so be sure to let him know your results, issues, etc.  You can get the full
  • Quake Map: Ascending & Descending
    Now this looks pretty cool!  A Quake map based on Escher's " Ascending & Descending ".  The description says it's a slower play key hunting map.  Func_Msgboard has all the
  • "In The Shadows" Quake mod finished
    The guy behind the Quake mod " In The Shadows " is calling it quits.  It's done due to the fact the mod author of eigther a lack of interest in things Quake or lack of peo
  • Qbism of QuakeExpo 2016 Interview
    Qbism, the one that managed getting Quake Expo 2016 off the ground, gave me some time for an interview.  We cover his begignings in Quake, Quake Expo, and more! Click the

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