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  • Tastyspleen 500 Returns!
    What is the Tastyspleen 500 you ask?  It's a 500 frag limit FFA over on the Tastyspleen servers!  The event is being held on June 24th @8pm EST (handy dandy timezone conve
  • New Quake 2 Unit
    What is a Quake 2 Unit? It's a set of maps for Q2, similar to an episode of Quake. The plot is that you got dropped off a dropship prematurely and work his way to the surf
  • Overdose New Year Updates
    It's been a while but Overdose has some news about tools and engine upgrades. I don't want to post all the info here (as it's a lot) but, to sum it up: they've got a new c
  • Jackhammer 1.1.855 Public Beta Out
    Jackhammer is a new editor for id based games and incorporates the best of Hammer, Q3Radiant, and others. Supporting Quake, Q2, Q3A, Half Life and Gunman Chronicles, it's
  • IqeBrowser 2.11 Out
    What is IqeBrowser? IqeBrowser is a program to browse IQE, IQM (Inter-Quake Model format) and many other 3D models. Any 3D model can be saved as IQM (a binary format) or I
  • Knightmare Quake 2 New Release
    Knightmare reloaded the latest version of his Quake 2 engine, version 20 Update 7 . You can click “Read More” to see the changelog. It focuses on multiplayer as KMQ2 has b
  • Quake 2 High Resolution Weapons
    One of the big advantages of the older id games is that you can remake the assets so they're much higher quality and it doesn't kill a semi-modern systems (mine is ~7 year
  • FOR REAL Quake 2 Cafe 10th Mapping Contest Results
    The results are in! You can view all the details over at the Quake 2 Cafe , each map is broken down by in several catagories. The overall winner with the most points is ma
  • Release Candidate of KMQuake2 Released
    Knightmare, the author of the Quake 2 GPL Engine KMQ2 released a test release today . If it goes well it will be the next official release. KMQ2 was started soon after the
  • Look Back at Quake 2 for Xbox 360
    John Linneman write an article for Eurogamer about the Quake 2 Bonus DVD included with Quake 4 for the Xbox 360. He talks about the technical advancements of it's time, li
  • Update to Focalor's v10 Q2 pak
    The pak he released a couple weeks ago had some issues so he's fixed them. Several weapons had issues with the skins and now they're all fixed! You can download the fixed
  • Q2Cafe 2015 Mapping Contest!
    Got this in my e-mail not long ago so I'm passing it along to you awesome mappers out there! Q2 Cafe is proud to announce the annual Quake 2 Mapping Contest for 2015! Ther
  • Focalor's Pak v10 Out
    This happened a several days ago but a dead DSL model & some Windows issues prevented me from posting about it. This Quake 2 content pak includes some new models, all new
  • Jackhammer 1.1: new cross-platform level editor continues to evolve!
    Jackhammer is a new level editor for Quake BSP based games (namely, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena and Half Life). It's got a new version out that supports 64-bit and the Q
  • If Quake 2 was 2D Code
    AntonioR is working on a project called “ If Quake 2 was 2D ” and released the old code for his custom game. It's not the latest & greatest code, but he wanted others to h
  • Yet Another 3D Adventure Game Update + Code Release: 1.51
    Ya3dag is out with 1.51. It come in Linux and Windows. The most notable change is the support of IQM models. You can get the Windows and Linux versions on along
  • Unoficial Quake 2 support for TrenchBroom
    It's about time! An unofficial addon for TrenchBroom that supports Quake 2! While we're waiting for TrenchBroom 2 with official Q2 support, this can satisfy those of why w
  • TastySpleen 500 This Sunday!
    Dust off those clicky fingers, it's the TastySpleen 500 ! What is the TS 500 you ask? Quake 2, first to 500 frags wins! It's this Sunday at 6pm Eastern (3 Pacific), server
  • Annual Tastyspleen Frag for Cash Event
    This is a fundraiser for the Quake 2 Tastyspleen site/servers, held annually by Defiant! From clan BTF. For every frag against him by the top three players of the night, h
  • Quake 2 SP Unit/mini-mod: Slight Mechanical Destruction
    A new Quake 2 Unit (a set of levels) is out! I haven't seen one of these in a long while. It's six levels, a custom dll (windows only it looks like). Takes place before Qu
  • Quake 2 Camo Brightskins
    Check it out, Bright Skins (textures for multiplayer models to help you see the other player and make them more obvious compared to the world textures/shading/etc) that lo
  • Quake 2 Vietnam Tribute Pak
    Focalor from Tasty Spleen released a Quake 2 graphics upgrade pak that's a tribute to all those who served in Vietnam. Complete with new high resolution weapon and pickup
  • 3D Quake 2... On your smart phone!
    Who needs one of those expensive 3D headsets when someone coded a copy of Quake 2 to be stereo 3D on their smart phone! Stefan Welker made Q2 support stereo images, rigged
  • Time to get your Q2 Chaos on!
    Hello Quakers! Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP # We're planning on a 2-day Chaotic event starting this Sat. May 4th & Sun. May 5th @ 6:00pm PST. Come join the
  • Come get your Chaos on Saturday!
    Hello Quakers! Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP # We have a Chaos game scheduled for Sat. Mar. 30th @ 6:00pm PST and you're invited! Hope to see you there!
  • Quake 2 Chaos Match Wednesday
    Hello Quakers! Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP # We have a Chaos game scheduled for Wed. Mar. 20th @ 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific. and you're invited! Hope to
  • Quake 2 Chaos Match Tuesday and Wednesday
    Time for some Mootown Goodness.  Log on to Mootown Chaos Revived at the IP Just bring down your Quake 2 console & type in "connect" for all you ne
  • Quake 2 TMG Railwarz CTF Review
    We've got our first User Mod Reivew: Rail Warz! Railwarz is a Capture the Flag Mod with two teams Red and Blue. The object is to grab the enemy flag from the -enemy base a
  • ACME Q2 Spring Cup CTF is here
    Signups for the ACME CTF Spring Cup have started.  Signups end March 2nd (so sign up quick) and they're looking for players that can be full time dedicated players and sub
  • Alien Arena Mercury Edition Released!
    The latest version of Alien Arena is out with, to quote the developers "heavily focuses on performance improvements nearly too astronomical to believe." Well, no more wait
  • Overdose showing off gib models
    You can check out the images and see more pictures over at .
  • UFO Alien Invasion Monthly Update
    The UFO Alien Invasion Q2 GPL game gave us their monthly update on . We're gearing up now for 2.5's release. It's not imminent, but we're starting to talk about

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