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  • Another Quoth SP Map
    FifthElephant posted on Func_Msgboard about a new map he made based on the Quake Quoth pack named Squad 768. It's a Quake 2 themes map with puzzles in abundance. It's not
  • Speedmap Pack 173
    The theme was “Quake the way id did it”. That means you use the style, enemy placement, etc. id would of for their maps. Head to Func_Msgboard to leave comments and downlo
  • Pack 172 of Quake Speedmaps
    Three more speedmaps have been release. The theme this time was “Explosives”. I haven't had a chance to play (so no screens). You can download the map pack, and get more i
  • Quake Speedmapping Love
    Pack 171 of the Quake Speedmaps are out. The three maps are by Cocerello, Digs and Scampie. Cocerello's map requires the Quoth free expansion pack. You can download the ma
  • Two new Quake speed maps
    One by Digs and one by Scampie. Digs put you in an open space teleporting maze and Scampie put you against a shambler with some small coverage for defense. Give them bothe
  • New Quake Maps Available
    Thanks to Func_Msgboard for some Quake map posting! We've got seven speedmaps (maps done in a small timelimit) and another Quake Qoth map by Mfx named “ Pain in the Arch ”

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